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The Distribution of murders

The United States can really be divided up into three types of places. Places where there are no murders, places where there are a few murders, and places where murders are very common.
In 2014, the most recent year that a county level breakdown is available, 54% of counties (with 11% of the population) have no murders.  69% of counties have no more than one murder, and about 20% of the population. These counties account for only 4% of all murders in the country.
The worst 1% of counties have 19% of the population and 37% of the murders. The worst 5% of counties contain 47% of the population and account for 68% of murders. As shown in figure 2, over half of murders occurred in only 2% of counties.
Murders actually used to be even more concentrated.  From 1977 to 2000, on average 73 percent of counties in any give year had zero murders. Possibly, this change is a result of the opioid epidemic’s spread to more rural areas. But that question is beyond the scope of this study.  Lott’s book “More Guns, Less Crime” showed how dramatically counties within states vary dramatically with respect to murder and other violent crime rates.

Coming of age rituals, then and now

In many primitive cultures, tradition has dictated that young men, soon after reaching puberty, undergo various tests of courage and fortitude before they could be considered full-fledged adults.

Young boys of the Satere-Mawe tribe in the Brazilian Amazon mark their 13th birthdays by putting their hands into specially woven gloves containing hordes of fiercely stinging bullet ants. They must keep their hands in the glove for ten minutes at a time without crying out, and must undergo this 20 times over the course of several months.

In Vanuatu, young men must prove their manhood by jumping off a 98-foot tower with only two bungee-like vines attached to their ankles to break their fall. For the jump to be considered a success, their heads must actually touch the ground before they are yanked back by the vines.

The Masai of Kenya and Tanzania get circumcised at puberty, but must not flinch during the procedure, or they will bring shame upon their families.

In ancient Sparta, when a boy turned 18, he had to go into the countryside, armed with only a knife, and kill as many state-owned slaves (helots) as he could.

The Mandan Indian tribe of North America would pierce a young man's chest, shoulder, and back muscles with wooden splints, then lift him by ropes attached to those splints. Crying out during this ordeal was forbidden. After the young man lost consciousness, he would be lowered to the ground again, and subsequently had to present his left hand for his pinkie to be chopped off.

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Students despise Obama policies...when credited to Trump

Cassini spacecraft: The most stunning images from the ship's decade-long orbit around Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft is headed to its death in Saturn's atmosphere.
But first, it will do some more of the groundbreaking and important science work that it has been doing for the last decade it has spent flying around the planet.
That has included detecting the potential for life in our own solar system and shedding new and unprecedented light on our huge and often surprising neighbour.
Even in its last moments – which will come on 15 September – Cassini will be capturing information and images of the likes never before seen. And the mission will finish as it has gone before – concluding a decade-long project that has included some of the most stunning pictures of space ever taken.
Here's a small sample of some of those images.
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10 countries that threaten world peace more than North Korea

North Korea does not pose a critical threat to the world. But these countries have done and still very much do.

North Korea is often portrayed as a rogue state which endangers the region and according to some, the world. But North Korea has not engaged in a hot conflict since the ceasefire which ended the Korean War in 1953. There is little evidence that North Korea is actually as menacing as it often pretends to be, let alone as  menacing as others claim it is.

1. The United States 
Since 1998 alone, the United States has conducted unprovoked, illegal, aggressive attacks on the following countries:
–Iraq (again)
During this time, the US also funded and provoked an illegal coup in Ukraine.
If invading and overthrowing governments in countries that have not even attempted to invade the United States isn’t a danger to world peace, I do not know what is.
2. Ukraine
Since 2014, the Ukrainian regime has engaged in a genocidal war against ethnic and cultural Russians in Donbass. The war has not ceased and the Kiev regime constantly violates the Minsk II ceasefire agreement.
The war has seen the use of chemical weapons on civilian targets as well as the deprivation of food, medical supplies and electricity to Donbass.
The Republics of Donbass have never sought to attack Kiev, merely to defend their democratic republics against aggression that has not ceased since 2014.
This is an attempt at ethnic cleansing that the world should have condemned and put a stop to a long time ago.
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The Double Identity of an "Anti-Semitic" Commenter. Smearing a Progressive Website to Support Israel. By Lance Tapley

Like many other news websites, Common Dreams has been plagued by inflammatory anti-Semitic comments following its stories. But on Common Dreams these posts have been so frequent and intense they have driven away donors from a nonprofit dependent on reader generosity.
A Common Dreams investigation has discovered that more than a thousand of these damaging comments over the past two years were written with a deceptive purpose by a Jewish Harvard graduate in his thirties who was irritated by the website's discussion of issues involving Israel.
His intricate campaign, which he has admitted to Common Dreams, included posting comments by a screen name, "JewishProgressive," whose purpose was to draw attention to and denounce the anti-Semitic comments that he had written under many other screen names.
The deception was many-layered. At one point he had one of his characters charge that the anti-Semitic comments and the criticism of the anti-Semitic comments must be written by "internet trolls who have been known to impersonate anti-Semites in order to then double-back and accuse others of supporting anti-Semitism"--exactly what he was doing. (Trolls are posters who foment discord.)
The impersonation, this character wrote, must be part of an "elaborate Hasbara setup," referring to an Israeli international public-relations campaign. When Common Dreams finally confronted the man behind the deceptive posting, he denied that he himself was involved with Hasbara.
His posting on Common Dreams illustrates the susceptibility of website comment threads to massive manipulation. As another illustration, he even audaciously tricked the white-supremacist Vanguard News Network, posing as "DeShawn S. Williams," a "Pro-White/Black, anti-jew."

