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Neo-Fascist Thoughts on Reverse-Kafka-ism or Akfakism.

In today’s world it’s as though gentile white people are Reverse-Kafkaesque characters. In Franz Kafka’s famous novel THE TRIAL, Joseph K is accused of a crime, misdeed, or something, but he is kept in the dark as to the nature of his transgression. Thus, paradoxically, he feels, at once, innocent of everything and guilty of everything. He racks his mind over what he might have done wrong but can’t recall anything that might constitute criminality. Yet, given the hidden desires within each individual’s psyche and the various infractions of daily life(that we take for granted as ‘normal’), he frets he might indeed have done something wrong; worse, he feels as though higher authorities or powers—be they political, legal, spiritual, etc—are privy to the secret compartments of his soul, perhaps knowing what he keeps hidden or what remains unknown even to himself. (A person may be unaware of his/her own smell while others detect it quite noticeably.) Politically or legally, K may not have done anything wrong. But THE TRIAL unfolds in a zone somewhere between mundane reality and dream logic; the barrier between physical and psychological realms seems porous. There is also the question of whether Joseph K is being accused of what he IS than what he may done, an aspect that became more relevant with the rise of radical antisemitism, most disturbingly exemplified by Nazism, which targeted even patriotic German Jews as enemies of the state. 

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My Facebook Was Deleted After Exposing Election fraud in #KurdistanRefer...

CNN Finally Discovers ‘Proof’ of Russia Connection ��

Entrevista Jim Goad amb Andrew Anglin

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Conservatives Must Champion Anti-Porn Industry Measures

Nobody has any idea what “conservatism” conserves anymore. It seems it is incapable of preserving traditional culture and values (which is supposed to be its primary purpose) even when there is a clear public need for these values.
Submitted by Emmanuel Spraguer
Worst of all, the conservative politicians aren’t proactive at all. It’s as if they all live in the 1980s with their understanding of modern-day social concerns and woes. They are incredibly out of touch.
Not to worry though, that’s what the Alt-Right exists for. We are the Think Tank that Gotham needs, if not perhaps the one it deserves.
Porn is an epidemic and a difficult topic to legislate away, especially when you consider the sexual market forces at play. But there are ways of fighting the porn industry, and mitigating the damage. If supposed conservatives want to do something genuinely useful, they should raise the age of consent for those (foolishly) wanting to enter the porn industry to 22 or 23. They might also seek to restrict the distribution of pornography involving actors and actresses under that age.
I’m just putting this great idea out there for free, no consulting fees like Heritage Foundation would charge…yet.
These are sensible and frankly realizable goals on the federal level. There is also a glaring public need for such legislation/reform. A bill of this nature might even get substantial bipartisan support. To see the seemingly endless supply of impressionable, vulnerable and horribly confused young women exposing themselves to the dangers of this extremely profitable but even more parasitic industry, is genuinely disturbing, even for the occasionally guilty pervert like me.
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The Origins of Swedish Multiculturalism by F. Roger Devlin

M. Eckehart
Helsingborg, Sweden: Logik Förlag, 2017
This brief (96 pages) study of the historical origins of Sweden’s multicultural policy was published ten years ago in Swedish, but has just now been made available to the English reading public. It is not a history of immigration to Sweden, which would require a much longer treatment, but of the spread and triumph of the multicultural idea.Massive extra-European immigration only happened afterwards, partly as a consequence of this shift in thinking.
In the early 1960s, when the story begins, the most significant minority ethnic groups in the country were of northern European stock: Finns were most numerous, followed by Estonians and the Sami, or Lapps, native to northern Sweden itself.
But following the end of World War II, others began arriving. In 1963–4, calls for restricting immigration began to be heard. This helped spark a series of debates in the press on the status of ethnic minorities in Sweden. It is generally agreed that the multicultural policy formally inaugurated in 1975 had its origin in these debates; but as the author of the present study points out, the background of the debaters and their motivations have seldom been inquired into.
Their initiator and most important contributor was David Schwarz (1928–2008), a Polish-born Jew who arrived in Sweden in 1950 for medical treatment related to typhus and tuberculosis he had contracted while a concentration camp inmate in Germany.
On October 21, 1964, Schwarz published “The Foreigner Problem in Sweden” inDagens Nyheter, one of several Swedish dailies published by the Jewish-owned Bonnier Group, writing:
Before the Second World War Sweden was relatively restrictive with regards to allowing in refugees. The need for labor was not as great as it is today, and some professions feared foreign competition. But by the end of the war the government’s attitude changed, and over time 14,000 Jews and many others were transferred here from the German concentration camps. Simultaneously tens of thousands of Baltic refugees and several thousand stateless people fleeing the Russians came. Since then Sweden has continued to receive foreigners […] In other words Sweden got a large group of people, approximately 400,000, who were not born in the country.

