Sunday, May 14, 2017

Afro-Colonization of White Wombs(ACOWW) has been facilitated by White Achievements and Power of Electricity and Electronica as Magnifiers and Amplifiers of Black Prowess

Many nationalists blame the rise of feminism as the main cause of West's downfall.

Feminism is a big problem, but it alone can't do much harm.
After all, prior to mass immigration, feminism was just a headache in Sweden, not an 'existential' matter.
But feminism or no feminism, the real danger is due to racial biological differences.

After all, the white underclass is hardly intellectual or into stuff like 'feminist' ideology. But we see more and more 'white trash' women breeding with black men than with white men... which only adds to white male depression and White Death, esp as white-have-nots have no leadership or protection from white elites. If anything, they are condemned for 'white privilege' more than the white elites are. White elites ameliorate the burden of 'white guilt' by fancy virtue-signaling. Look how far Tom Brokaw, Bill Clinton, and their ilk got by mixing privilege/success with self-serving displays of 'conscience'.

Even anti-white-ness may not be the main problem. After all, white women are not attracted to American Indians -- legit 'victims' of US history -- despite the Narrative that morally advantages Indians over whites.

The problem is electronica and Afro-funkery.

Paradoxically, the greatest achievement and strength of a people can end up serving the power of another people. It's like the roads built by Romans. They were meant to expand Roman power and domination. But in the end, it made the invasion of Rome much easier since the barbarians could use those very pathways to head to Rome and sack it. So, what the Romans built to ensure their domination over others facilitated the domination by others over Romans. It ended up being 'host' to invaders. It's like a dog's mobility is a great advantage, but it also enables the spread of parasites much more effectively. Dog's speed allow dogs to hunt and run from danger. But it also means dogs will run all around and spread fleas and ticks to other dogs and mammals. Dogs unwittingly serve as the hosts and carriers of the very creatures that feed on them. It's like the Alien creature in Ridley Scott's movie uses humans as host-carriers of their eggs.

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