Friday, June 30, 2017

Memphis Commercial Appeal lets slip the Enormous Cost of Black Gun Violence in 65% Black Memphis to White Taxpayers Subsidizing the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center

The Memphis Commercial Appeal is doing a six-part series into violence in the 65% black city called "Wounded City: A Special Investigation of the Commercial Appeal Exploring Memphis' Gun Violence Problem."

Memphis, of course, doesn't have a gun violence problem, it has a black violence problem.

The study is quiet on the number of victims and the number of white people who were self-inflicted gunshot victims (no one cares about the white death happening nationwide)

As you know, we get an editorial from the Memphis Commercial Appeal, LOOKING AT MEMPHIS’ BROADENING EPIDEMIC OF GUN ASSAULTS, but this piece fails to note the racial group behind primarily every nonfatal and fatal shooting: blacks.

But what is incredible is the latest part of the series entitled, TRAUMA CARE: "YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE DEEP DOWN INSIDE THAT YOU CAN SAVE THEM"

The piece confirms not only are black people responsible for all of the gun violence in 65 percent black Memphis, but the extraordinary cost uninsured blacks who are victims of this black gun violence cost the tax payers of Shelby County.

At the hilariously named Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center in Memphis, 93 percent of the gunshot victims emergency room doctors and nurses see are black (obviously, white suicide attempts via gun shot are the unspoken remainder of much of the gunshot trauma victims, but no one wants to talk about white people killing themselves because so much of the mainstream media and academia promotes this idea as positive way to end white privilege),and the stunning cost of patching up these black victims of black gun violence is staggering:
As LaRhon Threalkill pulled himself by his elbows along the dining room floor, his legs dragging uselessly behind in a trail of blood, he sensed time was running out. “I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t move. I felt like this was it,’’ says Threalkill, shot seven times and left for dead during a 2015 robbery. 

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