Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Zeroth Amendment - Steve Sailer

A little-known survey revealed the single most decisive reason Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton: White Democrats have drifted into ideological extremism over not regulating immigration.
By way of background, a general problem in political science with using polls to track ideological trends over the years is that you want to keep asking the same questions to see how voters’ responses evolve. But that means that pollsters seldom ask about new beliefs that would have seemed bizarre even in the recent past.
In turn, pundits, lacking polling data to write about, don’t even mention historic developments, such as the rise of mainstream antiwhite American hate discourse over the past half decade. For most mainstream journalists to notice their own increasingly vicious racist attitudes would be like a fish noticing it is wet.
Because I have a better-than-average historical sense, I’ve been pointing out for the past few years that American elites are mindlessly floating toward an unspoken belief in the sacredness of what I call the Zeroth Amendment: that American citizens should get no say in who gets to move to America because huddled masses of non-Americans possess civil rights to immigrate, no questions asked. And this Zeroth Amendment overrides the obsolete First Amendment, so you aren’t allowed to question it.
Last December, Professor Eric Kaufmann of the London School of Economics had YouGov ask the kind of question that would have struck pollsters as absurd not long ago:
“A white American who identifies with her group and its history supports a proposal to reduce immigration. Her motivation is to maintain her group’s share of the population for cultural reasons. Is this person a) racist, b) racially self-interested, which is not racist, c) don’t know.”
These days, of course, “racist” means…hateful…intolerable…unthinkable. Calling someone “racist” is now approaching a blood libel. The word “racist” is increasingly a dog whistle for violence by masked blackshirts against anyone so demeaned.
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