Sunday, July 2, 2017

At Rap Event in Little Rock, 25 Blacks Shot by Black Shooters (Same Club Held "Stop the Black on Black Violence" Event Five Days Earlier)

Previously on SBPDL: In 42% Black Little Rock, Arkansas, an MLK 5K and a 'Stop the Violence" Yard-Sign Campaign in Effect to try and Stop Blacks from Killing other Blacks

Blacks won't cooperate with police when it comes to snitching on suspects in nonfatal shootings involving both black suspects and black victims. Homicides in the 42 percent black city are almost always the result of black suspects

It goes without saying that if Little Rock didn't have a black population, it would be nearly gun violence free. But, Little Rock does have a black population... [All homicide victims are black in Ark. capital, Washington Times, March 26, 2014]:

This is a post on the Power Ultra Lounge Facebook page from June 30, promoting the rap concert that would ultimately end when 25 black people were shot.. Notice the semi-automatic firearm the black rapper is holding, pointed directly at the individual viewing the poster...

The mayor is calling for a task force to study black-on-black crime in Little Rock, where all of this year’s 11 slayings have involved black victims and lead suspects. But the city’s police chief said factors other than race - including the economy - are in play. 
Mayor Mark Stodola announced last week that he is forming a team to analyze current programs helping the city’s poverty, education and other issues to seek collaborative opportunities between them to help reduce Little Rock’s crime rate. 
It’s similar to a commission that Little Rock City Board member Ken Richardson has said he wanted to mobilize. 
“Myself as a mayor and other mayors around the country have looked at this issue and tried to stare at the hard, glaring facts of it, and that is there’s a disproportionate number of young men and boys of color who are committing homicides,” Stodola said. “They’re solving their differences, whatever they may be about, with violence.” 

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