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Why Does Joseph Stalin Matter?

EXCLUSIVE – The New Turkey: An Islamic State in the Making

Dr Can Erimtan
21st Century Wire
he outcome of last month’s elections in Turkey did not come as a surprise . . . in spite of the fact that the result was all but a foregone conclusion, I was nevertheless correct in describing them as a ‘Do or Die Moment.’ The June, 24 elections namely constituted the final nail in the Mustafa Kemal’s coffin or, otherwise put, they marked the official end of the Atatürk (1881-1938) legacy in the land, and constituted the prelude to the final implementation of, what I have previously termed, the AKP policy of Sunnification. Meaning that Tayyip Erdoğan (aka the Prez) will now effectively replace the figure of Atatürk in the hearts and minds of not most, but all inhabitants of the Republic of Turkey (colloquially known as Turks or in future merely as Muslims or perhaps as Turkish Muslims).
Even though anyone with half a brain knew full well that the conclusion of last month’s election was not in doubt, the opposition dutifully went through the motions behaving as if  Turkey still had a viable and functioning democratic process. Rumours of election fraud and the main opposition candidate Muharrem İnce’s conspicuous absence from view and deafening silence during election night notwithstanding, no major or even minor challenges were launched subsequently and the Prez proceeded unhindered to don the mantle of the first popularly elected Absolute (or merely executive, if you insist) President of Turkey – even having coins minted in his own name to mark the occasion of his accession (or rather commencement of his term in office) on 9 July 2018 – like any self-respecting Muslim ruler (or sultan) in the past has done, continuing a tradition introduced by the 5th Umayyad  Caliph Abd al-Malik (r. 685-705 CE). On that memorable day, Erdoğan took the oath of office in the nation’s first Parliament building (in Turkish, eski Meclis Binası), but before proceeding to his Presidential Palace (or Complex to correspond to the Turkish noun külliye, a noun normally reserved for large mosques and their attending structures) at Beştepe to finish off the occasion with a bib bang, he visited theAnıtkabir, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s mausoleum, ostensibly to pay homage to the nation’s founder but really to signal that an effective regime change has now taken place in Turkey, and that he, meaning Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is now the sole proprietor of power and influence in the land. In doing so, he effectively deposited Atatürk in the proverbial dustbin of history while his AKP-led government takes its final steps towards turning the Turkish nation-state in to a veritable ‘Nation of Believers.’ Standing in the spiritual presence of Turkey’s founding father, a figure much hated by the Prez and his henchmen as well as wide swathes of pious Turks, Tayyip Erdoğan made the following declaration: “As the 12th president of Turkey and the first president of the new presidential governmental system, I promise to strengthen our nation’s unity and fraternity, to develop our country and to elevate our state.” And then he went straight to his private homestead at the Beştepe Presidential Palace, where the grand celebratory ceremony and festivities took place. Going there, Erdoğan was accompanied by Cavalry Unit, and upon arrival met by 101 cannon salvos and a Mehter (or Janissary) band playing Ottoman march melodies.
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Culture Is Downstream From Politics

Why California Is Becoming A Third World Country

Fifty percent of all of their murders were gang and drug related, with the predominate gang members being illegal aliens. I can only wonder how Silicon Valley dotcomer’s who are paying over half a million bucks for a home and commute over four hours a day to San Jose like living in that violent environment?

I sit in the LAX terminal after concluding business in downtown Los Angeles for the past two days, I cannot help but reflect upon my journey from once a California native to a new resident of the Great State of Texas and why. You see, in my personal and professional opinion, the once great State of California has in essence become a third world country.

Third World Country – “The concept of the “third world” has evolved to describe countries that suffer from low economic development, high levels of poverty and little to no ability to utilize natural or economic resources.”  French demographer Alfred Sauvey, 1952

