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Science and the Suicide-Cult: The Irrationalism of Richard Dawkins by Tobias Langdon

The basis of science is the same as the basis of life: pattern-recognition. Even plants recognize patterns in the weather and the attacks of insects. The difference between scientists and trees, or scientists and sharks, is that scientists use reason and method, not instinct and other forms of biological automation.
Mathemodels of reality
Scientists try to identify and understand patterns in the world by creating patterns of their own: they perform experiments, they model and analyse data using mathematics, trying to create symbolic patterns that behave like real ones. Astronomy is the paradigm of this endeavour. There was sufficient regularity and permanence in the heavens for the ancients to predict lunar and solar eclipses. Ptolemy had an effective mathemodel of the solar system in the Second Century A.D.; Copernicus put forward a better one in 1543; Newtonrefined and expanded it in 1687. The power of Newton’s mathemodel was confirmed by the successful predictions it made: there were undiscovered planets out there. Neptune was mathematics before it became matter.
Stale pale male Charles Darwin
Biology proved much more difficult than astronomy and other branches of physics. The great pattern of evolution escaped the notice of Aristotle before Christ andLinnaeus long after, and when Darwin and Wallace recognized it in the nineteenth century, their description was linguistic, not mathematical. Their logic was good and their evidence substantial, but evolutionary biology didn’t become a proper science until it had a solid foundation of mathematics. Stale pale males like Ronald Fisher (1890–1962) and W.D. Hamilton (1936–2000) built mathemodels of biological systems that behaved like the real thing and made good predictions. Indeed, biology turned out to have a mathemodel of its own: the three-dimensional double helix of DNA carries a two-dimensional genetic code, which synthesizes proteins, evolves, and protects itself from error in ways that are illuminated by the human mathemodel of information theory.
Digital Dawkins
As Richard Dawkins puts it: “The essential difference between classical Darwinism (which we now understand could not have worked) and neo-Darwinism (which does) is that digital genetics has replaced analogue.” Dawkins will need no introduction. He’s much more famous than Fisher or Hamilton and a much better and clearer writer than his late rival, the Jewish Marxist Stephen Jay Gould (1941–2002). Dawkins’ line about Darwinism comes from the lecture “Science and Sensibility,” which is collected in a new book of his called Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist (Bantam Press 2017). I’ve enjoyed the book and it’s reminded me again both of what I admire about Dawkins and of what I deplore.

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'Clinton & ISIS funded by same money' - Assange interview w/John Pilger ...

“Youth” Mob Violence Hits Church Pastored by SBC President Who Helped Facilitate Anti-Alt Right Resolution by James Edwards

Steve Gaines (see image below) is the 61st president of the Southern Baptist Convention and recently officiated their 2017 annual national meeting in Arizona. During the event, he pulled all the stops to get a resolution passed that condemns the Alt Right. After the resolution committee initially rejected it, he ordered an unscheduled vote. After an unprecedented fourth vote the resolution passed declaring that the Alt Right is a sinful ideology.
Steve Gaines is the senior pastor of the Bellevue Baptist “Mega-Church” in Memphis, Tennessee. Sunday night the church held a family friendly fireworks display for the community. The event was ruined by mob violence.
Local media says “youths” disrupted the event and engaged in mob fights. One person even pulled out a gun near the church property. Police made three arrests and church leaders say they are mortified.
Here’s a report from the NBC affiliate in Memphis:
MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) – What was supposed to be a family-friendly night of fireworks and fun outside a Memphis church turned scary for a lot of visitors. Witnesses said they had a great time at the Bellevue Baptist Church fireworks event, but things got out of hand near the parking lot.
Sonja Jackson was excited to go to the annual Bellevue Baptist Church fireworks display on Sunday. It was her first time attending and she, her child, and her cousins had a great time. “Just have fun, you know, family time,” Jackson said.
But along with the family fun, Jackson encountered chaos near the parking lot. “There’s was just like droves and droves of young people that showed up and they were just being disruptive, there were fights breaking out, they were running, like stampeding towards other fights,” Jackson said.
Memphis Police Department said they responded to two incidents. One of those incidents was on the church’s property where three youth were arrested for fighting. The other incident was near the church when a gun was pulled.
According to eyewitnesses, who posted about it on Facebook, the people fighting were all black males and females. They report that a total of three individual fights took place in the parking lot. They also report that it is not even the first time that black mob violence has occurred at this church.
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Memphis Commercial Appeal lets slip the Enormous Cost of Black Gun Violence in 65% Black Memphis to White Taxpayers Subsidizing the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center

The Memphis Commercial Appeal is doing a six-part series into violence in the 65% black city called "Wounded City: A Special Investigation of the Commercial Appeal Exploring Memphis' Gun Violence Problem."

