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Darkness’s Descent on the American Anthropological Association. A Cautionary Tale.

I ask readers to keep the following notes on methodology in mind as they consider the findings of this paper: This commentary results from a year of historical research that involved the collection of over a thousand source items, including published works, audio and visual recordings, private correspondence, and approximately 40 original interviews. When I interviewed people orally, I gave interviewees my notes and asked them to take some time to change the notes however they wanted, so that I had on the record exactly (and only) what they wanted. I use only their approved versions. For all the sources I have herein marked “personal communication,” I have obtained permission for use from the communications’ authors.
I come to the work I present here by way of two vocations, one as a historian of science, and the other as a human rights activist. (My rights work has focused mainly on people born with norm-challenging bodies.) Because I care deeply about both science and human rights activism, and because I have been both a critic of some science and also a target of some activist criticism, I have been working on a book aimed at understanding how to protect science and activism—including from each other—in the era of the Internet.
When I circulated word of my book project in 2008, many scientists in evolutionary anthropology and psychology told me I had to look into what had happened to Napoleon Chagnon and to the reputation of the late James V. Neel with regard to the Darkness in El Dorado controversy. As I began researching that history, it quickly became clear that several fine scholars and a number of major scientific organizations had already meticulously exposed the falsehoods about Chagnon and Neel put forth by Patrick Tierney, the author of Darkness in El Dorado () and a related New Yorker article of 2000. Most importantly these scholars had repeatedly shown that, in his work, Tierney had painted what amounted to a fictitious picture of a measles epidemic among the South American Yanomamö people in 1968. (I recommend especially Turner and Nelson , but see also, for example, Alberts ; American Society of Human Genetics ; Baur et al. ; Cantor ; Cox ; Hagen et al. ; Headland ; Paul and Beatty ; Society for Visual Anthropology ; Tooby .)
In his 2000 accounts of the 1968 epidemic (including his New Yorker article and book manuscript), Tierney had portrayed the anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon and the late geneticist-physician James V. Neel, Sr., as virtually amoral eugenicists bent on conducting inhumane and deadly field experiments on a phenomenally vulnerable population. Tierney suggested that Neel—with Chagnon’s collaboration—had introduced a potentially fatal contraindicated measles vaccine to the Yanomamö, probably inducing the 1968 epidemic, allowing him to test his eugenic theories. Moreover, Tierney suggested that Neel and Chagnon intentionally withheld medical treatments that might have saved lives. The Neel and Chagnon of Tierney’s visions were nothing less than monsters in the guise of modern scientists—monsters responsible for the death of hundreds if not thousands of Yanomamö men, women, and children.
The truth was quite the opposite. From prior field research, before the 1968 epidemic, Neel had determined that the Yanomamö were alarmingly vulnerable to measles, and so he had personally arranged to bring vaccines on the 1968 expedition. Neel had not taken the matter lightly; he had consulted experts regarding the best vaccine to use, obtained instruction about safe administration, and personally arranged the financing to make the vaccination campaign possible (see Lindee in Hagen et al. :61–63; Turner and Nelson ). When the party arrived for what was supposed to be a typical expedition combined with a vaccination campaign, measles had already broken out (Headland ). Understanding the scope of the danger, Neel, Chagnon, and the others raced to try to contain the epidemic and get ahead of it with the vaccines. The medical supplies began to run out before everyone could be appropriately vaccinated, but it was not because of some neglect on Neel’s or Chagnon’s part (Turner and Nelson ).
The independent scholars who came to this history before me had clearly already shown that, far from being remembered as a monster as Tierney would wish, Neel really ought to be remembered as a great humanitarian. For his part, Chagnon ought to be remembered not as the genocidal maniac of Tierney’s fantasy, but as the key provider of logistics during the frantic medical response to the tragic epidemic.
I had to wonder when I came upon this story years after all this, given the reality as evidenced by so very many documentary sources, how did Tierney’s falsehoods get as far as they did? To answer that, one must really understand how and why certain individuals—but especially leaders within the American Anthropological Association (AAA)—played a supporting role to Tierney’s work. This was a supporting role that ultimately threatened the AAA’s integrity and indeed the integrity of American anthropology itself. Thus, while this paper provides some previously uncollected and critically informative background material on Tierney’s work, it chiefly seeks to highlight the problematic aiding and abetting of Tierney by scholars who had the power to know better and to do better.
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Torah Talk (Deuteronomy 3:23–7:11) With Kevin MacDonald