While the reasons for California’s ever-spiraling downwards status from 1st World economic prominence and prosperity to near 3rd World malaise are many; I will assert that when you combine uber-liberal politicians, with rich elitist Hollywood Celebrities, dotcom CEO’s billionaires, disengaged millennials and illegal aliens; you in effect create the circumstances where your city of state becomes a 3rd World environment.
The process of California’s demise from the “Golden State” to 3rd World status has been slow but steady; supported and enabled by the aforementioned actors. While much of the legislated changes for the worse have been designed and voted in by politicians in Sacramento; municipal politicians and a complicit uninformed, naive and entitled voting public must also share blame. After all, when 51% of those on some type of government subsidy out-vote the 49% of the money earning and tax paying citizenry, any state is doomed to failure. With California now a “Sanctuary State” and their libtard Democratic state legislature pushing for voting rights for illegal aliens, the state will never recover.
My observations during my short visit to Los Angeles underscored many of the problems Californians are facing as they follow like lemmings their Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, their Democratic legislators and urban mayors like Eric Garretti off the economic cliff.
Literally nothing substantive is good about L.A. An ever-growing homeless subculture populates the downtown area. The intoxicated, drug influenced, mentally impaired and criminal are everywhere. They literally surround Civic Center, federal buildings and courts – the so-called foundations and protectors of the Rule of Law and society. How ironic to be surrounded by the failures these very systems, liberal politicians and judges have created. Isn’t karma interesting to watch in real time?
The homeless numbering in the thousands sleep in the shadows of immense, gleaming edifices owned by multi-billion dollar international conglomerates and dotcom corporations. Business executives in Brioni suits and workers quickly pass by the unwashed masses, while holding their noses to screen out the stench of urine and feces. The obvious health and safety hazards to the public are too many to count.
Interconnecting Los Angeles city roadways and state highways designed to transport the commuting, tax paying public to their job sites are a debacle. The ribbons of roadways are a mess of potholed, weed infested, trash laden, graffiti vandalized passages filled with vehicles lined up bumper-to-bumper going nowhere fast. These are your tax dollars at work. While California voters grumble and groan, in the end they just seem to accept their fate as one of the prices to pay for living the California dream.
You see, the working public has no time to get out and protest the outrageous and constant increases in taxes on gas, municipal services, vehicle registrations, rapid transit and a bullet train going to nowhere. Only the unemployed, government subsidized masses have time to demonstrate in the streets to ensure that their subsidies continue. Since the liberal politicians in Sacramento know this dynamic and their power base all too well, the taxation without representation continues.
Read More: https://americaoutloud.com/california-becoming-third-world-country/

Rape reports in Paris increase by 20% and perpetrators walk free

Paris seems to follow the dramatic criminal evolution of London as rape reports increased by 20% in the French capital in just five months, L’express reports. 
Woman are preyed upon and followed through the streets, sometimes being raped in or near their own homes. Men also offer to accompany, on foot or by car, a girl out partying who’s friends have gone, thinking she is about to get a taxi.
Christophe Pinot, the head of the 2nd judicial police district of Paris (DPJ), worries about the new trend that drunken women are targeted.
“We have some cases of attackers who follow inebriated women at the end of the evening near the doorways of the bars, if is this a new trend, the coming months will tell,” he says.
In Pinot’s sector, half the city’s populations is concentrated around their many bars. The increasing number of rapes reported to police is seeing dangerous growth.

Why Conservatives Should Vote Like A Blue Wave Is Inevitable. In 2018 The only way to turn a purple state red is the old-fashioned way: driving America First voters to the polls, and outnumbering the tens of millions of anti-American voters throughout the country.

Is the blue wave all of us keep hearing about in the Democrat-media industrial complex for real? Most states are blue states or purple states, and the only way to turn a purple state red is the old-fashioned way: driving America First Republicans and Independents to the polls, and outnumbering the tens of millions of anti-American voters throughout the country.
President Trump has kept most of his promises, and our nation needs lawmakers who will fulfill the promises they make as candidates. An elected leader’s word must be his bond with his or her constituents.
Because politics is sales, it’s the perception of a potential blue wave, not the reality, that will either drive America First voters to the polls, or keep them home. Don’t underestimate the perception the DMIC has cultivated amongst Democrat voters that the blue wave is real.
In any election in which a Republican loses, the excuses are predictable: voter fraud; the media; George Soros. Although there is often some truth in the excuses, President Trump seems to be the only Republican consistently hammering home the importance of getting out to vote. Staying home on Election Day, in most parts of the country, is a vote for the Democrat candidate.

Elections Have Consequences

Reliably red states continue to decrease in number. Earlier this year, Alabama voters elected the first Democrat to the U.S. Senate since 1992. Look further, and you’ll find Democrats winning congressional districts that haven’t been blue in decades, and were districts Trump won comfortably.
Some of the 2018 races to closely watch are in Florida, where Florida’s governor, Republican Rick Scott, is challenging the incumbent, Democrat U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson; Texas, where Ted Cruz, the incumbent Republican U.S. senator, is defending his seat against an insurgent and well-funded challenger, Democrat U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke; and Tennessee, where Republican U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn is running against former Democratic governor Phil Bredesen, for the seat to be vacated by retiring Bob Corker.
With their Democrat big cities, Florida and Tennessee are purple states. Florida’s four largest counties (Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Orange) each has not only more registered Democrats than Republicans, but more registered Independents than Republicans. As a Florida resident, I can also attest that the state is chock full of Never Trumpers, as well as Marco Rubio and Jeb! Bush supporters.
Even Texas is moving in the purple state direction. If only Texas’s four largest cities (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin) voted, the Lone Star State would be as blue as California and New York. Furthermore, Mitt Romney and President Trump both won Texas, in 2012 and 2016, respectively, but Romney received a higher percentage of votes cast than did President Trump. Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.
We can make excuses, or we can win elections. We just can’t do both. There is too much at stake to stay home on Election Day. In 2009, President Obama was fond of reminding the losing side that elections had consequences, which was his way of saying: I won, you lost, and I don’t need to work with you—you need to work with me. You know what? He was correct.

