Sunday, June 4, 2017

Angry Naked Feminists

Sometimes a picture says it all. Two days ago a band of angry feminists threw a protest rally in Buenos Aires. They were outraged at the violence against women, which they called genocidal.

To draw attention to their cause they disrobed on the square, screamed obscenities and formed a pile of bodies that symbolized all the victims of femicide. Of course, they were also drawing attention to their naked bodies, but why quibble.

Since we are oppose violence against women, we support this cause. We would humbly suggest that if women want to be respected for their minds they would do better to keep their clothes on. If they want their ideas to be taken seriously they would do better to develop a sense of shame.

You would have thought that feminism would have taught women to respect themselves enough not to expose themselves in the public square. Apparently, not.

At least, American feminists limited their exhibitionism to pussy hats.

A woman screams angrily as part of the protest against women being made victims of violence

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