Memphis, of course, doesn't have a gun violence problem, it has a black violence problem.

The study is quiet on the number of victims and the number of white people who were self-inflicted gunshot victims (no one cares about the white death happening nationwide)

As you know, we get an editorial from the Memphis Commercial Appeal, LOOKING AT MEMPHIS’ BROADENING EPIDEMIC OF GUN ASSAULTS, but this piece fails to note the racial group behind primarily every nonfatal and fatal shooting: blacks.

But what is incredible is the latest part of the series entitled, TRAUMA CARE: "YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE DEEP DOWN INSIDE THAT YOU CAN SAVE THEM"

The piece confirms not only are black people responsible for all of the gun violence in 65 percent black Memphis, but the extraordinary cost uninsured blacks who are victims of this black gun violence cost the tax payers of Shelby County.

At the hilariously named Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center in Memphis, 93 percent of the gunshot victims emergency room doctors and nurses see are black (obviously, white suicide attempts via gun shot are the unspoken remainder of much of the gunshot trauma victims, but no one wants to talk about white people killing themselves because so much of the mainstream media and academia promotes this idea as positive way to end white privilege),and the stunning cost of patching up these black victims of black gun violence is staggering:
As LaRhon Threalkill pulled himself by his elbows along the dining room floor, his legs dragging uselessly behind in a trail of blood, he sensed time was running out. “I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t move. I felt like this was it,’’ says Threalkill, shot seven times and left for dead during a 2015 robbery. 

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Women Become More Promiscuous In Relationships, Men Become Less Promiscuous

A curious finding is buried in this tour de force article recapitulating the wealth of scientific evidence for the huge sex difference in willingness to have sex with a stranger.
Over the last few decades almost all research studies have found that men are much more eager for casual sex than women are (Oliver & Hyde, 1993; Petersen & Hyde, 2010). This is especially true when it comes to desires for short-term mating with many different sexual partners (Schmitt et al., 2003), and is even more true for wanting to have sex with complete and total strangers (Tappé et al., 2013).
In a classic social psychological experiment from the 1980s, Clark and Hatfield (1989) put the idea of there being sex differences in consenting to sex with strangers to a real life test. They had experimental confederates approach college students across various campuses and ask “I’ve been noticing you around campus, I find you to be very attractive, would you go to bed with me tonight?” Around 75 percent of men agreed to have sex with a complete stranger, whereas no women (0 percent) agreed to sex with a complete stranger. In terms of effect size, this is one of the largest sex differences ever discovered in psychological science (Hyde, 2005).
Twenty years later, Hald and Høgh-Olesen (2010) largely replicated these findings in Denmark, with 59 percent of single men and 0 percent of single women agreeing to a stranger’s proposition, “Would you go to bed with me?” Interestingly, they also asked participants who were already in relationships, finding 18 percent of men and 4 percent of women currently in a relationship responded positively to the request.
Did you catch the glint of that sparkly truthgem? On the question of having sex with a stranger, the percentage of men willing to do so dropped from 75% if they were single to 18% if they were already in relationships…..while the percentage of women willing to fuck a stranger rose from o% if they were single to 4% if they were in relationships.
Welly well, isn’t that interesting. Alpha fux, beta bux in existential play?

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Alma Mater Blotter - Steve Sailer

What’s the worst college in America in terms of taking in kids from rich families and turning out young adults who, despite all their privileges, still won’t earn very much?
By one way of counting, the biggest loser is Middlebury College in the Vermont ski country, site of the recent Charles Murray riot. The median parents of Middlebury students earned $219,600 per year (in 2015 dollars), while ten to twelve years after college, the children (as 32- to 34-year-olds in 2014) earned $61,800.
Granted, $61,800 isn’t bad, but it’s still $157,800 less than their parents were earning while they paid their tuition, which is a lot.
In contrast, the biggest income gainer among over 2,000 American undergraduate colleges is the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, where parents had a median income of $92,500 and their early-30s children average $123,600. That’s also the highest income of any college in the country. (But it should be remembered that St. Louis’ D. Pharm. degree is six years of study and one year of professional training, so it’s not exactly a fair comparison against typical undergraduate colleges.)
The highest-paid students from a general-purpose university are, unsurprisingly, those who attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who have a mean income in their early 30s of $98,500 (although the median MIT parents earn $141,000, so even MIT is a downward proposition in the short run).
Mean incomes are typically higher than median incomes due to small numbers of people with huge compensations skewing the mean. The highest mean income students are from Stanford, with $174,000. (Stanford parents earn a mean of $472,000.)
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1929-2017 Peter Berger, RIP

