Saturday, April 8, 2017

Blacks in St. Louis March Against Violence Again, But Still Find Time to Blame White People for Their Troubles

Bell Curve City: St. Louis, Ferguson, and the Unmentionable Racial Realities That Shape Them was one of my favorite books to write. 

The corrosive, civilization destroying consequences of Section 8 vouchers are truly on display in the St. Louis metropolitan region because of the state of Missouri's unique demographics: for the most part, it still resembles the traditional breakdown of the USA, with majority white population and a regrettable black population never repatriated back to Africa via the American Colonization Society. 

The consequences of our ancestors folly in failing to complete the mission of the American Colonization Society are catastrophic, sadly. Bell Curve City: St. Louis, Ferguson, and the Unmentionable Racial Realities That Shape Them outlines them in uncompromising detail. 

But spending any amount of time regretting the indecisive nature of our forefathers in fully staffing Liberia with every freed black from the United States of America is an unwise investment of our finite moments left on earth. 

What we must do is paint an accurate picture of what we have lost because of this failure of nerve to fulfill the destiny of our great Founding Fathers, who failed to delineate the racial nature of citizenship into the United States of America by a mere year (seek out the Naturalization Act of 1790 as a reference to who was worthy of the franchise). 

What have lost, you ask? 

The civilization our ancestors attempted to build for their posterity. [Hundreds march against violence and crime in St. Louis,, 3-25-17]:
Hundreds of people participated in a rally and march against violence and crime Saturday in North St. Louis. 
Organizer James Clark says Better Family Life, Inc. planned the event several months ago. However, he says a shooting that left a teenager dead and six others hurt Friday on the 5100 block of Palm Street underscores the reason they marched Saturday.

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