This week’s Torah portion is Va’etchanan and is the second paraha in Deuteronomy. Watch live.
My tradition teaches a message of radical inclusion and love. Will you sit down and learn Torah with me, and learn love?
* There are a ton of heart-breaking emotional outbursts in the Torah, typical of Middle Eastern peoples to this day. This Torah portion begins with Moshe’s pleas to God to enter the Promised Land.
* Det. 4:1 “Now, Israel, hear the decrees and laws I am about to teach you. Follow them so that you may live and may go in and take possession of the land the Lord, the God of your ancestors, is giving you.” The purpose of Torah law is to live long, conquer and prosper.
* Det. 4:6 “Observe them carefully, for this will show your wisdom and understanding to the nations, who will hear about all these decrees and say, “Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people.”
An additional purpose of Torah law is to make Jews look good before the goyim.
* Det. 6:1-2: “These are the commands, decrees and laws the Lord your God directed me to teach you to observe in the land that you are crossing the Jordan to possess, 2 so that you, your children and their children after them may fear the Lord your God as long as you live by keeping all his decrees and commands that I give you, and so that you may enjoy long life.”
Another reason to abide by the Torah is to live long.
* Det. 6:24: “The Lord commanded us to obey all these decrees and to fear the Lord our God, so that we might always prosper and be kept alive, as is the case today.”
Observe the Torah so that you shall prosper.
Judaism is realistic. Its promises for observing the Torah are rooted in this world results. Judaism makes peace with the natural emotions such as lust and ambition. One of the rewards promised to Abraham is that he will become famous.
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State Dep’t is ‘bigoted, anti-Semitic, Israel-hating’ for saying Palestinian statelessness fosters violence by Philip Weiss

In yet another exposure of the fraudulent peace process, the State Department report on terrorism for 2016, released this month, said that some Palestinian violence is driven by “a lack of hope” in ever gaining sovereignty:
Continued drivers of violence included a lack of hope in achieving Palestinian statehood, Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank, settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, the perception that the Israeli government was changing the status quo on the Haram Al Sharif/Temple Mount, and IDF tactics that the Palestinians considered overly aggressive.
Those assertions would seem eminently logical after 70 years of failure to deliver on promises of a Palestinian state, but they have generated a storm of pushback from Israel’s friends in the United States.
Last week Illinois congressman Peter Roskam wrote to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, saying the “root cause” of Palestinian violence is the Palestinian Authority, not “a stalled peace process.”
Then on Monday, the Zionist Organization of America demanded that Tillerson step down.
In light of the U.S. State Department’s new, bigoted, biased, anti-Semitic, Israel-hating error-ridden terrorism report, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) calls on Secretary of State Tillerson to resign. This Tillerson State Department Report blames Israel for Palestinian Arab terrorist attacks on innocent Jews and Americans…
(The ZOA had criticized the Tillerson appointment when it was made, saying it could not trust Tillerson because of his connections to Arabs as a former oil man.)
On Tuesday, B’nai B’rith International (the “global voice of the Jewish community”)slammed the State Department for “pro-Palestinian bias.” B’nai B’rith executives Daniel Mariaschin and Gary Saltzman said that if the report didn’t say State Department on it, you’d think it had come “directly from the Palestinians.”
We are deeply concerned at the pro-Palestinian bias displayed in a new State Department report that severely mischaracterizes the reality in the region.
In the new annual Country Reports on Terrorism, the State Department blames Israel for Palestinian violence against Israelis. It is astonishing that State is echoing the false Palestinian narrative. If it were not released by the State Department, it would be easy to mistake the inflammatory and accusatory language as coming directly from the Palestinians…
Israel is not driving the violence committed by the Palestinians. It’s Palestinian leadership—Fatah and Hamas— that incites violence against Israelis on a daily basi
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Two Kinds Of California Liberals By ROD DREHER