Read More: http://thefederalist.com/2018/07/27/conservatives-vote-like-blue-wave-inevitable-2018/

Dinesh D'Souza: If you think Trump is a white supremacist, you should talk to a real one

If President Trump is really the white supremacist his critics insist he is, he must be a huge disappointment to his bigoted brethren.
For more than a year, we have heard the president’s critics insist he is this worst type of racist. Or that at the very least, white supremacists support him. But if these vile folks really do back the current occupant of the White House, it is not because Trump shares their worldview. 
How do I know this? I interviewed Richard Spencer, who is undoubtedly the poster boy for white supremacy. Spencer is such a toxic figure that when he showed up to speak at a university in Florida the governor declared a state emergency. Spencer is routinely portrayed as a right-wing neo-Nazi and confirms this narrative by insisting he is a Trump supporter.
Yet when I interviewed him recently for my new movie “Death of a Nation,” Spencer turned out to be anything but right-wing and his views were markedly different from those of Trump.
Here’s an excerpt from that interview:
     Me: What do you think of the American founding?
     Spencer: I’ve been critical of the American founding throughout my career.
     Me: “All men are created equal.”  True or false?
     Spencer: False, obviously. 
     Me: The idea that we have a right to life, true or false?
     Spencer: I don’t think we have rights to really anything.
     I asked Spencer about the two main prongs of Reaganite conservatism.
     Me: One prong is American influence is good for the word and that American power should project American values, agree or disagree?
     Spencer: If American values are we need to destroy other cultures and bring them into one big capitalist market or something, I don’t think we should be promoting American values in that sense.
     Me: The second prong of Reaganism was free market economics, promoting a global free market in which people trade with each other. Would you like to see the world be a global capitalist order?
     Spencer: Absolutely not. This notion that we need to destroy our own industries, that our people are just one more competitor in a global marketplace. “Good luck, sink or swim, pal.” The notion that that should be the guiding philosophy of our citizens is disgusting, actually. I totally reject that. 
     I asked Spencer about his advocacy of a concept called the white ethno-state.
     Me: What I take you to be saying is that the white ethno-state would have a powerful state at the center of it.
     Spencer: No question.
     Me: But this notion of limited government…As you know, the founders saw the government as the enemy of our rights.
     Spencer: No individual has a right outside of a collective community. You have rights, not eternally or given by God, or by nature.
     Me: Who gives them to us?
     Spencer: Ultimately the state gives those right to you. The state is the source of rights, not the individual.
Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/07/27/dinesh-dsouza-if-think-trump-is-white-supremacist-should-talk-to-real-one.amp.html

Ann Coulter on Breitbart News Daily (7/27/2018)

Abandon The Leaky Boat by Brett Stevens

Humanity offers many paradoxes, but one is how we either gamble it all or nothing at all. A man may win a bar in a poker game, but be unwilling to leave a bad job, marriage, or social group because the unknown is scarier than the devil he knows.
We might visualize humanity as someone in a leaky boat, looking at the shore only a half-mile away. The right answer is to get to safety, but there might be sharks or other dangers in the water. However, the boat will never be right, and the more you bail it out, the more tired you are. It will take you down with it.
Similarly, when making philosophical arguments — and all political ideas are, at their roots, philosophies in application — one has to beware of leaky arguments. Every argument is a series of ideas, one flowing from the next with hopefully sensible “therefores” and “thuses” joining them.
If one of those ideas is wrong, then everything which follows is wrong, sort of like how in a math problem if you do an intermediate calculation incorrectly, then every subsequent calculation will be using the wrong numbers. There is no partial credit for having the right technique in politics, simply success or failure on a variable time scale.
Our leaky boat occurred because we denied the need for civilization. Instead, we focused on the individual, starting with The Enlightment™ meme of “man as the measure of all things.” From that, we abandoned the need for social order and went instead to bureaucratic societies where clerks order us around to keep the ship from sinking.
Western European people worldwide are not reproducing enough, are not happy, are being self-destructive, and most of all are hopeless, because they are tired of bailing out this leaky ship. It is bigger even than the choice of democracy; we have chosen a bad philosophy because one of its calculations is just wrong.
Individuals depend on their context. They need order and stability. They need guidance. Above all else, they need an end to the constant bickering, infighting, special interests, and extremism that have marked the era after we adopted Enlightenment™ thought.
Civilization needs self-perpetuating order. This occurs only through recognizing that we are biological in a world that operates, at a mathematical level, a lot like biology. We need an organic order, not a bureaucracy. We need something that binds us together and pushes us to do the right thing.
By themselves, human beings tend toward self-destruction, and this accelerates when they sense that their surroundings are doomed. Just like many creatures die in captivity, so do we, especially if we are more intelligent than average. Social disorder is killing us.