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Reed College Students Shutdown Classes In Protest of Western Civilization Course As “Harmful” by Jonathan Turley

We have previously discussed protests against literature and philosophy courses due to their reliance on white male authors from ancient Greece to the Enlightenment. The latest such protest is occurring at Reed College where students called “Reedies Against Racism” are protesting a required humanities class that explores founding works from ancient Greece and Rome.  Requiring freshman to read such works is being denounced as “really harmful.”  I have long been an advocate of the core curriculum and Western Civilization works (a love for these works that began as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago which helped establish the core curriculum or great works model).
“Reedies Against Racism” wants “Humanities 110 – Introduction to Humanities: Greece and the Ancient Mediterranean” to be “reformed to represent the voices of people of color.”  Alex Boyd, a Reedies Against Racism organizer, is quoted as saying:
“The course in its current iteration draws from predominantly white authors and relies heavily on the notion that Western customs are the most civilized because they are derived from those of ancient Greeks and Romans who are considered the inventors of civilization.”
It is true that they are viewed as laying the foundation for Western civilization and thought.  They also happened to be “predominantly white” since they were Greek and Roman.  However, we use their works for concepts that helped change humanity as a whole and still shape concepts of the individual and the state around the world.
This is one of the items on a list of 25 demands, but it is one of the most disturbing from an academic standpoint.  As I have previously stated, I do not believe that the content of our academic courses should be determined by plebiscite or protests.  Moreover, students have an assortment of courses that they may take in school. These courses require an education on foundational works that have shaped political and literary works for generations.  Indeed, these great works offer an excellent foundation for exploring and comparing non-Western works.
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The Whiteboard Jungle by Jane Weir

A report from an Atlanta slum.
A. Teacher, What It Is Like to Teach in Failing Schools: A Memoir, an Inquiry, and a Critique2016, 268 pp., Kindle $0.99, Paperback $12.95.
Back in the mid-1950s, novelist Sloan Wilson wrote a highly successful but discomfiting bestseller. It was about a man very much like the author of this book: a young writer who lived in a cramped, rundown house with his wife and three children, and worked an ill-paid job at an educational non-profit. He struggled to make ends meet, surviving on a combination of booze and white-knuckle desperation.
The book was called The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit. It was turned into an elegant movie about shabby-genteel desperation and starred Gregory Peck, and had a happy ending of prosperity and redemption.
No such happy ending seems likely for the anonymous author and self-publisher of What It Is Like to Teach in Failing Schools. “A. Teacher,” as he signs himself, is a white man in Atlanta who has been teaching in bad, mainly non-white, public schools for more than 10 years. Like the man in the gray flannel suit, A.T. hangs on from day to day, agonizing about his mortgage payments and his failing marriage, while drinking himself into a stupor every night. And this is not a novel; it is real life.
A.T.’s job in a slum school is a never-ending hell of violence and personal abuse. His middle-school “pupils” are bad enough—lewd, thieving, and destructive, mostly with names like Shaquon and Jamone—but they’re not the worst part of the job. Most of A.T.’s day is consumed by administrative minutiae, such as meetings in which teachers and administrators review things such as the “Response to Intervention worksheet.” This is a form on which teachers are supposed to document each instance of “objectionable misbehavior,” and the disciplinary action taken. A typical example: “On way out the door, Justin simulates giving oral sex to the male gender, and points at me, smiling.” A.T. notes his remedy: “Isolated to Mr. Teacher’s room; written up.”
A.T. describes “planning” sessions where nothing is planned, and sessions with “academic coaches” who are supposed to improve teacher performance, but only distract and demoralize. He is burdened with redundant teacher reviews, and is then forced to attend probationary meetings and classes when these expert outside “coaches” decide he “needs improvement.”


