Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why Subaru Thinks Puppies are the Same as Babies By R. J. Moeller

Despite its perception as being the “progressive” car company alternative, Subaru’s latest television and online ads for its 2017 Impreza suggest the company has officially joined the ranks of businesses that are shamelessly willing to manipulate consumers by deploying puppies and babies in their advertisements:
While the ad might seem harmless at first glance, even touching, its underlying message is not. The ad equates having a child with rescuing a dog, interspersing scenes of new parents with their baby (such as the heartwarming and politically correct image of a mom returning to work in her Subaru while Dad stays home with the baby) with scenes of new pet owners having special moments with their puppy. It ends with the two couples pulling up alongside each other at a stop light; the dog and child look at each other knowingly, and the narrator intones that Subaru is the car for you “no matter what road you’re on. . .”
The ad reminded me of a provocative question that nationally-syndicated radio show host Dennis Prager often asks his audiences: If your family dog and a total (human) stranger were both drowning, and you only had time to save one or the other, which mammal would you choose?

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