Monday, May 8, 2017

David Schraub the Jewish Berkeley's Lawyer-Logic or Lawgic is truly atrocious... and laughable

Here is David Straub's unique specimen of legal logic on this site:

The article in The Tablet(a Jewish-centric & Zionist-nationalist news magazine) is proof that integrity counts for little in recruitment of legal scholars at elite universities. Or maybe there is a Judeo-centrism that allows lapses of logic for Jewish scholars that would otherwise be intolerable for other groups.

There was a time when logic such as this was reserved for vaudeville or comedy, a field dominated by Jewish wits. But Straub's Houdinian pretzel logical tricks are meant to be taken seriously. We aren't supposed to laugh. No matter what happens, Jews like Straub will twist, turn, stretch, or squeeze anything, Procrustes-like, to fit the Iron Narrative. Never mind all the transformations around the world since the end of WWII. Never mind what once was is no longer. For Straub, it's like Groundhog Day over and over and over like in the Bill Murray movie. Everything has to be reset(regardless of new developments) so that it's the same old PC song that plays over and over with the same tune and lyrics.

Just consider the pretzel logic of Straub in his loopy article:

"On March 1, I penned a column excoriating Donald Trump and other mainstream conservatives for suggesting attacks on Jewish sites—bomb threats, vandalism, and otherwise—were false flag attacks designed to discredit the right.Later that week, Juan Thompson—a former journalist for the left-wing outlet The Intercept—became the first man arrested for calling in some of these threats, allegedly in the hopes that he could blame his ex-girlfriend for the crime. Clearly, I lack the gift of timing."

Straub says he lacks the 'gift of timing'. No, he lacks the gift of honesty in assessing the world. If 'hate hoaxes' were exceedingly rare and if Neo-Nazis routinely ran around bashing Jews, Straub would have been justified to be upset with Trump's suspicions. But that's not the world we live in. Either Straub is wholly ignorant of the what's been happening OR willfully dishonest for the purpose of pushing a Narrative in the interests of his Tribe.

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