It now seems clear that the next Senator from the glorious state of Alabama will be Judge Roy Moore (not Judge Roy Bean -- sorry about the picture). Anyway, winning the Republican Primary in this Republican-dominated state is the same as winning the state, in case anyone thought we were jumping the gun. 

Moore defeated Luther Strange, the candidate backed by the GOP establishment to the tune of $30 million. This is not surprising, as the GOP establishment -- basically people like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan -- are universally loathed as the corrupt, back-stabbing cuckservative scumbags that they are. 

In fact, everything that Mitch McConnell touches literally turns to shit -- and not the nice, firm kind -- and all that Ryan breathes his sulphurous breath on dissolves into a puddle of foul-smelling vomit. (Really, you can't get any better political analysis than this anywhere on the internet.)

But what is surprising is that even President Trump's endorsement of Strange had so little effect. The President visited the state to campaign on behalf of Strange, but all to no avail, as voters trusted their instincts and the likes of Steve Bannon 2020, who backed Moore. 

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The jews as Crimeless Victims

When will the world cease to tolerate the special treatment of the jews: the most over-privileged, entitled, and undeserving minority? When will they realize what benefits the parasite does not benefit the host? The parasitic nature of the jews has long been recognized, but it is truly shocking how closely they resemble bipedal tapeworms or flukes. Just like their helminth counterparts irritate intestinal linings, the jews irritate the social fabric that holds together the communities they have colonized. The helminth worms generate a disgusting, protective mucus that insulates them from attack; just like the jews exude a form of intellectual mucus that prevents the healthy elements of a society from working directly against them or for their removal. The parasite tricks the host into tolerating it, just as the jews have tricked the Whites into tolerating every kind of perversion, amoral behavior, and hostile genetic alien in their midst; not in the least of which is the jew itself.
The endless unsubstantiated and alleged “hate crimes” that inexorably accompany any collection of jews are a prime illustration of the defensive measures used by the jews that follow the parasitic example. The rat-faced men will perpetrate the most unbelievable lies and frauds to convince the host that the chosenites are actually poor, helpless victims; not parasites draining the vitality, drinking the blood, and ultimately compromising their hosts’ ability to survive. Attempts to dislodge the parasitic jews are met with slimy, slippery accusations and claims of unlikely and unverifiable crimes against the “light of the world.” We’ve all heard of victimless crimes; the jews have invented themselves as crimeless victims. The actual crimes, those committed by the jews, are of course lost among their whining about victimhood and other pustulent effusions. And so they are quickly left at large to continue soiling the societies they have invaded.

A Tale of Two Trumps by Mark Steyn

A couple of thoughts on the passing scene:

~Roy Moore beats Luther Strange in Alabama. There were certain local factors in play: Mr Strange and the corrupt former governor Bentley had enjoyed a mutually beneficially relationship whereby then Attorney-General Strange called on the legislature to suspend impeachment proceedings against the Governor, and Governor Bentley then appointed Strange to the Senate. Whether a creature from the Alabama swamp is best suited to drain the Washington swamp is a reasonable question for voters to ponder.
Whereas, whatever one feels about Roy Moore, he's principled enough to be willing to lose his job over the Ten Commandments and same-sex marriage. That's unusual in American politics.
But in a certain sense this election was a primary between the industrial-strength Bannonite MAGAlicious Donald J Trump (as represented by Moore) and the house-trained semi-neutered General Kellyfied McMasterized Donald J Trump (as represented by Strange). And the house-trained Trump lost. There's a lesson in that: The man who said he could shoot a guy on Fifth Avenue and his base would stick with him was essentially told by the base that, when he wanders too far down the GOP establishment end of things, the base is just as happy to shoot him.