A reader writes:
I’ve read your blog for a few months and this San Francisco liberal finds himself maddeningly provoked by your writing.
One notable thing about living in northern California in 2017 is that there is a tension, barely concealed, between the technology-will-perfect-everything liberals and the heed-the-warnings-of-mother-earth liberals (who increasingly resemble crunchy cons with slightly different ideas about economics). A broad consensus on social issues and a completely secular public culture out here obscure the fundamentally different views we liberals have about what it means to be human.
Your post about human genetic modification today ( made me think of this tension. I suspect the Silicon Valley set would read about the Oregon experiments and think we are one step closer to the Singularity. The crunchies and I see, instead, the definition of Pandora’s Box.
Scanning through your archives, I haven’t seen you write about the Singularity concept – the idea that humans and machines will merge into a kind of super-supreme intelligence by the middle of this century, and that eternal life, of a sort, will be possible. It’s not coincidental that this (totally insane and nihilistic) idea often attaches to the radical life extension movement ( Or to the daffy libertarian politics of the Valley. Might be worth a blog post.
What do I know, though? At a “20-questions” office icebreaker, I was the only one of forty in the room who raised his hand in response to “Who considers themself a member of a religion?” Out here, it’s all mindless technological expansionism, masking an infantile terror of death (or perhaps, of having lived a meaningless life), or self-guided mother earth worship. We shall be as gods indeed.
Even if I rarely fully agree with anything you write, you do seem to find many interesting cracks in my thinking. You would be surprised how much appeal the BenOp idea has for many of us liberals who cling to the quaint notions that God is real and modern man shouldn’t destroy his creation. Thanks for keeping me intellectually un-lazy!
Wow, thank you! That’s really encouraging. You might find my 2006 bookCrunchy Cons worth a look. In it, I talk about an older, more traditional strand of conservatism that takes a far more skeptical view of mindlessly pro-business, pro-technology libertarianism.
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Mass Violence And Chaos Has Taken Over South Sudan: Women Are Gang Raped, Men And Boys Are Taken And Forced To Be Sodomized By Homosexual Soldiers. A Group Of Homosexual Soldiers Tells A Blind Man: ‘Choose Death Or Be Raped.’ They Take The Blind Man And Rape Him. They Take Other Men And Shove Needles Into Their Testicles, One Woman Cries Out: “Satan Went Through Me The Day I Was Raped”

Mass violence and chaos has conquered South Africa. Thousands of women have been gang raped, and even men are forced to be sodomized by homosexual soldiers. They also have taken men and shoved needles into their testicles. One woman cried out: “Satan went through me the day I was raped”. The spirit of Sodom possess these evil vehicles of the demons, and we see what savagery Lot himself witnessed before God struck the Sodomites with fire. As we read in report on this hell on earth:
A report has detailed the horrific mass-scale gang-rapes, genital mutilations, and other violence that is gripping South Sudan in the midst of its civil war. Some badly traumatized victims say they have lost their faith as a result.
“Satan went through me the day I was raped,” a woman named Nyagai said in the Amnesty Intentional “Do not remain silent” report, which was released Monday. Nyagai no longer attends church and has stopped praying.
The report states that there have been thousands of children and women, and some men, raped in the young nation since December 2013, in what is largely an ethic conflict between Dinka forces loyal to President Salva Kiir, and the opposition Nuer forces of Riek Machar.
“This is pre-meditated sexual violence on a massive scale. Women have been gang-raped, sexually assaulted with sticks and mutilated with knives,” said Muthoni Wanyeki, Amnesty International’s regional director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes.
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Reporter turns a small case of black mob violence into an epic episode o...

Nolan’s Finest Hour - Steve Sailer

Back in 2014, I ended my Taki’s review of Christopher Nolan’s ambitious but imperfect Interstellar by suggesting that his blockbuster-every-two-years schedule was too rapid even for a writer-director of Nolan’s talents. (Likewise, Nolan’s 2012 Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises had also suffered fit-and-finish problems.) But, I concluded:
If the next Nolan movie takes until 2017 or 2018 to perfect, I’ll be there the day it comes out.
So I was there on opening day for 2017’s most anticipated film, Dunkirk, Nolan’s account of the British Army’s narrow escape from the beaches of northern France in the spring of 1940.
Not only has Dunkirk benefited from Nolan taking a few more months than he did on his last several movies, but he has also solved most of my other complaints about his films. Even his impressive 2010 hit Inception suffered from Nolan’s tendencies toward excessive length, overintellectualized complication, and claustrophobia.
If Nolan’s features did only as well at the box office as, say, the Coen brothers’ movies, I’d be inclined to downplay his flaws and instead offer eloquent defenses of Nolan’s artful airlessness and propensity to ramp up the cognitive demands of even a Batman movie.
But his films have been so successful, with four grossing over $675 million worldwide, that Nolan’s virtues hardly need my articulation. Moreover, the director does well with critics, too. In a recent Guardian poll of reviewers to anoint the best films of the new century, Nolan tied for first place among directors with three top 100 movies (MementoDark Knight, and Inception).
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Leftypol vs 4Chan: The Intellectual Ass Crack of the Internet