Read More: http://www.amerika.org/politics/abandon-the-leaky-boat/


You’ve been reading the headlines about the war Google, Facebook and the rest of the Internet Cartel have been waging against conservatives, Christians and independent media like WND.
Of course, I have been telling you about this since January of this year – candidly, openly, no holds barred, no sugar-coating.
We’ve seen our revenues plunge from $10 million in 2016, to $6 million in 2017, to what is expected to be about $4 million in 2018, if we’re lucky. This is a direct result of years of discrimination, bias, hatred, mischaracterizations, skewed algorithms designed to favor leftist, anti-God media and worldviews, which all of these corporations share. (If you doubt what I’m saying, consider that Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon all share a common denominator – they all proudly proclaim their formal association with the radical, extremist, left-wing smear merchants at the Southern Poverty Law Center to help them determine what represents bona fide hate-speech content.)
The war on independent media was only whispered about until the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Since then, unable to take down the president, these insidious and powerful communications gatekeepers have gone after those they at least partially blame for his victory. WND has been smack-dab in the crosshairs, and the pain we have been experiencing cannot be overstated.
The good news is we have an exciting and promising plan to take the fight directly to these monopolistic corporate titans. We have a good strategy not only for recovery from two years of misery and suffering, but for a rebirth, a resurrection, a future bigger, stronger and more effective than ever.
But we desperately need your financial support and your prayers right now. WND is the canary in the coalmine – the first independent online news organization. They are out to kill us, then the rest of our colleagues. It’s just that simple.
Read More: https://www.wnd.com/2018/07/help-us-fight-back-against-the-google-facebook-machine/

Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow Is A Massive Flake By ROD DREHER

If you know anything about Gwyneth Paltrow’s public life aside from her acting, you will have heard that she runs some sort of lifestyle brand called GoopThe New York Times Magazine has a delicious feature story on how much money Paltrow is making from monetizing her flakiness. Excerpts:
The Goop campus in Santa Monica consists of four squat gray buildings, where in June a diverse group of about 200 young, exuberant, well-dressed people were working hard to plan the coming weekend’s event, the In Goop Health wellness summit. G.P. sat at her desk behind the glass walls of her office, which was spare and also decorated in shades of gray. Her golden hair fell over the paper she was reading. She was wearing a tank top, shearling-lined white Birkenstocks and Goop x Frame wide-legged palazzo jeans. Back when she wore them at Harvard, I’d never seen anyone else wear them. Now she was making them, and everyone else I knew was wearing the same style.
We ate salmon hand rolls. She was trying to be low-carb today, but it wasn’t happening. There was too much going on. The wellness summit, a daylong immersion in Goop-endorsed products, panels, doctors and other “healers,” was a “heavy lift for the team.”
“It’s intense, man,” she said. She reached behind her to her bookshelf, which held about a dozen blue bottles of something called Real Water, which is not stripped of “valuable electrons,” which supposedly creates free radicals something something from the body’s cells. “It’s insane, and then I have to do a lot on the day, and I really don’t like speaking in public, and I have to keep getting up in front of a crowd.”
The summit is great, don’t get her wrong. All three so far have sold out, with tickets ranging from $500 to $4,500, the highest of which included two dinners with G.P. plus two nights at Casa del Mar. But lately she has been wondering if the summit does everything it needs to. She worries that she’s just serving the same customers over and over. She met a woman who took a very long bus ride from she thinks rural Pennsylvania to the Goop summit in New York in January. “Seventy-nine percent of our American customers aren’t in New York or Los Angeles,” where these summits are held, she said; they’re in secondary markets.
The company started in 2008 with a newsletter Paltrow wrote telling people about products and services she liked, plus sharing recipes. “Goop” comes from her initials bookending “oo,” because somebody told her that successful companies had “oo” in their name. More:
The newsletter was at first kind of mainstream New Age-forward. It had some kooky stuff in it, but nothing totally outrageous. It was concerned with basic wellness causes, like detoxes and cleanses and meditation. It wasn’t until 2014 that it began to resemble the thing it is now, a wellspring of both totally legitimate wellness tips and completely bonkers magical thinking: advice from psychotherapists and advice from doctors about how much Vitamin D to take (answer: a lot! Too much!) and vitamins for sale and body brushing and dieting and the afterlife and crystals and I swear to God something called Psychic Vampire Repellent, which is a “sprayable elixir” that uses “gem healing” to something something “bad vibes.”
Read the whole thing.  You won’t want to miss the kook G.P. promotes who says women ought to put jade eggs into their whatsits to protect against uterine prolapse.
Read More: http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/goop-yes-gwyneth-paltrow-is-a-massive-flake/

