Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Crash Course In Reactionary Geopolitics by MICHAEL PERILLOUX

There’s this idea that goes around in rightist circles occasionally that the United States should balkanize, because there’s too much cultural and racial diversity to fit in a democracy, and also that it’s obvious how American power is currently ruining the world. The idea is that if the U.S. broke up and retreated from its foreign entanglements, everything would ultimately end up better off, as the resultant nations would be more culturally homogeneous and able to focus on their internal affairs.
It’s easy enough to see why someone might think that; diversity actually is incompatible with democracy, and America’s foreign policy actually is ruining the world and ourselves, and a retreat and breakup might seem to offer immediate relief from those problems. So, it’s common enough to see this idea in discussions of the problem of America’s future.
But the balkanization meme, and many other visions for America’s geopolitical future, like going back to something more akin to isolationism, miss major facts about the state of the geopolitical game-board and are thus ultimately unrealistic and dangerous.
So, let’s go over five important basic facts that must inform a smarter approach to coming up with ideas for long-term geopolitical strategy:

1. America Has A Global Empire
The days have passed from when near-isolationism was a live possibility. Relative peace and prosperity in the West are secured by U.S. nuclear and military supremacy, the U.S.-dollar based financial and international trade system, the U.S. intelligence agencies, the U.S. elite education monopoly, U.S.-controlled “liberal democratic” system, and so on. These systems are broken and destructive, but they fill a vacuum and secure an empire.
If the empire were surrendered, there would be a period of geopolitical chaos as players jockey for new positions, falling material prosperity in the West would result in civil unrest, and ultimately, China and Russia would take advantage of the chaos to fill the vacuum and become our new world overlords. It would take a long time and possibly some big wars to get back to stability, and the outcome would probably be worse than what we have now.
For analogy, consider what happened after World War II when the British Empire collapsed. The third world wasn’t liberated; it was eaten up by the international empires of Moscow and Washington. Lots of genocide, dysgenics, civil war, and mass immigration resulted.
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