Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Best Defense is a Good Offense - Steve Sailer

What if Charles Murray is right? What if some of the various racial gaps in cognitive performance are due to genetics? Would that be the end of the world?
It is considered appropriate to hyperventilate as if you believe so.
On the other hand, what if Murray is wrong and his best critic, James Flynn, is right? Would that validate traditional liberal approaches to bridging The Gap?
Vox recently ran a long article by three professors entitled “Charles Murray is once again peddling junk science about race and IQ.” It was full of bluster about how “There is currently no reason at all to think that any significant portion of the IQ differences among socially defined racial groups is genetic in origin.”
But if you read the long article closely, you’d have discovered that what it was really about was how Murray is right and the conventional wisdom is wrong on (at least) 80 percent of the scientific issues:
(1) Intelligence, as measured by IQ tests, is a meaningful construct that describes differences in cognitive ability among humans.
(2) Individual differences in intelligence are moderately heritable.
(3) Racial groups differ in their mean scores on IQ tests.
(4) Discoveries about genetic ancestry have validated commonly used racial groupings.
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