Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Letter to a proggy critic of THE SEARCHERS(by John Ford)


Are you so-called 'lefties' capable of saying anything other than 'racism, racism, racism' about THE SEARCHERS? 

And I find this passage hilarious: 

"He wishes to kill his own family for inter-ethnic coupling. When Ethan speaks the wretched words he does, it is vital to remember that Wayne was saying on screen what a whole generation of fathers were saying in private about the idea of their precious white daughters going to school and perhaps one day dating African teens. The film’s literal Indian War is a deep analogue for the culture war that was going on at the time.... y understanding that Wayne’s Ethan is as psychotic and sexually-confused as De Niro’s Travis Bickle, it is possible to see the earlier film on a psycho-analytic level that otherwise escapes today’s viewers."  

You describe yourself as 'queer'. I find it funny that a guy whose idea of 'sex' is fecal penetration with other men would be making a fuss about OTHER people's psycho-sexual hangups. 

Maybe you haven't heard but sexuality is DARK. It is animal. It is about territory, pride, possession. It is not something so nice like a tea party. It isn't lovey dovey at its core, though there is a side to that. 

The reason you don't get THE SEARCHERS is because your 'lefty' types see everything through the idiotic prism of 'racism'. Also race-ism is Truth  insofar as different races and racial differences exist

But first, to get a better grasp of THE SEARCHERS, suppose we take out the racial element. The emotional dynamics would be more or less the same though, of course, the factor of race makes it more intense. It's like this: If a black guy kills a black woman, the family members of the slain black woman will feel vengeful toward black killer. They might even feel murderous. But the rage will even be more charged IF the killer is white. Then, it will be seen as white on black crime. Why was US so angry when Pearl Harbor happened. FDR was livid with joy since the anger at the yellow 'Japs' would get all Americans, even isolationists, worked up and willing to join the war. 

So, race makes it more intense, but sexual dynamics are pretty dark and brooding even without it. Take THE ODYSSEY. The hero comes back and kills all the suitors. He also kills the female servants of the house who sexually serviced the suitors. Odysseus is about manly pride. He has to reinstate his power. He kills other Greeks, but the rage isn't different from that of Ethan Edwards. Though the element of race makes it more charged in THE SEARCHERS, Ethan's blood thirst is driven by healthy manly pride and rage. Maybe you, being a queer, lack an understanding of such manly pride. Maybe you are used to other men sticking their dongs into your butt. Maybe you like to play bitch to the stronger Negro. Maybe, maybe not. But real men are like Ethan, a true hero on the Greek scale. And it's not just about race, race, race. 

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