Friday, April 28, 2017

The Obstacle to Honest Discussion of Diversity, Jews, Blacks, and Homos is the Cult of Sacramentalism. Also, the problem of the Millennial Bunghole Crisis

The obstacle to honest discussion of Race is Sacramentalism.

Whether a society is theocratic or ideocratic(defined by secular ideology), certain ideas, images, and/or icons are upheld as holy, sacred, divine, and/or untouchable.  It goes beyond factual value or utilitarian value. It is what makes the society feel justified, redemptive, inspired, uplifted, and/or righteous(and maybe better than other societies).

Sacramentalism has value insofar as it provides emotional or spiritual(or quasi-spiritual) meaning to the people of that culture. But it comes with a certain danger:  When something is held up as sacred or holy, it becomes taboo to say or do anything that offends the official sanctimony.  Now, if what is upheld as holy or sacred is the absolute truth, it may cause little or no harm to prevent views or actions that threaten to upset the officially sanctioned apple-cart.

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