Thursday, August 3, 2017

Leaked email: CIA wants to end Russophobia campaign in favor of Iran war (<<== Fake news!)

(Note: This leaked email has not yet been verified by WikiLeaks:)
Date: 2017-07-31
Source: Langley CIA HQ
SECTION 08 OF 1,843 WASHINGTON – AC0871108
SUBJECT: CIA Sub-Deputy says anti-Russia campaign detracting from war effort against Iran
REASON: 1.4 (a), (g)
Since October 2016 CIA operatives have successfully stepped up operations both around and within Iran.
I can report that Stuxnet 2.0 has been implanted: Iran’s radar and air traffic control will be essentially nullified once hostilities begin.
Trusted handlers have created an effective network to coordinate the neutralization of their speedboat capabilities in the Gulf, meaning our aircraft carriers will encounter little resistance.
CIA operatives inside their rocket program have the self-destruct codes to knock out their satellite capabilities. Iran’s technological advancements in this area remain a commercial threat to Western telecommunications dominance. Our prolonged delay of war prevents us from ending this continued embarrassment.
But maintaining public focus on Russia has indeed been the perfect cover for ramping up our anti-Iran activities.
The public has been lulled to sleep on Iran, and all they need is to be shaken awake.
That brings me to the point of this email:
Everything is clearly in place to finally launch war against Iran, but we risk missing this opportunity due to a refusal to let go of the Russophobia campaign. Therefore, I must insist that we terminate that campaign so that Iran can resume its rightful and historic place as US public enemy number one.
I fear that many at Langley have started to believe their own Russophobic hype, but I remind everyone the anti-Putin campaign was always supposed to be just a cover: We have never been able to swing public opinion in favor of war against Iran, but we correctly reasoned that war with Iran would look much more appealing after months of threats of war with Russia.
However, I wonder if the Russophobia campaign hasn’t metastasized beyond our control?
Worrying signs
I first started to have questions when Langley bathroom graffiti started to lampoon Putin instead of Khamenei. The very few limericks I have recently seen against Khamenei have even misspelled his name.
It’s sloppy, and it indicates a worrying lack of familiarity with what should be our primary target: Iran.
I became more alarmed after our latest weekly briefing with Rachel Maddow. She insists on staying with Russia because they get her better ratings: she says that Iranian women who hate their Revolution but still wear hejabs are “not hot”.
Well of course they aren’t! What does she think a hejab is for?
But we have destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria – how can we leave Iran out of our plans for totally leveling Muslim countries for trying to be Muslim? That’s just plain un-American! Any job worth doing is a job worth doing right!
Let’s not break with years of planning just because the Russophobia campaign has succeeded beyond anyone’s imagination.
Frankly, we all know who to pin this screw-up on: Hillary.
Hillary knew it had to be Iran and THEN Russia. Hell, it was her idea! And that’s why she legalized those terrorist psychos the MKO, a group which has as much chance of being accepted as leader as Benedict Arnold did after the American Revolution.

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