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Labour’s Gas-Chamber Blues: Pink Berets vs “F***ing Anti-Semites”

You could call him a killing joke. I’m talking about Enver Hoxha, the communist dictator who ruled Albania with an iron hand from 1944 until 1985. Like Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, he was a joke outside his own domain and a murderous horror inside it. To outsiders, even his surname was comic: it was written with an x but was pronounced “Hojja.”
Maggie’s Choice: Protect children or assist paedophiles?
The pronunciation of his name spawned another joke. In the 1980s, the far-left London council of Islington was headed by a rich Jewish woman called Margaret Hodge. In tribute to her dictatorial ways, she was nicknamed “Enver.” But life was no joke for many children in the care-homes under Hodge’s control. The children were being abused by men like Peter Righton, the founder of the gay Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), who once said: “Every Islington care-home manager knows I like boys from 12.” Righton’s tastes were shared by a network of homosexuals who flourished in the pro-minority regime of Islington Council.
When it comes to a choice between protecting children and assisting minority sex-criminals, Labour councils do not hesitate. They assist the sex-criminals every time. That happened in Rotherham with Muslim rapists and it happened in Islington with gay rapists. The Daily Mailreports that: “Staff who raised concerns were accused of racism and homophobia, and often hounded out of their jobs. Some … received death threats. Almost 30 council employees accused of child sex crimes were allowed to take early retirement (on generous pensions) instead of being subjected to formal investigations or referred to the police.” Hodge herselfrefused to fund proper investigations and condemned a newspaper report into the abuse as a “sensationalist piece of gutter journalism.”
Read More: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2018/07/28/labours-gas-chamber-blues-pink-berets-vs-fing-anti-semites/

An Unpleasant Experience. Woooo! Having our women destroyed by the jew and their dark weapons is the tits, bro!"

Jew lawyer defends the biological weapon it unleashed.

At the gym where I train strength and endurance for the ultimate race war, they have a talmudvision in the locker room set to the sports channel. As I was walking over to pull the plug, as much a part of my workout ritual as the strict form squats and paused bench press, I heard the negro panel discussing how to remove the few remaining Whites in the Negro Felon League. 85% non-White is, apparently, not a sufficient amount of "diversity." This sort of open hostility toward Legacy America is quite common in Current Year, but it was still surprising that a rapidly failing semitic Liberia Ball monopoly would continue to push an extreme anti-White agenda, even at the cost of millions of shekels. We finally found something the jew loves more than the dollar almighty: destroying the hated shkotzim.

Even so, there's always the amateur Rwanda Rugby, right? Passively watch the dusky "student athletes" in the SEC (Systemically Excluding Caucasians) conference, suck on your ball gag, try not to think about what a sick joke this entire rotten edifice is. Moronic tar creatures who can barely read or write are placed in "higher education" to play a degenerate child's game and are rewarded with illegal paychecks, worship from gelded White losers and unlimited access to snow hoes who are attending marxist "White man bad" courses in between getting raped by these evolutionary dead-ends. Sometimes we get a trial years later, where a completely debased victim is shut down by some jew attorney and the foul sickness and evil quietly continues because "Look at that monkey run!" and scoring the big "tug" is more important to many Whites than the future of our embattled people.

A woman who says she was raped by two former Tennessee football players testified Wednesday and explained why she initially told police she didn't want the men arrested. 

Somehow this case has received little attention from the pound sign me too brigade. The silence from kosher "women's rights" groups is deafening. The jew feminists took the day off. A shattered woman who lost her soul to the evils of our spiritually leprous modern world must stand alone against the entire crooked apparatus dedicated to making sure a Sudan Soccer team wins at least six or seven entire games each year. A 28-24 "bowl" record is not cheaply purchased and certain sacrifices, like your daughters, must be made.

She says A.J. Johnson and Michael Williams raped her during a party at Johnson's apartment Nov. 16, 2014, hours after a Tennessee football victory over Kentucky.

Before you get on your high horse about this sickening glimpse into the profound ugliness of a dying nation, let me remind you that they were able to beat "Blue" in the big game.

"They looked like animals," the woman said. "I was intimidated."

Yeah. No kidding. Creatures straight from a nightmare claim a free-range White (I'm assuming, the name of the victim wasn't released) as a war trophy. It was worth it, I really like watching them pile on top of each other and run around while I stare at the wall and sometimes pretend to "direct."

