Monday, May 8, 2017

Church Organist Vandalized Church With ‘Heil Trump’ to ‘Mobilize’ People Against Trump by Ashley Rae Goldenberg

Another highly publicized hate crime has turned out to be a hoax.
After the 2016 presidential election, St. David’s Episcopal Church in Indiana was vandalized with a swastika, the phrase “HEIL TRUMP,” and, reportedly, “fag church.” In news reports, the vandalism immediately got added to the growing list of alleged hate crimes reportedly inspired by the election of President Trump.
However, it turns out the vandalism on the church wasn’t committed by a crazed Trump supporter at all.
WTHR reports the graffiti was spray-painted by the church’s organist as part of an effort to “mobilize a movement after being disappointed in and fearful of the outcome of the national election.”
According to court records, 26-year-old George Nathaniel Stang, an openly gay male, confessed to committing the vandalism to try to motivate people to oppose the Trump presidency.
Stang reported the graffiti after claiming he discovered it before Sunday services, but cell phone records placed him at the church on Saturday night.
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