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A Crash Course on the True Causes of “Anti-Semitism” by THE SAKER

This is a topic which has had so much written about it that you could fill an entire city library with books entirely dedicated to this topic. Marx took a shot at it. As didSartre. There were, of course, also plenty of good books written on this topic, but rather than list them all, I want to suggest a few simple common sense points and then go to what I consider an authoritative explanation of this thing we call “antisemitism” and which, of course, has nothing to do with Semites.
So first, let’s dump this silly term and replace it by a simple and straightforward one: judeophobia. Just like any other phobia (say, for example, russophobia) the phobia of X is the 1) fear and/or hatred of X. Some people hate Jews, others fear them (think of the “fear of the Jews” in the Scripture), some do both. So judeophobia seems both logical and uncontroversial to me.
Second, it is a truism to say that everything in the universe has a cause. That includes phobias. Including russophobia and judeophobia. For example, I would be the first person to admit that there are objective characteristics of the Russian people which makes other people fear and hate them. Like the fact that all western attempts at conquering Russia have failed. Or that the Russians have always, and still are, rejecting the Papacy. Just these two factors will create plenty of russophobia in the West, for sure.
So, the next thing we can ask ourselves is what is it in Jews which causes judeophobia. Alas, before I look into this, I need to clarify a number of assumptions I make.
The first one is that Jews are not a race or ethnicity. To prove that, I defer to Shlomo Sand’s book “The Invention of the Jewish People”. As I explained elsewhere, Jews are a tribe: A group one can chose to join (Elizabeth Taylor) or leave (Gilad Atzmon). In other words, I see “Jewishness” as a culture, or ideology, or education or any other number of things, but not something rooted in biology. However, I also fully agree with Atzmon when he says that Jews are not a race, but that Jewish culture/politics/ideology is racist (more about that later).
Next, there is also what is commonly known as “Judaism”. That, by the way, is also a misnomer, at least if by “Judaism” you refer the faith of the Old Testament, the faith of the Ancient Israel, the “God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of our forefathers”. Modern “Judaism” which was created well after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70AD. Modern “Judaism” ought be to called “Pharisaic Talmudism” and its true creators are Shimon bar YochiaMaimonides (aka “Rambam” in the video below), Joseph Karo and Isaac Luria. The reason why this religion ought to be referred to as Pharisaic Talmudism is modern Judaism is the continuation of the sect of the Pharisees (the only Jewish sect which survived the destruction of Jerusalem and of the Temple – all modern forms of “Judaism” trace their roots to the Pharisees) and that it’s main source of authority is the Talmud, a collection of writings based on the ideas of the sect of the Pharisees and complied from the beginning of the 2nd century. To separate them from non-religious Jews, some authors have offered the term “Judaic” to describe a person adhering to this faith. Seems reasonable to me.

The NO GO neighborhood of San Francisco -- Cops stay out of Bayview

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Faceb00k Claims Russian Hackers Set up Guccifer 2.0 Account

AMERICA FIRST LIVE with Nicholas J Fuentes - 9/26/17

Tackling Race by Steve Sailer

As you may have noticed, football and crime are in the news at the moment.
Some National Football League players are supporting Black Lives Matter—the anti-police, pro-rioter, anti-white, pro-Establishment movement—by boycotting the national anthem before games. The president was widely denounced for tweeting his disapproval of them.
On Monday, however, the FBI released 2016 crime statistics showing that homicides were up an extraordinary 20 percent nationally during the last two years of the Obama administration, when the former president was pushing his BLM agenda. The spike in murders tended to be concentrated in cities where BLM enjoyed its greatest triumphs, such as Baltimore and Chicago.
In other words, the ironically named Black Lives Matter has gotten several thousand additional blacks murdered by other blacks since Ferguson.
Meanwhile, the Trump administration is reforming Obama’s campus sexual-assault guidelines that helped launch the University of Virginia gang-rape-on-broken-glass hoax that led to Jann Wenner announcing last week he was dumping his Rolling Stone magazine.
But almost nobody on the left or the right is willing to think about the relationship between college rape and college football.
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Rocketman: What Motivates the World's Newest Super Villain?