Read More: http://modernheretic3000.blogspot.com/2018/07/an-unpleasant-experience.html

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'Western' Press Dislikes Imran Khan's Win In Pakistan's Election

Imran Khan election win in Pakistan receives a hostile reaction in U.S. and British media. The headlines are generally negative and the descriptions of Imran cast a damning light of him.
From the New York Times print edition front page:

The word "Pakistan" was probably too long for the valuable front-page space. Thus the NYTshortened it to "Nuclear-Armed Islamic Republic". The attribute "unpredictable" for Imran Khan is curious. (If one cuts out the "Islamic" the headline fits to Trump's election victory. Was that the intended joke?)
The piece by Jeffrey Gettleman repeats the "unpredictable" claim:
Friends and foes describe Mr. Khan, 65, as relentless, charming, swaggering and highly unpredictable.
But there is no evidence, not one example in the piece that supports that attribute. It describes how he, in the late 90s, entered politics:
Mr. Khan seized on a single issue: governance. ... He focused on corruption, repeatedly stating that a few political dynasties had shamelessly enriched themselves. ... [H]e seemed adept at not letting the gossip pages distract him, and he kept hammering on about corruption.
Corruption was also a main theme of his recent campaign. Imran's anti-corruption position has been a constant. His opposition to the U.S. war of terror also never changed. There is not one "unpredictable" bit in his political positions. Where then did that come from? Only in the very last paragraph that word returns:
Many analysts wonder how long Mr. Khan’s friendship with the military will last.“He is known to have erratic behavior and a very unpredictable personality,” said Taha Siddiqui, a journalist and critic of the military who recently moved to France, saying he feared for his safety.
Siddiqui worked for an Indian TV channel and for France24. He has long been critical of Pakistan's military. In January he claimed that "he was attacked by up to a dozen men en route to the airport in Rawalpindi but managed to escape". He clearly dislikes that Imran Khan has good relations with Pakistan's military.  Why is that enough to make it in into a headline?

Read More: http://www.moonofalabama.org/2018/07/western-press-dislikes-imran-khans-win-in-pakistans-election.html

Globalist Enemies Of The American People Run CNN

A Poisonous String of Thoughts: Is Anti-White Racism the New Anti-Semitism? By Marcus Cato

When I was in the second grade, I met students who were shocked to learn that the word "Jew" was more than just a slur.  Until they met me, they had only used the word in a derogatory or pejorative sense.  For myself, I had been taught by my parents that there were some people in the world who looked down on Jews, but this was my first encounter with it.
A similar trend is occurring among the culturally liberal in this country – where I live and now make my home on the Left Coast of the United States.  But the word I want to write about today isn't "Jewish"; it's "white."  The basic ideas used to demonize Jews for centuries are now being wielded by cultural Marxists to do the same thing to white people in three ways: historical tropes, selective economic statistics, and sociological exaggerations.
Hatred of Jews has a long history, but the grievance against Jews was based on a commonly held history of victimization by later generations of Gentile Christians.  To begin with, Jews were held collectively responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the martyrdom of early Christian saints.  What made this, like almost every other historical grievance, especially pernicious is that unborn Jews were also made responsible for these events.  Saint John Chrysostom, a doctor of the Church, wrote in the fourth century, "the Jews are always degenerate because of their odious assassination of Christ.  For this, no expiation is possible, no indulgence, no pardon (no forgiveness)."  In other words, this was a charge passed down from generation to generation for which no forgiveness could be attained.  To be a Jew was, in short, to be guilty of murdering God Himself.
Similarly, modern leftist thought renders white people guilty of two unforgivable crimes: the enslavement and transport of Africans to the Western Hemisphere and the conquest of the Americas and the displacement of the indigenous people who came before.  President Obama may have unwittingly stated this when he said in 2015, "what is also true is that the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives – you know, that casts a long shadow.  And that's still part of our DNA that's passed on."  Of course, what's in your DNA cannot be expunged.  It gets passed on like a disease.  Thus, Mother Jones can publish articles titled "America Has Never Truly Atoned For Slavery" without a hint of irony.  Dead white bodies carry little meaning in the modern Social Justice War.  That over 300,000 Northern white men died to end slavery means nothing to them; and that over 25% of the Southern white male population of military age died will never be a sacrifice that cleanses their descendants of their sins.  I don't need to note the contrast between this never-to-be-forgiven viewpoint with that of President Lincoln, who said in 1865 that the Civil War was absolutely an expiation for the sin of slavery.
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Twitter Admits: Your Posts Will Be Hidden if You Follow the Wrong Accounts

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, Chairman of Twitter and a founder of both ,holds an event in London on November 20, 2014, where he announced the launch of Square Register mobile application. The app, which is available on Apple and Android devises, will allow merchants to track sales, inventories and …

Twitter on Thursday addressed the recent controversy surrounding the shadowbanning of high-profile conservatives, admitting users’ posts will be hidden if they follow the wrong accounts.