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AT LAST! THE Solution to black criminality -- 100 percent guaranteed

Trump – Beyond Good & Evil

* Is Trump perhaps a vehicle of other-worldly forces quite beyond himself, a figure not really comprehensible in normal categories, given the degree of both good & evil in which he is involved?
* Well… perhaps encouraging “Trump Derangement Syndrome” actually serves Trump’s interest:
A) It distracts his enemies somewhat from attacking him on real substantive policy issues.
B) Any sane middle-of-the-road types can see that the Left is really jumping the shark on this Russia thing.
C) It makes Trump look like a sensible peace-loving fellow on the world scene.
D) The people who are really into TDS would always hater Trump in any case.
E) It encourages a lot of us who are sort of lukewarm on Trump to rally to his side simply because we so despise his crazy/corrupt enemies.
* Looks good to me. He’s clearly gearing up for a fight. Scaramucci is brilliant [American, not British English here]. Above all the Warsaw speech was everything we could have possibly asked for. The subsequent apparent support offered by Netanyahu and Marcon seem to indicate some sort of major deal opening the door for the full Trump foreign policy agenda. Fingers crossed.
* I am thrilled with Trump. He recently undid a Johnson era order restricting churches from commenting on politics. That’s something neither Bushs or Reagan did despite their support from Evangelicals. And it wasn’t even one of his campaign promises!
And, withdrawing funding for CIA activities in Syria – awesome! One step closer to getting out of that mess.
I realize that the wall isn’t built yet and he could screw everything up with an amnesty. And he’s facing real risk of removal from office. But I’m encouraged. He’s showing us how to fight the beast, and that the beast bleeds.
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Why America’s Opioid Epidemic was Maliciously Manufactured by the Criminal Cabal

So much has already been said about this issue, so I will keep this as simple as possible. If you want to dig up the details, please do so, but it should already be more than apparent that the opioid epidemic, which has been wreaking havoc across the United States and other countries in the Western world, has not been accidental.
Obviously this is a scheme that makes lots of money for the pharmaceutical industry, with doctors prescribing painkillers in abundance. Then once the prescriptions run out and the patient is hooked, he or she turns to street drugs, which provides lots of money for the illicit drug traffickers. However, there is more than just the profit motive behind this all.
America is depressed, especially White people who have been victimized by anti-White psychological warfare and disenfranchised from diversity quotas. Instead of getting angry and turning toward meaningful resistance, the social engineers would prefer that we get hooked on opium and go to the grave without a fight. This is exactly what has been happening, with White men dying at an alarming rate due to suicide, alcohol, and especially heroin overdose. I have a suspicion that laced batches are also flooding into the market on purpose, murdering many addicts.
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Watch: What Thugs Did To This 92yr Old Patriotic Vet Is Demonic

Howard Banks, now legally blind, fought in Iwo Jima — only to be treated like THIS in his own home.
Mr. Banks has a flagpole that he salutes faithfully every morning.
But some punks have no respect.
He’s 92, he walks with a crutch, and — as we’ve mentioned — he’s legally blind.
But there’s nothing wrong with his hearing. He heard someone tampering with his flag, and he came out to investigate.
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Milo BLASTS Barnes & Noble For Discriminating Against His Book: “You Sell Hitler’s MEIN KAMPF”

Milo Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous is currently #5 on the New York Times Bestseller List for hardcover nonfiction books.
Yet in America’s largest physical bookseller, Barnes & Noble, Dangerous is nowhere to be seen. In numerous phone calls to Barnes & Noble, employees had trouble explaining why a book on the New York Times Bestseller List would not be stocked in stores.

