Saturday, June 3, 2017

This is War! by Gavin McInnes

Someone got stabbed at my DePaul talk on Tuesday night and that’s not even the craziest part. The talk had already been canceled, but the protesters showed up anyway and demanded that everyone stand together to fight hate. It takes a particularly spoiled brat to keep bitching after he gets what he wants. They claimed that the Proud Boys and I stand “side-by-side” with Jeremy Christian, the nut who stabbed three people on an Oregon train last week. Christian is a Bernie Bro who voted for Jill Stein and wanted to kill everyone who voted for Trump, but because he praises free speech, we’re basically the same person.
The left’s version of the train stabbings is that a Nazi was trying to kill Muslims and three heroes stepped in to save the day. I don’t want to downplay their bravery, but it’s just as likely this ranting retard is like every other crazy person you see on public transit and could have been quietly ignored. Every day in New York City I walk by some screaming schizophrenic threatening to kill everyone in sight. Street smarts is mostly about knowing when to engage. In the case of Maksim Gelman, Joe Lozito was left with no choice but to take the man down. Gelman was a serial killer who was attacking people with a knife and had already killed four (he’s currently serving 200 years for his crimes). I’m inclined to see Christian as less of a threat. I actually spoke to someone who said he knew the man and he described Jeremy as a paranoid loser who thought everyone hated him. He told me about a party Christian was at where, after everyone decided to leave the party and go to a bar, Jeremy snuck back and broke into the house, assuming others were still in there having a party without him. He is yet another EDP (emotionally disturbed person) who uses random political dogma to try to make sense of a world beyond his control.
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