Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sperm Bank's "Perfect Donor" Is Mentally Ill...And He Fathered 36 Kids

According to the sperm bank, he was the “perfect donor.”
Known only by his handle, Donor 9623, he seemed like quite the biological catch. He appeared on the website of the Georgia-based firm Xytex Corp, where he was described as a healthy man who was pursuing a PhD in neuroscience engineering.
He had an IQ of 160, according to the website, and met or exceeded the firm’s strict physical and mental health standards.

Plot twist: it was all a lie.
This “genius donor” was actually a 39-year-old college dropout. Not only had he been arrested for burglary, psychiatrists had diagnosed him with a litany of mental health issues—bipolar, schizophrenia, and narcissistic personality disorder.
What’s even worse is that the sperm bank claimed that they didn’t have any of this information, but multiple families are alleging that the company in fact knew yet decided to turn their head. Chris Aggeles’ sperm was used not once, not twice, but in fact was used so often that he ended up having 36 children in 26 families.
Meet Angie Collins who is the mother of one of those children, a 6-year-old boy.
One day her morning started like any other day. She got up, made coffee, and checked her email only to find a message from a complete stranger. Another woman had used this man’s sperm to become pregnant.
However, what this woman had that Collins didn’t was the truth. Instantly Collins’ heart sunk as she read the horrendous truth: her son was about to have a lifetime of struggles before him.

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