Immigration Is KILLING America | James Allsup & Nick Fuentes

AMERICA FIRST LIVE with Nicholas J Fuentes - 9/22/17

Not Affirmative Enough by Steve Sailer

Affirmative action privileges for blacks and (to a lesser extent) Hispanics have been a near-universal feature of college admissions for what is now approaching a half century.
What have we learned since the late 1960s?
Perhaps the strangest result is that the biggest winners from racial quotas have turned out to be blacks who aren’t descended from victimized American slaves but are instead descended from the slave peddlers, or from whites, or, as in the case of Barack Obama, from both.
On the other hand, some of the early fears have proved to be overblown.
Neoconservative intellectuals in the 1970s, such as social scientist Nathan Glazer in his 1975 book Affirmative Discrimination, often suspected that racial quotas for blacks were in effect an anti-Semitic plot to roll back the huge gains Jewish students had made at elite colleges since the postwar lifting of the 1920s caps on the number of Jews admitted.
But it turned out that there were definite limits on how much affirmative action even the richest college could afford. In the 21st century, the bigger challenge to Jews in winning admissions has come not from affirmative-action-aided blacks, as the neocons feared, but from hardworking, high-scoring Asians.
By 1998, Glazer had recanted his opposition to affirmative action.
Why? The number of blacks capable of fitting in at a highbrow college had proved far more limited than had been expected during the civil rights era. As Glazer said in 1998:
Thirty years ago, with the passage of the great civil rights laws, one could have reasonably expected—as I did—that all would be set right by now.
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Let’s Talk About Mass Shootings in America

Most mass shootings in America are committed by non-Whites, though the media refuses to cover it. On Sunday, a Black man opened fire on a church while the media discussed activist football players.
by Ash Brighton 

Largely overshadowed in the hubbub over kneeling negroes at sportsball games was a horrific incident which happened Sunday in the Nashville suburb of Antioch. A Sudanese man, Emanuel Samson, entered a church and shot at the parishioners, killing one and wounding six others at last count. It could have been much worse if not for the heroics of Robert Engle, who subdued the bodybuilder shooter with his bare hands. Don’t expect to hear much in the media about Robert and his selfless bravery. The murder victim, Melanie Smith, was a White mother of four. The other victims are mostly, if not all, White. Incidentally,  based on the header of his facebook page, the shooter supported the aforementioned kneeling negroes’ disrespect of his host country’s anthem. Cue the honking. But as you’ll find out, Black mass shooters are the norm despite what the popular media would have you believe.
About a year ago I became curious about mass shootings. I had run across a few incidents in the news with high numbers of casualties, but little attention was paid to them. A good example is Christopher Harper-Mercer, a Black shooter who murdered 10 students at a community college in Oregon and wounded 9 others. Most of his victims were White. The story barely cracked the headlines. Quick, name the Virginia Tech shooter! Yes, Korean Seung-Hui Cho committed the deadliest mass-shooting in US history before Afghani Omar Mateen overtook him by a huge margin in the Orlando nightclub massacre.

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Feminists Don’t Care About Gang Rape by Nicholas Farrell

Unless the perps are white.
Whenever a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” commits a terrorist outrage the reaction of the liberal élite is always the same: The attack has nothing to do with Islam and what it preaches about the infidel.
It is exactly the same with rape: It has nothing to do with Islam and what it preaches about women—especially infidel women.
Nor does terrorism or rape committed by immigrants from Africa, the Middle East or the Indian sub-continent, ever have anything to do with mass immigration.
It was the same old story late last month in Italy. One night in the city of Rimini, on the beach among the pedal boats and umbrellas, four Africans—at least two of them Muslims—gang-raped a 26-year-old Polish tourist. They did so after beating her boyfriend unconscious and robbing him. Later that night, they gang-raped a transgendered Peruvian as well.
Italian journalists, like journalists everywhere in Europe and America, are so beholden to the diktats of political correctness that nearly all declined to publish the racial origins of the suspects sought by police. In a normal world, to publish and broadcast the racial characteristics of a suspect whom the police want the public to help them track down is just plain common sense.
Yet those few Italian journalists who dared reveal the race of the suspects in this truly appalling case of gang rape were vilified by the media and political mainstream as racist bigots and Islamophobes.
The Marxists may not have taken control of the means of production in the West, but they sure as hell have taken control of the means of thought—so much so that strident feminists such as Laura Boldrini, the left-wing president of the Italian lower house, who can never keep her mouth shut about white men being misogynistic, homophobic, and racist, remained completely silent.
When this woman, who holds Italy’s third highest office of state, did at long last break her silence, she did so to condemn white people for their racist reaction.
She did not speak out against the Muslim/African view that women are the property of men. Or speak out against the Muslim/African view that Western women behave and dress like sluts and that it is their fault if they are raped.
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Welcome to hell -- Black on white murder beyond belief