Remembering the man: scholar, husband, parent, colleague, and friend.
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Death wish progressives By Thomas Lifson

There is a strong element of self-loathing among progressives.  Of course, not all of them share this neurosis, but progressivism is built upon the fantasy of building a perfect society that will produce the perfected human, unmotivated by self-interest.  When perfection is your goal and criticizing everything about America is your modus operandi, it's hard to maintain a lot of self-esteem, unless you go fully delusional into self-worship (also a problem on the left, but probably in smaller numbers).  
How is this not self-loathing?  It is in fact collective self-loathing expanded to a death wish.  Medusa Magazine (hat tip: Gateway Pundit):
White women: it is time to do your part! Your white children reinforce the white supremacist society that benefits you. If you claim to be progressive, and yet willingly birth white children by your own choice, you are a hypocrite. White women should be encouraged to abort their white children, and to use their freed-up time and resources to assist women of color who have no other choice but to raise their children. Women of color are in need of financial and humanitarian resources. As this white supremacist society continues to imprison black fathers, women of color are forced to stand alone in their plight to raise the next generation of Americans. White women: instead of devoting your time and energy to white children who will reinforce the struggles of women of color, how about asking women of color in what ways you can assist them in their self-liberation? How about adopting children of color who have lost their parents to the destructive white supremacist society that you have enabled and encouraged?

Over 150 Million Words of Books Now Available Here

I’d think that the vast majority of all the serious writing ever produced exists in the form of books, yet currently there does not seem any fully satisfactory means of reading this huge accumulation of content material on the Internet.
Most of those books currently available are provided in PDF-type format, but this is inconvenient for sustained reading, especially on small-screen devices such as smartphones, and particular parts of PDFs also cannot easily be referenced elsewhere or shared. Meanwhile, closed-design Kindle-type books may not be externally linked, nor is their content generally visible to Google and other search engines. The pure HTML-type books found at Project Gutenberg and other websites either occupy inconveniently large webpages or must be split between numerous separate ones, representing chapters or sections.
Therefore, since the beginning of this year, I have been working on a project to produce a new software system aimed at avoiding these difficulties by presenting even very long books in the form of single HTML webpages, but with the individual chapters or sections hidden by default for reading convenience, but available for display at the click of a mouse. The underlying software technology represented an extension of what I had already developed for the website. As a consequence of my design architecture, the system is extremely fast and responsive, with even books running hundreds of thousands of words reaching your browser in just a second or two, and all subsequent operations usually being almost instantaneous. And unlike books displayed in PDF-type formats, the system should function quite well on smartphones and other mobile devices.
A few features still need to be added and my system is not yet ready for full release, but I’m making it available for initial testing and would welcome any comments or suggestions you might have at this time, obviously including problems or bugs that you notice. While developing the system, I also added over 150 million words of mostly copyright-expired books for development/testing purposes and so that people could get a good sense of the capabilities.
(1) The main bookpage is located at /book/ and the boxes near the top let you display a dynamically filtered “cloud” of the available books grouped to Author or various characteristics. For example, here are the available Authors filtered by the letter “L”
If you click on “Jack London”, you’ll get a list of 49 of his books:

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It Is the Presstitutes, Not Russia, Who Interfered in the US Presidential Election by PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

Unlike Oliver Stone, who knew how to interview Vladimir Putin, Megyn Kelly did not. Thus, she made a fool of herself, which is par for her course.
Now the entire Western media has joined Megyn in foolishness, or so it appears from a RT report. James O’Keefe has senior CNN producer John Bonifield on video telling O’Keefe that CNN’s anti-Russia reporting is purely for ratings: “It’s mostly bullshit right now. Like, we don’t have any big giant proof.” CNN’s Bonifield is reported to go on to say that “our CIA is doing shit all the time, we’re out there trying to manipulate governments.”
And, of course, the American people, the European peoples, and the US and European governments are being conditioned by the “Russia did it” storyline to distrust Russia and to accept whatever dangerous and irresponsible policy toward Russia that Washington comes up with next.
Is the anti-Russian propaganda driven by ratings as Bonifield is reported to claim, or are ratings the neoconservatives and military/security complex’s cover for media disinformation that increases tensions between the superpowers and prepares the ground for nuclear war?
RT acknowleges that the entire story could be just another piece of false news, which is all that the Western media is known for.
Nevertheless, what we do know is that the fake news reporting pertains to Russia’s alleged interference in the US presidential election. Allegedly, Trump was elected by Putin’s interference in the election. This claim is absurd, but if you are Megyn Kelly you lack the IQ to see that. Instead, presstitutes turn a nonsense story into a real story despite the absence of any evidence.
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How to Grow Fish in a Tank for Food

