Saturday, July 8, 2017

Who’s West? Which Values? By ROD DREHER

So, Trump continues to embarrass the country. Look who he sent to represent the United States at the G20 conference table today in Germany:
Let that sink in. At the conference table with the leaders of the world’s 19th richest countries (plus the European Union), the President of the United States sent to represent the nation not the Secretary of State, or any other senior US diplomat (as is protocol), but his daughter, the Crown Princess. Like I said, it’s embarrassing. This is just another small reminder that Donald Trump is not fit to be president. There will be another one tomorrow, and the day after that.
But here’s the dilemma we’re in, or at least people like me are in. It’s exactly why more than a few conservatives I know voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton even though they expected him to behave like a clown. Nobody on the left likes to hear this from people on the right, so let me allow a left-wing atheist friend of mine to explain it.

My friend hates Trump. Hates him. But as a member, broadly speaking, of the elite professional class, he has come to hate his own tribe too. We were messaging each other about this blog post of mine yesterday, in which I claimed that liberal elites bashing Trump for white-supremacist dog-whistling in his Warsaw address proved that they really do hate not just Trump, but Western civilization. My claim is that by denouncing a fairly anodyne statement that Western civilization is great and worth defending as a manifestation of racist religious chauvinism, these liberals reveal what they think about Western civilization itself — at least any conception of “Western civilization” that deviates from 21st century progressive values.
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