Monday, May 8, 2017

Diversity and Inclusion as Mental Viruses to paralyze White Defense against Parasitism of Non-Whites

Diversity is like a virus, or Divirus. It’s a meme as parasitic ideorganism like hookworms, fleas, and lice that are difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of.

Diversity doesn’t really mean diversity itself is great. It just a parasitic mind-trick to fool rich successful nations into letting in outsiders.

After all, if diversity is so great in and of itself, people in diverse nations should stay put. Such nations exist all over the non-white world(and in regions where whites are a minority). Latin American nations are very diverse, most of them with white minority. Africa is diverse in terms of languages and tribes. North Africa is racially diverse and mixed. Turkey is diverse of ethnicity and languages and cultures. Central Asia is diverse, made up of whites, Asians, Muslims, Turks, etc. India is very diverse, and so is Indonesia. So, they have more diversity than much of the West. If diversity is so great, these people should stay put. They have the magical wonder of diversity all around them.
They should not try to go to US, Canada, Australia, Japan, or EU that are relatively less diverse. After all, we are told diversity is so great. Then, people should stay in their own diverse nations than head for less diverse nations of the West. Why head to horrible homogeneous nations or terrible LESS diverse nations?

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