In a blog post published Thursday, Twitter’s Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead Vijaya Gadde and Kayvon Beykpour, the company’s Product Lead, offer up a convoluted explanation as to why conservatives are discriminated on the platform. “We do not shadow ban,” they claim. Instead, they write that Twitter deploys a series of “ranking models,” taking “many signals into consideration to best organize tweets for timely relevance.” The purpose of ranking tweets and search results is to best facilitate what the San Francisco-based company defines as a healthy conversation, an initiative launched in March “to improve the health of the public conversation” on the platform.
Beykpour and Gadde’s post comes after left-leaning news outlet Vice reported on the issue of shadowbanning — a topic Breitbart News’ Tech team has covered in great depth over the past year. Vice News reporter Alex Thompson wrote this week that Twitter is hiding the accounts of leading Conservative figures:
The Republican Party chair Ronna McDaniel, several conservative Republican congressmen, and Donald Trump Jr.’s spokesman no longer appear in the auto-populated drop-down search box on Twitter, VICE News has learned. It’s a shift that diminishes their reach on the platform — and it’s the same one being deployed against prominent racists to limit their visibility. The profiles continue to appear when conducting a full search, but not in the more convenient and visible drop-down bar. (The accounts appear to also populate if you already follow the person.)
A spokesperson for Twitter told Vice that their algorithms were not developed to discriminate based on political beliefs. “We are aware that some accounts are not automatically populating in our search box and shipping a change to address this,” the spokesperson told the left-wing outlet. “I’d emphasize that our technology is based on account *behavior* not the content of Tweets.”
Breitbart News Senior Tech Correspondent Allum Bokhari notes the company has continually avoided transparency on the issue: “Twitter’s response has been to play dumb, and claim that the shadowbans — which prevent search results appearing for the names of prominent Republicans and conservatives (among other things) — are a result of errors, not design.”

“But a close analysis of Twitter’s own public statements reveal that the company’s Orwellian, vaguely-defined mission to improve the ‘health’ of ‘public conversations’ led to a system that allows the left to abuse the platform’s algorithm in order to suppress their political opponents,” Bokhari adds.
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Pakistani migrant arrested for trying to set fire in Greece

A Pakistani migrant was arrested for trying to set fire near the military camp of Perama on Wednesday. The arrest has been confirmed by the local police. 
Perama is an area with a high concentration of refugees. The migrant was arrested and interrogated after being charged and prosecuted with arson. Local police confirmed to our reporter that a Pakistani migrant has been arrested in the area.
The first information of the Local webpage epirus gate says that the perpetrator denies all charges and was just ‘working in the area’.
The heat of the Greek summer and the strong blowing winds could lead to a massive destruction as the military camp of Perama houses military equipment.
Civil Protection Minister Nikos Toskas told at a press conference that arson is a serious possibility. “We have serious indications and significant signs suggesting the criminal actions of arson,” he said.
It’s not the first time that migrants have started fires, with several cases of arson havingbeen filed in the Moria migrant camp in lesbos.
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Twitter and Shadow Banning


I first wrote this essay in the winter of 2007, as part of my graduate study at Duke University. The course was “Nietzsche’s Politics,” taught by Michael Gillespie in the Political Science Department. I have maintained the essay substantially as it was when I handed it in. Much honing has taken place, for clarity, flow, and depth, but the structure is unchanged.
I had first encountered Nietzsche’s writings in the year 2000 in my extracurricular readings while an undergraduate at the University of Virginia. Reading him marked a turning point in my life; indeed, I find it hard to imagine what my approach to thinking about society, politics, and religion would be without Nietzsche as educator. Writing isn’t just a form of communication, but a process of discovery for the author. Composing this essay some 10 years ago, I was moving beyond a raw, youthful understanding of Nietzsche’s critiques of Christian morality, democracy, and the modern age, and towards his deeper, in many ways, hidden vision for the transformation of the world. Everybody knows that Nietzsche said “God is dead”; few recognize why and how this catastrophe occurred; what the consequences will be; and how European man can overcome this event.
This essay is about politics. Nietzsche, of course, never put forth any straight-forward “political program,” though his works are littered with sharp opinions on the passing scene. He does, however, develop a meta-politics. This is not “political science” in the sense that it is used today, but politics understood from the standpoint of the transcendent. It is the European crisis—the end game of the Judeo-Christian legacy, the death of God—that births the “good Europeans” and “artist tyrants” who, Nietzsche expects, will rule the continent
Revisiting this essay now, it strikes me as unfinished. There are many tantalizing threads that should be followed further and more flesh put on the bone. I’m in the process of expanding it as part of a book, which will result in its doubling in size. I thought it would be appropriate, however, to publish the original essay as is, so as to give readers an understanding of my thought-process and development.
The Ethno-State has just now entered the popular lexicon, sparking predictable outrage, some productive debate, and no small amount of confusion. The term itself, along with many of its components, I borrowed from the American writer Wilmot Robertson. The deeper character of the Ethno-State, as I view it, is Nietzschean at its core. I hope this essay makes that clear.

