Friday, July 14, 2017

High Schools as Indoctrination Mills

Now that the nation is waking up to the indoctrination taking place in our colleges and universities, liberal defenders of the system are starting to pipe up about how conservatives oppose education.

To put it in context I report on John Hinderaker’s post on the Powerline blog. Hinderaker has been following the systematic destruction of the Edina public school system in suburban Minneapolis, its transformation into an indoctrination mill that forces children to become social justice warriors. Teachers and administrators abuse, harass and bully students who do not buy into the party line.

As Hinderaker points out, Edina schools, in the Minneapolis suburbs, used to be highly rated. Now, however, their reputation is declining as students are being prevented from learning.

Hinderaker has been posting on this for some time. And he has been receiving letters from parents and students that show how bad it has gotten. Naturally, they are all anonymous, because anyone who defies the politically correct orthodoxy is severely punished.

First, students are taught to feel guilty about their white privilege:

Not many things shock me, but I confess that I have been shocked by what I have learned about the Edina public school system. Indoctrination in left-wing politics begins in elementary school, where children are taught the pernicious doctrine of “white privilege.”

A student wrote to explain that class work consists largely in liberal propaganda, accompanied by bullying and harassment of anyone who does not toe the line. Since teachers give out grades and since grades matter this is no small thing.

The student continued:

The amount of liberal propaganda that was pushed every single day in class this year was worse than it’s ever been–and you’re bullied by the teachers and every student if you dare speak against it.

Yeah its horrible, the teachers can absolutely do whatever they want. The administration will do nothing about it!! The day of the election every single student was in the commons chanting “F*** TRUMP” and the teachers never did anything. A LOT of people are starting to complain and my mom has some friends who are leaving the school district.

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