Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A FEARFUL WHITE LEFTIST’S BLACK NATIONALISM. Chris Hayes goes all in on Black Nationalism with “A Colony in a Nation.” By Daniel Greenfield

Black Nationalism is hot.
Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, in which publishing’s answer to Kanye West contended that the white firefighters of 9/11 were “not human”, won a National Book Award.  Ibram X. Kendi's Stamped from the Beginning, which indicted a post-racial society as racist, won the next one.
But the dirty little secret is that the target audience for these Black Nationalist tracts is as lily white as the MSNBC lineup.
So it’s no wonder that a brother from the MSNBC hood and The Nation barrio decided to get on board with the revolution. Chris Hayes, who is the same shade as Shaun King, takes his own Rachel Dolezal shot at monetizing Ferguson and writing a Black Nationalist tract with A Colony in a Nation.
A Colony in a Nation boasts an appropriate black and white color scheme. If you’re not very bright and want to understand Hayes’ thesis, “Colony” has a black background and “Nation” has a white one.
America is a nation for white people and a colony for black people. We’re an Apartheid state.
Except it’s not Hayes’ thesis. It’s just another case of white lefties stealing ideas from black people and then marketing them. Chris Hayes just dived into his closet, reached into a moldy pile of back issues and dug out Internal Colonialism. Now Hayes is presenting that old moldy idea as a provocative new thesis.
But that’s the Black Nationalist revival in a nutshell. Black Lives Matter’s totem is seventies terrorist Assata Shakur. Ibram X. Kendi’s model in Stamped is Angela Davis. The Black Nationalist revival is a laughably Black-ish effort by the Kanye Wests of a rising African-American middle class to compensate for their privileged lives with the radical tantrums of Black-ish Nationalism by privileged racists.
Black-ish Nationalism by college students is both racist and silly. But Coates still makes a much more convincing racial revolutionary than MSNBC’s less masculine version of Rachel Maddow.
Chris Hayes writes about black people without knowing anything about them. He approaches the black people he talks to with the awed enthusiasm of an anthropologist discovering a lost tribe in the Borneo. Worse still he’s clearly writing for an audience to whom black lives are equally exotic and obscure.
It’s awkward, racist and ignorant. He insists that in the white “Nation” the ”citizens call the police to protect them” but in the black “Colony, subjects flee the police, who offer the opposite of protection.”
That silly pompous rant would embarrass any decently ignorant Bard College sophomore.
Read More: http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/266482/fearful-white-leftists-black-nationalism-daniel-greenfield

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