Sunday, May 14, 2017

Eastward Expansion to Save the European Union by Peter S. Rieth

european union
To save itself, Western Europe must flood itself with the vitality of Eastern European culture. The alternative is that Western Europe will continue to wither away and die…
I have spent at least the last four years studying the question of European unity, both its practical status in terms of the dynamics of the European Union as well as its theoretical nature in terms of European history. Over the course of these four years, I have found myself in a most isolated political position. On issue after issue, I found myself agreeing with the most radical critics of the European Union—except on one issue: the dismantling of the EU. Is it possible to have a United Europe without subscribing to the modern litany of political correctness that dictates the content of the present European Union? Can we aim for a European Union that is classically European in the best sense of the term?
When the Polish conservative quarterly Right Option was kind enough to interview me in 2015, I made clear my position: I was and will remain opposed to dismantling the European Union, and insofar as I have a voice in the matter as a Polish citizen, I am opposed to Poland leaving the Union. Be that as it may, there were also men opposed to the fall of the Roman Republic. History, once set in motion by a combination of poor choices, must take its course. Ideas, particularly bad ones, do have consequences. The self-styled Euro-enthusiasts, who I have also persistently opposed, have proven themselves the modern archetype of Shelly’s famous poem. I can well imagine some European version of a pedestal placed in Brussels where these words appear:
My name is Schuman, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
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