Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Russia Needs To Finally Become Russian. Why I can't stand Russia's liberal intelligentsia.

Russia’s liberal intelligentsia really stands out from the crowd of regular liberals as we understand them in the West. The Russian liberal is defined by a sort of refined self-loathing. He looks at Russia and despairs. It’s too wild, too un-European for him. He wants to bring Russia up to European standards. Only he rarely has any conception of what European standards are, or what it means to be a European.
They are young, predominantly, but there are still old-school liberal intellectual cadres that form the intellectual backbone. They copy Western styles, which means Hipsterdom reigns among the chattering classes of St. Petersburg.
Ah yes, my beloved city. It has unfortunately been infested with Russian liberals since its founding. And now the Hipster plague is ravaging the city’s youth.
Last weekend I went to a birthday party. I was with some trendy bougy middle-class young adults. And we hit up some pretty snazzy places. Everyone looked fantastic. The girls there all had beautiful dresses that clung to their slim figures… and the men were well-put together as well I suppose.
Why do I hang out with these people you might ask? Well, if I’m honest with myself, it’s because I’m a Bobo too.
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