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45 Senators and 237 Congress Members Support Making BDS A Crime

Israel South Africa protest calling for BDS

Congress Moving To Undermine Freedom of Speech When To Protect Israel, Israel Comes Before US Constitution

A bill that would criminalise boycotts against Israel has been signed by 45 US senators and 237 congressman.
The so-called “Israel Anti-Boycott Act” would impose fines of up to $250,000 (£192,000) on any US citizen “engaged in interstate or foreign commerce” who supports a boycott of Israeli goods and services.
The US has long defended Israel in territorial disputes in the Middle East, even as the Israeli military has expanded into areas assigned to the Palestinians by international law.
This position runs counter to that of the United Nations, which claims Israel’s settlements in occupied Palestinian territory have “no legal validity”, and “constitute flagrant violation of international law”.
In their new legislation, members of Congress claim the UN is considering a resolution to withhold assistance from – and prevent trade with – settlements in East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights.
The Israel Anti-Boycott act would punish any American who supported such measures.
However, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has argued that the bill would “impose civil and criminal punishment on individuals solely because of their political beliefs  about Israel and its policies”, in a letter sent to members of the Senate.
“In short, the bill would punish businesses and individuals solely based on their point of view,” it wrote. “Such a penalty is in direct violation of the First Amendment.”
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Between 2009-2016, Taxpayers Shelled Out $447 million to Pay Medical Bills for Almost Entirely Nonwhite Victims of Nonwhite Gun crime in Chicago

The 2nd Amendment was never intended to protect the right of nonwhites to "keep and bear arms."

A simple consultation of the Naturalization Act of 1790 will make quite clear who the founding fathers intended to be citizens of the United States and just whom the Bill of Rights protected. 

Which brings us to the dystopia of 2017 Chicago. Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicago tells the story of the black contribution to Chicago, but a shocking new study of the cost of almost exclusively black (and brown) gun violence in the city shows just why we need to revert back to the founding fathers original intentions of both citizenships and who was covered by the Bill of Rights. 
Realistically, outlaw nonwhites from private firearm ownership (as founding fathers intended) and make the punishment for nonwhites possessing an illegally obtained firearm life in jail or worse

Taxpayers (largely white taxpayers) shelled out "$447 million to treat some 12,000 documented victims of gun violence in the city [almost all black or brown people] between 2009 and mid-2016." [The bill for treating a gunshot wound: $21,000 for the first 35 minutes, Chicago Tribune, July 21, 2017]:

The charges started racking up the moment Annette Johnson arrived at Mount Sinai Hospital with a gunshot wound to her left forearm. 
Doctors sliced open Johnson's arm and installed a $500 metal plate to shore up her shattered ulna, securing it with numerous bone screws that cost $246 apiece. There were morphine drips to quell pain, tetanus shots to prevent infection, blood screens and anesthesia. 
For both Johnson and Leyva, just two of the thousands of gunshot victims in Chicago every year, the first hours and days of their hospital treatment were only the start of what would be costly recoveries that continue to this day. 
Still, the bills for their initial treatment were staggering. In his first 35 minutes at the hospital, Leyva had racked up $21,521 in charges, and by the time he was released three weeks later the bill totaled more than $157,000. For Johnson, who spent barely 24 hours at Mount Sinai, the hospital charges approached $27,000. 
An unprecedented analysis of state data by the Tribune reveals that the initial medical costs for treating Chicago gunshot victims like Johnson and Leyva add up to tens of millions of dollars each year. And those costs are rising. 
The data — obtained by the Tribune after months of negotiation with public officials — show that Chicago-area hospitals billed more than $447 million to treat some 12,000 documented victims of gun violence in the city between 2009 and mid-2016. 
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Her Name is Justine Damond: Why are there Somalians in America?

We have resettled 1.2 percent of the entire population of Somalia to the United States of America. 


To deliberately destroy social capital? 
Dead by diversity: a white immigrant killed by a Somali diversity hire in the Minneapolis Police Department...


To ask the question is to know the answer. [Somali immigrant cop Mohamed Noor, who shot Justine Damond, was 'highly celebrated' by Minneapolis mayor in 2015, Fox News, 7-18-17]:
The Somali-born Minnesota police officer alleged to have shot and killed an unarmed Australian woman on Saturday had been lauded by Minneapolis’ mayor and feted by the local community when he joined the force in 2015. 
“I want to take a moment to recognize Officer Mohamed Noor, the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department,” Mayor Betsy Hodges wrote in a Facebook post when Noor began serving the city. “Officer Noor has been assigned to the 5th Precinct, where his arrival has been highly celebrated, particularly by the Somali community in and around Karmel Mall.” 
In fact, The Washington Post reported that community threw a party for Noor – the first Somali-American officer to serve in the precinct. Minneapolis is home to one of the nation's largest Somali communities. 
“He came to the United States at a young age and is thankful to have had so many opportunities,” Thomas Plunkett, Noor’s attorney, said Monday. “…For him, being a police officer is a calling.”
Unarmed Australian white woman, Fox News. Fixed it for you. 

