Thursday, August 9, 2018

Commentary: Donald Trump and the Post-Christian Right

Do you read 'The Washington Post'? If not, have no fear: little of consequence is being missed.

However, it would be a lie to say that everything there is unworthy of at least a few moments. An early 2017 article by George W. Bush's ex-water boy Michael Gerson offers some insight on a long-held opinion of mine.

Gerson, like many Bush appointees, is a neocon who dislikes Donald Trump. He would prefer an America which intervenes in foreign governments, serves as a doormat for the world's huddled masses, and enthusiastically backs globalism -- namely, although not only, by offering support to the European Union.

Gerson's political views are inspired by his evangelical Protestant faith, which he often feels compelled to share to the point of boredom.

After Trump's inauguration, Gerson took his fellow white Christians to task for supporting the Donald, which was portrayed as something way out of alignment with Jesus's ideals.

"What of those Christians who supported Trump because of his nativism?" Gerson asked. "God help them. Quite literally."

This reading from the Book of Michael also related "that the Christian church was one of the first great global, multicultural institutions, with a center of gravity moving from the Middle East to Europe to North America and now to the global south. The very nature of the faith relativizes nationalism ---- brothers and sisters can be found across the most hostile borders, and any man or woman we encounter will outlast every country."

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