DACA Demolition Debate - Nicholas J Fuentes vs Will Nardi

Alt-Right Politics – Sept. 13, 2017 – “iphone Signaling”

After a month-long shabat, Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter are back on the airwaves, with AltRight Politics, America’s most triggering
Sunday midweek news program. Issue 1) Bannon backs down. Issue 2) 9-11, where were you? (31:10) Issue 3) Charlottesville Mensiversary. (49:13) Issue 4)  iphone, iphag (1:10:03).
They are joined by NPI Executive Director Evan McLaren, suffering from extreme jet-lag.
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In Memoriam: Jerry Pournelle by Steve Sailer

My friend Jerry Pournelle has died at age 84.

Jerry was the embodiment of a famous quote by his mentor in the science-fiction business, Robert A. Heinlein:
A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly.
I didn’t meet Jerry until 1999, but I’d known his son Alex in high school. The Pournelle family asked me to go with them to Kansas City in August 1976 to the science-fiction convention at which Heinlein, the central American sci-fi writer of the 20th century, received his lifetime achievement award. (But I had to be at college that week.)
But Jerry, one of the great Southern California Cold Warriors, had a remarkable number of careers, starting as a teenage artillery officer during the Korean War, which deafened him in one ear. (At the lunch table, he’d choose his seat carefully to position his one remaining good ear next to his guest.)
He once recalled a question from the Army Officer Candidate School test:
Q. You are in charge of a detail of 11 men and a sergeant. There is a 25-foot flagpole lying on the sandy, brush-covered ground. You are to erect the pole. What is your first order?
The right answer is:
A. “Sergeant, erect that flagpole.”
In other words, if the sergeant knows how to do it, then there’s no need for you to risk your dignity as an officer and a gentleman by issuing some potentially ludicrous order about how to erect the flagpole. And if the sergeant doesn’t know either, well, he’ll probably order a corporal to do it, and so forth down the chain of command. But by the time the problem comes back up to you, it will be well established that nobody else has any more idea than you do.
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The Russian Hacking Story Continues to Unravel By MIKE WHITNEY

Photo by sime simon | CC BY 2.0
A new report by a retired IT executive at IBM, debunks the claim that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential campaign by hacking Democratic computers and circulating damaging information about Hillary Clinton. The report, which is titled “The Non-Existent Foundation for Russian Hacking Charge“, provides a rigorous examination of the wobbly allegations upon which the hacking theory is based, as well as a point by point rejection of the primary claims which, in the final analysis, fail to pass the smell test. While the report is worth reading in full, our intention is to zero-in on the parts of the text that disprove the claims that Russia meddled in US elections or hacked the servers at the DNC.
Let’s start with the fact that there are at least two credible witnesses who claim to know who took the DNC emails and transferred them to WikiLeaks. We’re talking about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and WikiLeaks ally, Craig Murray. No one is in a better position to know who actually took the emails than Assange, and yet, Assange has repeatedly said that Russia was not the source. Check out this clip from the report:
Assange …. has been adamant all along that the Russian government was not a source; it was a non-state player. …
ASSANGE: Our source is not a state party
HANNITY (Conservative talk show host): Can you say to the American people unequivocally that you did not get this information about the DNC, John Podesta’s emails — can you tell the American people 1,000 percent you did not get it from Russia…
HANNITY: … or anybody associated with Russia?
ASSANGE: We — we can say and we have said repeatedly… over the last two months, that our source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party…
(“The Non-Existent Foundation for Russian Hacking Charge”, Skip Folden)
Can you think of a more credible witness than Julian Assange? The man has devoted his entire adult life to exposing the truth about government despite the risks his actions pose to his own personal safety. In fact, he is currently holed up at the Ecuador embassy in London for defending the public’s right to know what their government is up to. Does anyone seriously think that a man like that would deliberately lie just to protect Russia’s reputation?
No, of course not, and the new report backs him up on this matter. It states: “No where in the Intelligence Community’s Assessment (ICA) was there any evidence of any connection between Russia and WikiLeaks.” The reason Assange keeps saying that Russia wasn’t involved is because Russia wasn’t involved. There’s nothing more to it than that.
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