When I saw Blackhawk Down in theaters, my immediate reaction was, "we should have absolute nothing to do with that nation and do everything possible to keep Somalians from coming to the USA."

Those in control of not just our foreign policy but migration/immigration/resettlement policy decided they wanted to encourage 1.2 percent of the entire population of Somalia to come to America...

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In 28% Black Indianapolis, a Funeral Procession for Slain Black Female Interrupted by Black Gunman Leaving Three Blacks Wounded

Imagine living in a 28 percent black city, where almost all the violent crime is committed by this minority population group and yet the police dedicate taxpayer resources to "bridge the gap that often exists between young African-American men and law enforcement." [This IMPD sergeant spent a month undercover at a summer camp, Indy Star, July 11, 2017]

What ends up happening? 

Black gang members open fire on a funeral procession, shooting more than 20 rounds and injuring three people. [3 people, including alleged gang leader, shot during funeral procession for Jasmine Moore,, July 20, 2017]:
Police say three people were shot at a northeast side cemetery Thursday during a funeral procession for a recent murder victim. 
Police responded to the 4000 block of Millersville Road around 4 p.m. Thursday after at least 20 shots were fired. 
The shooting happened during the procession for Jasmine Moore, 28, who was killed last week in a shooting on the west side outside of Long’s Bakery. As the procession approached Southerland Park Cemetery, men in a white GMC or Chevrolet pickup truck opened fire. 
One of the victims has been identified as Richard Grundy III, the alleged leader of a local drug gang. He is Moore’s cousin.
Two women were also injured in the shooting. Police say one was shot in the head and the other was shot in the leg. All of the victims are expected to survive. 
Property damage was also reported to homes and at least four cars. 
“How dare you not respect his family?” Asked witness Jordan Easton. “Give them some peace and let them breathe. Respect them. Respect their privacy.” 

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Decline in Moral Values Costing Millennials Big By: Alex Newman

The decline in moral values among so many millennial Americans, especially as it relates to marriage and family, is costing them big time — not just spiritually and intellectually, but financially as well. And the consequences are becoming increasingly widespread. 

According to a new study produced by the Institute for Family Studies and the American Enterprise Institute, millennials are far more likely to prosper financially if they follow what the report calls the “success sequence.” That includes getting a high-school degree, working full time, and then getting married before having children. 

Unfortunately for millennials and America at large, a stunning 55% of millennial parents between the ages of 28 and 34 had a child prior to marriage — compared with just a fourth of baby boomers, and even less among older generations. And that explosion in child bearing before marriage is having major economic consequences. 

Consider that, according to the report by Wendy Wang and W. Bradford Wilcox, "the most financially successful young adults today continue to be those who put marriage before the baby carriage.” In all, 86% of millennials who got married before having children were among the middle or top third of financial earners. By contrast, barely more than half of those who had kids first, were that successful. 

“Even millennials from low-income families are more likely to flourish if they married before having children: 71% who married before having children made it into the middle or higher end of the income distribution by the time they are age 28-to-34,” notes a summary of the report posted on AEI's website. 

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ALT-RIGHT / ALT-LITE on the Chopping Block of Manufactured "Thought CRIM...

Gay activist says it’s time to target Christians: Time to ‘punish the wicked’

Gay activist says it’s time to target Christians: Time to ‘punish the wicked’

