Thursday, May 11, 2017

Immigrant Charged With Killing Two Boston Doctors Sentenced To 364 Days, One Short Of Deportation by ERIC LIEBERMAN

An immigrant charged Monday with the grisly murder of two Boston doctors reportedly had years earlier burglarized the same bank on two separate occasions and received 364 in jail days as a result — a sentence just one day short of legally justifying his deportation.
Bampumim Teixeira’s ex-girlfriend told the Boston Globe that he was released from prison in April when the rest of his sentence was suspended after serving 9 months. She also says Teixeira, 30, was born in Guinea-Bissau and grew up in Cape Verde, a nearby island country off the west coast of Africa, before moving to Boston in his 20s.
The judge for the prior cases — believed to be Associate Justice Lisa Grant — sentenced Teixeira to 364 days following a pair of burglaries at the same bank in 2014 and 2016according to the Boston Herald. Massachusetts state lawmandates that burglary with a sentence of at least 1 year leads to deportation of an immigrant, or at least substantially increases chances of immigration status review. Jake Wark, the spokesman for Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that he is fairly certain that Judge Lisa Grant presided over Teixeira’s criminal case in 2016, but he did not specify which justice, an important distinction since there are two judgesnamed Lisa Grant in the Boston municipal court system.
Judge Lisa Ann Grant released a 32 year-old Uber driver during arraignment who was charged with raping a passenger in October, allowing him to leave without posting bail, according to Boston CBS. The suspect, Michael Vedrine, reportedly admitted to having sexual intercourse with the woman, but claims his accuser was “extremely drunk” and consented to the act.
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