Sunday, May 7, 2017

Brad Pitt Is in Therapy

Sob Story: Brad Pitt has six children with estranged wife Angelina Jolie

Ever on the lookout for glimpses into the hermetically sealed world of therapy, we chanced upon Brad Pitt’s interview in GQ. Actually, it was not entirely by chance. Jan Moir, in the Daily Mail, found this interview with Angelina Jolie’s ex, a man who, when his marriage collapsed, went scurrying off to therapy to heal his psychic wounds. Like all of us I am seriously indebted to Jan Moir. After all, she also wrote the definitive article about incipient French president Macron’s marriage to his mother.

Moir has seen through the piffle and to understand that Pitt has become a new Charlie McCarthy, a ventriloquist’s doll through which his therapist speaks. We note that Pitt really likes his therapist.

Moir summarizes the case of Brad Pitt and offer some of the blinding insights his therapist has provided:

You see, it’s not that Brad likes smoking pot and drinking too much that caused the end of his marriage. Well, actually it is — but apparently he only spliffs up and boozes on down because he grew up in Missouri where men were men, cowboys were cowboys and no one admitted to having feelings, even if they fell head-first off a bucking bronco or stubbed a toe on the front porch, no siree.

Clearly, this is what his new therapist has told him, along with the updates that he is an ‘emotional retard’ who is ‘running away from his feelings’; a man who ‘won the lottery’ but threw it all away; a fool who chased ‘hollow pursuits’ while self-medicating with ‘pacifiers’ — or cigarettes, as you and I call them.

Astonishing that Pitt is allowed to use the word “retard.” In other contexts such language would send you to the stocks, if not the gallows.

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