Tim Gill, tech millionaire and extremely liberal LGBTQ activist, spoke with Rolling Stone in a June interview, and called for the punishment of Christians who refuse to take part in same-sex weddings.
In the interview, the 63-year-old Colorado resident — who’s funneled over $400 million into pro-LGBT social reform causes over the last 20 years — claimed that it’s time to “punish the wicked,” in his opinion.
Gill set his sights on President Donald Trump’s election, and his perception of paradigm shift within the country as a result.
An excerpt from Rolling Stone read:
“The election of Donald Trump, who claims to support gay rights but stocked his administration with anti-LGBTQ extremists, has only emboldened those looking to erase the gains of the past decade. Gill refuses to go on the defense. ‘We’re going into the hardest states in the country,’ he says. ‘We’re going to punish the wicked.’”
Speaking with Rolling Stone’s Andy Kroll, Gill expressed his displeasure at the “religious right” who have made an issue out of same-sex marriage.
Despite referring to himself as “genetically Republican,” Gill said, “We have been fighting for [nondiscrimination] since the Sixties. It’s the religious right that decided to make marriage an issue. They worked tirelessly on it for decades and they lost.”
He was, of course, referring to the landmark 2015 Supreme Court ruling that same-sex marriage would be legal nationwide.
For Gill’s part, however, it seemed clear that the Supreme Court ruling wasn’t enough — he wanted to go hard at those persecuted for their own beliefs, such as those who wouldrefuse to bake cakes for same-sex weddings, or at churches who refused to officiate same-sex ceremonies.
During the interview, Gill maintained his position that he will do everything in his power and with his resources to further strike down the personal or religious opposition to same-sex unions until the day he dies.
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The Zeroth Amendment - Steve Sailer

A little-known survey revealed the single most decisive reason Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton: White Democrats have drifted into ideological extremism over not regulating immigration.
By way of background, a general problem in political science with using polls to track ideological trends over the years is that you want to keep asking the same questions to see how voters’ responses evolve. But that means that pollsters seldom ask about new beliefs that would have seemed bizarre even in the recent past.
In turn, pundits, lacking polling data to write about, don’t even mention historic developments, such as the rise of mainstream antiwhite American hate discourse over the past half decade. For most mainstream journalists to notice their own increasingly vicious racist attitudes would be like a fish noticing it is wet.
Because I have a better-than-average historical sense, I’ve been pointing out for the past few years that American elites are mindlessly floating toward an unspoken belief in the sacredness of what I call the Zeroth Amendment: that American citizens should get no say in who gets to move to America because huddled masses of non-Americans possess civil rights to immigrate, no questions asked. And this Zeroth Amendment overrides the obsolete First Amendment, so you aren’t allowed to question it.
Last December, Professor Eric Kaufmann of the London School of Economics had YouGov ask the kind of question that would have struck pollsters as absurd not long ago:
“A white American who identifies with her group and its history supports a proposal to reduce immigration. Her motivation is to maintain her group’s share of the population for cultural reasons. Is this person a) racist, b) racially self-interested, which is not racist, c) don’t know.”
These days, of course, “racist” means…hateful…intolerable…unthinkable. Calling someone “racist” is now approaching a blood libel. The word “racist” is increasingly a dog whistle for violence by masked blackshirts against anyone so demeaned.
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��YouTube Took Down My Video Exposing CNN - And You Won't Believe Why!��

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Strange Death of Europe: Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam REVIEWED by Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, June 30, 2017
A great people is committing suicide.
Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2017, 343 pp., $23.40.
This is an important book. Something remarkable has happened when a prominent British author and associate editor of The Spectator begins a volume with these words: “Europe is committing suicide.” On the first page, Douglas Murray explains that this is suicide by immigration and that “by the end of the lifespans of most people currently alive, Europe will not be Europe and the peoples of Europe will have lost the only place in the world we had to call home.” Few authors express so passionate a love Europe or such a keen sense of what could be lost. Perhaps none has so ably described the lies, cowardice, self-loathing, and lassitude that have set calamity in motion.
At the same time, this is a deeply dissatisfying book. Mr. Murray sees what is at stake; migration is as ruthless as war. And yet he cannot bring himself to recommend decisive action. He makes a few flaccid suggestions, but seems to think that oblivion is better than anything that could be called “extremism.” Once or twice, he hints that survival might require distasteful means, but he would never stoop to anything illiberal.
Most of this book describes how Europe’s “leaders” have, decade after decade, betrayed their people. Polls have always shown that ordinary people don’t want mass immigration. When the public gets angry enough, politicians promise to stop it. In 1993, for example, the French minister in charge of immigration, Charles Pasqua, vowed to make France a country of “zero immigration.” Mr. Murray suspects that Mr. Pasqua knew all along his promise was worthless.
During 2010, Angela Merkel of Germany, David Cameron of Britain, Nicolas Sarkozy of France, and former prime ministers John Howard of Australia and Jose Maria Asnar of Spain all declared that multiculturalism had failed. Mr. Murray thinks they were just lulling the voters, and had no intention of cutting immigration.
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