Friday, May 5, 2017

You Are Here Elementary Students Being Indoctrinated in Minnesota’s Top School District by Daniel Lattier

As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, a large percentage of students in public schools today are being trained to view the world primarily through the lenses of race, class, and gender.
Another good example of this phenomenon came to my attention last week in Intellectual Takeout’s backyard.
Highlands Elementary is a K-5 school in Edina Public Schools district. Edina is one of the wealthiest cities in Minnesota, and its school district is considered by many to be the best in the state. Highlands itself has impressive standardized test results: over 85% of their students are proficient in reading and math.  
But in the past year, Highlands’ young students have also been subjected to a barrage of curricular offerings focused on race and social justice.  
Some examples:
The Kindergarten class at Highlands has been engaged for weeks on something called the “Melanin project”:  

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