Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Terror Hits Germany Ahead of Merkel’s Re-Election Bid

With almost 50 days to go until the German parliamentary election, the country has been hit by another wave of terror and migrant crime. On Friday, a ‘Palestinian’ asylum seeker went on a stabbing spree at a Hamburg supermarket before he was overpowered by passers-by. Despite the eyewitness account of assailant screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ at the scene of attack, German media and politicians went into their ritualised speculations over the psychological state of the attacker. German news reports repeatedly described the 26-year-old Arab attacker as ‘mentally unstable’.
Nervous German media wants to avoid such Islamist attacks from jeopardising their beloved Chancellor’s re-election bid. “Investigating the deadly knife attack in Hamburg is best kept out of the general election campaign,” pleaded the public broadcaster Deutsche Welle. “In the case of the Hamburg attacker, there are indications that it was more of a crazed act by someone under considerable psychological pressure, where Islamism was only used as a pretext.”
A senior German parliamentarian called for more psychological counselling to prevent the radical Muslims from turning violent.

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