Sunday, December 31, 2017

STRIKE and MIKE Episode 4: The Trumpian Personality December 31, 2017 by Mike Enoch

Welcome to the STRIKE and MIKE New Years celebration! Mike Enoch and Eric Striker talk about the dead end of boomer and alt-lite conservatism, how Jews manipulate anti-Islam sentiment among whites to further Israel's interests while undermining our own, how Jews subvert nations with protest movements, the history of Jewish anti-white narratives, and why it is that Jews really hate Donald Trump. Be sure to check this one out for all the latest in big brained narrative building.
Topics covered:
  • The dead end of the alt-lite
  • The Iran protests and how ZOG uses them to bang the war drums for Israel
  • Hows Jews use Western skepticism of Islam for their own purposes and against white interests
  • Jewish historical blood libels against European peoples, lynchings, the "holocaust" and others
  • New York City as a template for the ZOG world order
  • The cowardice of Steve Bannon and the death throws of boomer conservatism
  • The Trumpian personality: Why do the Jews really hate Donald Trump? Because of his personality, not because of his policies

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