Today the Christian can feel anti-Jewish without realizing that he himself is the ultimate Jewish consequence
~The Anti-Christ
As a Saxon, [my mother] was a great admirer of Napoleon; it could be that I still am, too.
~Ecce Homo



The imperium Romanum . . . this most admirable work of art in the grand style was a beginning; its construction was designed to prove itself through thousands of years: until today nobody has built again like this, nobody has dreamed of building in such proportions sub specie aeterni. This organization was firm enough to withstand bad emperors: the accident of persons may not have anything to do with such matters—first principle of all grand architecture. But it was not firm enough against the most corrupt kind of corruption, against the Christians (AC §58).1
In this selection from one of the concluding aphorisms of The Antichrist (1888), Nietzsche’s most familiar tropes are fully mobilized: here we find his grandiose, shocking admiration of the powerful master-class . . . his aristocratic distain for Christians as rabble . . . his inhuman perspective in which the cultural achievement in Rome is worth a few “bad emperors” (and countless deaths) . . .
But while the passage might be characteristically “Nietzschean,” there is also much about it that is surprising. The Antichrist was conceived by Nietzsche as the first book of his planned three-volume Revaluation of All Values, what was to be the definitive statement of his philosophy. The fact that Nietzsche chose to image Rome—and specifically not Athens—in what is ultimately a kind of “political testament” goes against much that is taken for granted in Nietzsche scholarship.2 There is, of course, good reason for this. In Nietzsche first book, The Birth of Tragedy (1872), he posited the tragic age of Aeschylus and Sophocles as the unreachable standard of cultural achievement. Even if he later came to view many of his claims in this volume as “embarrassing” (BT P (1886)), it seems reasonable to assume that Athens remained for him a political icon.
Nietzsche’s most important writings on Greek culture came at a point in his life when he was most overtly politically engaged, and his attitude towards 5th-century Athens should be understood within that context. The Birth of Tragedy was written in the wake of German national unification, which occurred months before its publication. And at this time, Nietzsche was, effectively, a German nationalist; he distanced himself from militarism and was critical of the state, but he was a nationalist nonetheless. Nietzsche imaged Germany’s rise to greatness not only through military victory over the French but through a revived cultural spirit. He (in)famously claimed, “[F]or it is only as an aesthetic phenomenon that existence and the world are eternally justified”(BT §5); and for him, the political achievements of both 5th-century Athens and 19th-century Germany would be measured though their cultural output. In this line, it was Kant and Schopenhauer who were, in Nietzsche’s eyes, courageous enough to “critique reason,” to adumbrated aspects of existence outside Socratean rationality. They thereby introduced “an infinitely profounder and more serious view of ethical problems and art which we may designate as Dionysian wisdom comprised in concepts” (BT §19). They were, in this way, able to approach the tragic wisdom of Aeschylus. This new Weltanschauung would find expression in Wagner’s music-dramas—the combination of the Apollonian heroic outlook with Dionysian “infinite melody”—to be performed publicly at the annual Bayreuth festival.
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Thursday, July 26, 2018

David Duke Show July 26th, 2018 with guest Eric Striker

The Disco Triplets by Steve Sailer

The popular new documentary Three Identical Strangers recounts the famous story of the New York triplets who were secretly separated as infants due to (spoiler alert) an arrogant Freudian experiment intended to prove the power of nurture over nature. But as 19-year-olds, they found one another during a few joyous days in 1980 when each first learned that he had two identical brothers.
The likable lads, brawny, extroverted Syracuse U. frat-boy types dressed in Saturday Night Fever fashions, became a brief media sensation as their similarities in mannerism, despite not having known of one another’s existence until a few weeks earlier, and obvious delight in each other’s company charmed talk-show audiences.
These days, we are lectured that diversity is our strength and that it is hateful to prefer to associate more with people genetically similar to us. But the documentary’s recounting of the triplets’ reunion suggests that it would be a blast to discover you have a genetically identical twin (or, in this case, two).
The triplets eventually moved into a swinging bachelor pad in Manhattan. A decade later they started a steak house called, unsurprisingly, Triplets, where the three owners led dining-room sing-alongs. But after a lucrative first year, the stresses of the restaurant business started to drive wedges between the once-inseparable trio and they were headed for different fates.
Is Three Identical Strangers, currently playing in 332 theaters across the country, an interesting and entertaining documentary?
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