What would you say if I told you that the average suburban homeowner/renter can grow enough fish in the backyard to meet the protein needs of their family? Fish is one of the most nutritious forms of protein, assuming you raise the right fish under the right circumstances so today we’re going to talk about how to grow fish in tanks for food.
It takes much less space and resources to raise fish than it does to raise other farm animals such as cattle, so this is great for folks who don’t have the time or space to raise livestock. Growing fish in tanks is a great way to diversify your dietary choices and work toward food independence.
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The Inevitable Collapse of Feminist Societies | Black Pigeon Speaks

Douglas Murray: Immigration Will End Great Britain

Dealing with a malicious DMCA Claim - My Story

Homeschool is Booming, New Study Shows New data compiled by a Boston-based a public policy group reveals that homeschooling has gained in popularity and reach in recent decades. By Kerry McDonald

Homeschool is Booming, New Study Shows

report issued this week by The Pioneer Institute, a Boston-based a public policy think tank, sheds light on the rapid growth and diversity of the U.S. homeschooling population.
Co-authored by William Heuer and William Donovan, the comprehensive white paper explains that despite a paucity of support from government officials--and outright opposition by the nation's largest teachers’ union--homeschooling has gained in both popularity and reach over the past several decades.
According to the latest 2012 National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) data, there are over 1.8 million homeschoolers nationwide, representing 3.4 percent of the overall U.S. K-12 school-age population. More recent data place the number of homeschoolers at well over 2 million children, placing it on par with the number of children currently enrolled in U.S. public charter schools.
The report highlights that "there is no typical homeschooler or homeschooling family," as the "one size fits all" prototype of conventional public schools does not apply to homeschooling families who tailor their educational approach to the needs and values of their family and their children. The report states:
"Homeschooling is a viable alternative for the many students and their families who wish to opt out of traditional public schools. Regardless of a family’s rationale for homeschooling, the universal tenet of homeschoolers is the importance of parental choice and the conviction that parents are best equipped to make the educational decisions that affect their children."
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Pittsburgh is 64.8 percent white and 26 percent black... in 2015, 93 percent of known homicide suspects were nonwhite

Pittsburgh is 64.8 percent white and 26 percent black... in 2015, 93 percent of known homicide suspects were nonwhite (low clearance rate in the city for homicides, entirely due to the black population protecting black criminals).

Here's the simple truth: 85 percent of the city's 311 homicides between 2010 - 2015 had a black victim and 97 percent of the unsolved homicides (143) had a black victim. Judging by the racial data of known homicide offenders, it's quite clear close to 90 percent of homicides in the city of Pittsburgh are committed by blacks. 
Homicide suspects in the city 65 percent white city of Pittsburgh for 2015... 93 percent are nonwhite 

Why make this assertion? 

Because the City of Pittsburgh Department of Safety Annual Report actually breaks down violent crimes arrests by race, presenting the discernible individual with a picture of the racial reality of crime in the 64.8 percent white and 26 percent black city...

So here's the data for 2015, a year where police brass bragged about Black Lives Matter allied organizations holding conventions in the city:

  • 65 percent of those arrested for rape were black
  • 72 percent of those arrested for robbery were black
  • 70 percent of those arrested for aggravated assault were black
  • 54 percent of those arrested for burglary were black
  • 80 percent of those arrested for weapons offenses were black
  • Of known homicide offenders (33 of the 56 homicides had no suspect… a reminder of the black community’s propensity to participate in the practice of no snitching), 81.82 percent of those arrested were black

  • 65 percent of those arrested for rape were black
  • 80 percent of those arrested for robbery were black
  • 68 percent of those arrested for aggravated assault were black
  • 60 percent of those arrested for burglary were black
  • 83 percent of those arrested for weapons offenses were black
  • Of known homicide offenders (24 of the 71 homicides had no suspect… a reminder of the black community’s propensity to participate in the practice of no snitching), 83 percent of those arrested were black

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Sound and Silence Print Jean Sibelius and the symphony that never was by By Sudip Bose

Measure by Measure will return on July 6. In the meantime, here is a second look at Sudip Bose’s essay, from our Spring 2016 issue, on why Sibelius burned what may have turned out to be his magnum opus.

