Monday, July 24, 2017

Trump – Beyond Good & Evil

* Is Trump perhaps a vehicle of other-worldly forces quite beyond himself, a figure not really comprehensible in normal categories, given the degree of both good & evil in which he is involved?
* Well… perhaps encouraging “Trump Derangement Syndrome” actually serves Trump’s interest:
A) It distracts his enemies somewhat from attacking him on real substantive policy issues.
B) Any sane middle-of-the-road types can see that the Left is really jumping the shark on this Russia thing.
C) It makes Trump look like a sensible peace-loving fellow on the world scene.
D) The people who are really into TDS would always hater Trump in any case.
E) It encourages a lot of us who are sort of lukewarm on Trump to rally to his side simply because we so despise his crazy/corrupt enemies.
* Looks good to me. He’s clearly gearing up for a fight. Scaramucci is brilliant [American, not British English here]. Above all the Warsaw speech was everything we could have possibly asked for. The subsequent apparent support offered by Netanyahu and Marcon seem to indicate some sort of major deal opening the door for the full Trump foreign policy agenda. Fingers crossed.
* I am thrilled with Trump. He recently undid a Johnson era order restricting churches from commenting on politics. That’s something neither Bushs or Reagan did despite their support from Evangelicals. And it wasn’t even one of his campaign promises!
And, withdrawing funding for CIA activities in Syria – awesome! One step closer to getting out of that mess.
I realize that the wall isn’t built yet and he could screw everything up with an amnesty. And he’s facing real risk of removal from office. But I’m encouraged. He’s showing us how to fight the beast, and that the beast bleeds.
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