Thursday, May 11, 2017

In 50% Black/40% White Richmond, Virginia, 95% of known 2016 homicide suspects were Black

Somehow, this is the fault of Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia, where statues honoring brave Confederate soldiers stand tall, a reminder of time when egalitarianism wasn't the highest moral virtue of the land. 

Whereas in 2015, 97% of homicide suspects in In 50% Black/40% White Richmond, Virginia were black, 95 % of known homicide suspects in 2016 were black. That's a slight drop, but homicides were up significantly in the city and Richmond region.
Somehow Monument Avenue in Richmond is compelling blacks to kill each other...

Obviously, this is the fault of statues still standing to dead white males, be they Confederate soldiers or men such as Jefferson or Washington. [Regional killings soar past 100, reach highest level in decade, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2-18-17]:

Killings across the Richmond region soared in 2016 to the highest level in more than a decade, with African-Americans suffering the greatest loss of life at 81 percent of all victims. 
Homicides in the region’s four cities, three towns and 16 counties with a collective population of 1.26 million jumped 24 percent, from 98 in 2015 to 124 last year — the highest tally since 2005, when 132 killings occurred, according to a Richmond Times-Dispatch analysis of regional homicide data. 
The distressing loss of black lives continued at a disproportionately high pace in 2016, with 101 of the 124 victims, or 81.4 percent, identified as African-American. 
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