From 1904 until his death in 1957, the composer Jean Sibelius lived some 20 miles north of Helsinki, in a rural villa built of timber and stone on the shores of Lake Tuusula. He called the house Ainola, after his wife, Aino. Surrounded by fields and birch forests, it befitted the isolation of Sibelius’s later years, when Finland’s most revered musician became a withdrawn, reclusive figure. From about 1933 onward, he published no music of any significance, nothing but a few trifles and arrangements. Yet he continued to wage a turbulent artistic struggle with himself as he attempted, over the course of several years, to write his Eighth Symphony.
Sometime in the 1940s, the struggle was seemingly lost. One day, Sibelius carried a laundry basket filled with his manuscripts into the dining room at Ainola and began feeding the pages into the raging fire in the stove. Aino, who would recall the event after her husband’s death, could confirm the identity of only one of the pieces her husband burned—the early Karelia Suite—but it is now considered a certainty that the Eighth Symphony was destroyed as well. Afterward, a strange calm descended upon the composer. His mood lightened. He appeared strangely optimistic, no longer depressed, as if the fire had brought on some magnificent catharsis.
The gestation of the symphony may have been long and troubled, but Sibelius had, at various times, referred to his manuscript as “brilliant,” “a great work in the making,” a piece that would have been “the reckoning of [his] whole existence.” For so long, he had had but one desire: to finish the piece before drifting off “to the final silence.” Why, then, did Sibelius destroy such a highly anticipated and promising work? This remains one of the most perplexing questions in all of music history.

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Globalism calls for Clash of Civilizations but also Mash of Populations. And the Problem of Excessivism and Homoholics.

Globalism calls for Clash of Civilizations but also Mash of Populations. 

It's about forests at war with forests but trees being uprooted and moved all around. 

So, we have these Wars for Israel that pits the West against Middle East and North Africa. 
Western military invades and bombs those places. It's Western Forest attacking Muslim Forest in a strategy premised on Clash of Civilizations. 
But then, Muslim trees are uprooted and replanted in Western soil. Thus, Muslim trees are planted alongside the Native trees(that have been severed from their roots, therefore no longer able to draw sustenance and meaning from heritage and history). 
We are told that the forests must fight but the trees must get along together. 

Another Clash of Civilization is the ridiculous 'new cold war' with Russia. We are supposed to support NATO of US and EU against Big Bad Wolf of Russia. At the same time, US and EU urge all Russians of talent and ability to move to the West and settle in Germany, UK, and US. Or Israel. 

There is also growing Western intervention in black Africa for whatever reason: Terrorism, competition with China, neo-imperialist meddling. And we hear about how black Africa is 'less evolved' because it doesn't worship homos. So, that's another clash of civilization... but the EU actively promotes repopulating its nations with African 'migrant' invaders. 
The West must intervene in Africa because African Values have made a mess of things, BUT Africans with African values are most welcome in the West, and white folks must 'welcome' them. 

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What Do We Mean by “Biased Media?” by Chris Roberts,

It is on both the Right and the Left.
The title of the Washington Post story solemnly read: “Funeral, vigil for Muslim teen killed in attack near mosque draw throngs.
The article notes that the police believe the killing was a result of a road-rage argument, but that they have not ruled out the possibility of a hate crime. They haven’t ruled it out because during investigations, very little is ruled out. But there is no evidence to suggest itwas a hate crime.
Why was there a vigil and not just a funeral? Vigils are usually for victims of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, or freak accidents. Have you ever heard of a vigil for someone who was killed in a road rage incident?
Maybe there was a vigil because people thought the girl, Nabra Hassanen, was killed because she was Muslim, not because she cut someone off. Titles of news stories certainly suggested that:
Demonstrators gather for a candlelight vigil for Nabra Hassanen and other victims of hate crimes and state violence held at Federal Plaza in Chicago. (Credit Image: © Max Herman/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press)
Needless to say, if this murder was a product of road-rage, the facts that the victim was Muslim and near a Mosque are superfluous. It’s as though the media were trying to insinuate something they know to be false. The Washington Post piece titled “Killing of Muslim teen stirs questions about hate crime prosecutions,” even notes in the second paragraph that police believe it was not a hate crime. The article then adds that the girl’s family want a hate-crime investigation. That is the “questions about hate crime prosecutions” of the title: The family believes it was a hate crime, but has no evidence that it was.

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