Sunday, May 7, 2017

Open letter to President Trump from an American in Israel by David M. Weissman

Dear President Trump,
I am writing to request a meeting with you when you visit Israel.  I am a United States Army veteran who made the Jewish right of return with my family and have lived in the Holy Land for 4 years. I understand that you have met with Palestinian Authority President Abbas. I would like to discuss my concerns with you.
People fail to realize that the Israeli-Arab conflict has nothing to do with land, or the fact that Palestine never really existed. This is a holy war declared on the Jewish people in the Jewish homeland by Muslims and their stated mission is to erase Israel off the map. Hamas, Fatah, and many other radical Islamic groups are just like ISIS with their war on Christianity.  If you are able to squeeze in a few minutes of your busy time to meet with me, I would like to show you a small presentation why a two-state solution is dangerous for the Jewish people.
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