Friday, July 14, 2017

In 1960, East Cleveland, Ohio was 98% White. In 2017, East Cleveland is 94% Black and a Black Councilman is Sleeping in Tent to try and Stop the Violence

East Cleveland, Ohio is one of the worst cities in America. 

It's less than six percent white and nearly 94 percent black

Interesting, it was the city of Cleveland's first suburb, home to the Rockefeller's and "Euclid Avenue was regarded as one of the most beautiful streets in the world, known as 'the showplace of America.'"

But this was an East Cleveland that was all-white. 
Pitching a tent to stop black crime in 94 percent black East Cleveland, Ohio

East Cleveland now is almost entirely devoid of whites. Even though it was once home to the titans of American industry, it is now home to Africans in America and the city is nothing more than a reflection of the type of community blacks make in the absence of whites. 

Which brings us to this. [East Cleveland councilman pitches tent to protest, 'calm down some of the violence',, July 10, 2017]:
Three weeks ago, an East Cleveland home was riddled with at least five stray bullets. Around that same time, four teens were hit by bullets on a corner near that house. Instead of hanging out at East Cleveland City Hall, one councilman is making a stand by pitching a tent near that corner. 
Steven Cebaliss' house was the one hit with stray bullets. He says the gun play has put his neighborhood on edge. 
"One got shot about seven times. A few other boys got shot -- they was just standing there, drive by," he said. "Anybody could have been walking through there." 
East Cleveland councilman Ernest Smith, of Ward 3, is not sitting in a tent for his health -- he's putting himself at great risk by camping out in the lot near Allegheny and Orinoco. He says the violence is way out of hand. 
"A young 12-year-old girl shot on Northfield, just two streets over. A lot of shootings happen in this area," he said. "I'm just out here to be a presence, to try and calm down some of the violence that's been going on because a lot of youngsters in this area, they will talk to me for some reason." 
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