Friday, June 30, 2017

“Youth” Mob Violence Hits Church Pastored by SBC President Who Helped Facilitate Anti-Alt Right Resolution by James Edwards

Steve Gaines (see image below) is the 61st president of the Southern Baptist Convention and recently officiated their 2017 annual national meeting in Arizona. During the event, he pulled all the stops to get a resolution passed that condemns the Alt Right. After the resolution committee initially rejected it, he ordered an unscheduled vote. After an unprecedented fourth vote the resolution passed declaring that the Alt Right is a sinful ideology.
Steve Gaines is the senior pastor of the Bellevue Baptist “Mega-Church” in Memphis, Tennessee. Sunday night the church held a family friendly fireworks display for the community. The event was ruined by mob violence.
Local media says “youths” disrupted the event and engaged in mob fights. One person even pulled out a gun near the church property. Police made three arrests and church leaders say they are mortified.
Here’s a report from the NBC affiliate in Memphis:
MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) – What was supposed to be a family-friendly night of fireworks and fun outside a Memphis church turned scary for a lot of visitors. Witnesses said they had a great time at the Bellevue Baptist Church fireworks event, but things got out of hand near the parking lot.
Sonja Jackson was excited to go to the annual Bellevue Baptist Church fireworks display on Sunday. It was her first time attending and she, her child, and her cousins had a great time. “Just have fun, you know, family time,” Jackson said.
But along with the family fun, Jackson encountered chaos near the parking lot. “There’s was just like droves and droves of young people that showed up and they were just being disruptive, there were fights breaking out, they were running, like stampeding towards other fights,” Jackson said.
Memphis Police Department said they responded to two incidents. One of those incidents was on the church’s property where three youth were arrested for fighting. The other incident was near the church when a gun was pulled.
According to eyewitnesses, who posted about it on Facebook, the people fighting were all black males and females. They report that a total of three individual fights took place in the parking lot. They also report that it is not even the first time that black mob violence has occurred at this church.
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