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To read full article,click: Alternative Right: A TALE OF TWO TERRORISMS:

 When Muslim leaders respond to terrorist attacks on their Christian subjects better than Western leaders do.

Despite the offbeat eccentricity of its leader, the Gaddafi regime played a vital role in maintaining peace and stability in the Mediterranean Basin. When, on a whim, the West decided to use its special forces and air power to oust Gaddafi as part of theArab Neocon Spring in 2011, it unleashed all sorts of problems.

The Manchester bomb attack was part of the blowback, but so was the much less reported terrorist attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt a few days later, which killed even more people, and also included many children.

While the first attack targeted young woman involved in a culture of degeneracy (check out Ariana Grande's slutty content, or rather don't bother), the second attack targeted people making a religious pilgrimage. I'll leave it to you to decide which one represented the greater tragedy. Also note the inefficacy of prayers in dealing with terrorism, as the second group of victims were already engaged in praying.

While the Manchester bomber’s Libyan connections are well-known, the attack on the Coptic Christians also had a Libyan connection, with ISIS using its camps in Libya and its network of Libyan refugees in Egypt to mount the attack.

So how did the two countries involved deal with roughly equivalent attacks by Islamic terrorists? Well, in the UK the government of Prime Minister Theresa May immediately went on the offensive. But oddly enough not against Muslim terrorists. Instead they directed their ire at the US government, as reported by the Evening Standard:
"UK Government ministers hit out at their US counterparts on Wednesday evening after the New York Times published crime scene photographs showing bloodstained fragments of Salman Abedi's bomb. The graphic pictures appeared a day after the bomber's name was briefed to the US media against the wishes of Greater Manchester Police, hours after Home Secretary Amber Rudd revealed she had told US authorities not to leak material about the atrocity."

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