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No Place for Humanity: Our Free-Chosen Dystopia by Daniel McCarthy

By the time of Donald Trump’s inauguration, George Orwell was at the top of’s best-seller list.  Readers had developed a sudden passion for antitotalitarian literature, it seemed—not only for Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Fourbut for Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism as well.  And with the surge of interest in Orwell came a sales revival for other works of dystopian fiction, including Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We, and Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale.  A fad was born, though as fads go, this one may be healthier than most, if readers pay heed to the words before their eyes.
Dystopian literature is a moral genre, a critique not only of power but, in its most outstanding classics, of progressivism.  Without being conservative or right wing, it is often antileft.  This is so even though the early canonical authors of the genre—Zamyatin, Huxley, and Orwell—were men of the left themselves.  Who better to show the horror of how enlightened ideals and progressive politics go astray?
That, of course, is not what the anti-Trump book club is looking for.  The point of disappointed Democrats’ reaching for Nineteen Eighty-Four is that Orwellian totalitarianism has been reduced to a cliché; it’s now one of the very limited stock of concepts by which political disapproval can be expressed.  (Another is the argumentum ad Hitlerum, represented by the vogue for Arendt.)  If Donald Trump is powerful and morally objectionable, then he must be like Big Brother, or Hitler, or both.  History is only one story, that of good versus evil.  To be good is to be enlightened, liberal, progressive, on the side of science, the right side of history.
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The Obstacle to Honest Discussion of Diversity, Jews, Blacks, and Homos is the Cult of Sacramentalism. Also, the problem of the Millennial Bunghole Crisis

The obstacle to honest discussion of Race is Sacramentalism.

Whether a society is theocratic or ideocratic(defined by secular ideology), certain ideas, images, and/or icons are upheld as holy, sacred, divine, and/or untouchable.  It goes beyond factual value or utilitarian value. It is what makes the society feel justified, redemptive, inspired, uplifted, and/or righteous(and maybe better than other societies).

Sacramentalism has value insofar as it provides emotional or spiritual(or quasi-spiritual) meaning to the people of that culture. But it comes with a certain danger:  When something is held up as sacred or holy, it becomes taboo to say or do anything that offends the official sanctimony.  Now, if what is upheld as holy or sacred is the absolute truth, it may cause little or no harm to prevent views or actions that threaten to upset the officially sanctioned apple-cart.

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POLL: Americans Support Military-Industrial Complex Above All Else by Eric Zuesse

new Morning Consult/POLITICO survey, published on 26 April, indicates that most American voters support the military-industrial complex more than they support any other recipient of U.S. federal government spending. The military-industrial complex includes almost all federal contractors, the top ten of which, in the ranking of the “Top 100 Contractors of the U.S. federal government”, are all military suppliers: 1: Lockheed Martin. 2: Boeing. 3: General Dynamics. 4: Raytheon. 5: Northrop Grumman. 6: McKesson. 7: United Technologies. 8: L-3. 9: Bechtel. 10: BAE. Those ten firms would be the likeliest main beneficiaries from today’s America’s extremely pro-military-industrial-complex public, which is clearly revealed in this poll.
2,032 American voters were asked in the poll a list of objectives that might be so important as to justify “the government must shut down.” Only one single objective was close to being supported by an absolute majority of the respondents, so that the government’s going to shut-down would, in those respondents’ view, be justified for Congress to do in order to achieve that given objective, which was stated as: “Increase funding for defense and homeland security.” 47% of respondents (just shy of an absolute majority, which is 50+%) chose that goal as being so drastically important; 39% chose instead the answer, “NOT important enough to prompt a shutdown.” 14% chose “Don’t Know / No Opinion.” In other words: 47% were in support of any member of Congress who refused to vote to fund the government unless the proposed legislation to keep the government going would “Increase funding for defense and homeland security” (increase funding that’s going mainly to those ten firms). Increased spending on the military-industrial complex (which is incontestably the most corrupt portion of the U.S. federal government) is so extremely important to 47% of America’s voters, according to this poll. Those 47% are like a huge cheering section for those ten corporate stocks: they’re willing to shut down the federal government if the taxpayer-money going to those ten firms isn’t increased.
The second-highest-supported listed objective, “Continue to make cost-sharing payments to health insurance companies,” was supported by only 42% of respondents. Exactly the same percentage, 42%, chose “NOT important enough to prompt a shutdown.” So: only “Increase funding for defense and homeland security” was supported, in this poll, by more people than opposed it — and it was supported by 47% and opposed by only 39%; so, it was supported by 47/39, or 1.21 times as many respondents, as the number of respondents who opposed it. The proponents of increasing the military-industrial-complex don’t merely dominate; they clearly dominate.

The third-highest-supported objective, at 35%, was “Provide health care benefits to retired coal miners.” 44% said that that goal isn’t worth shutting down the government in order for it to be attained. I.e.: more think that those miners should be left to die than think that continuing to provide for their black-lung treatments (etc.) is essential.

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Bill Nye, Progressive Science, and the Threat of Nature by Alastair Roberts

The most telling feature of the whole show? Reproduction was never once mentioned.
Despite the many claims to be presenting the ‘science’ of sexuality and that opposing viewpoints had no basis whatsoever in science, at no point did the show mention the great elephant in the room. Apparently we can make sense of the human sexes, and human sexuality, gender, and sexual relations without once needing to make any reference to the reality of reproduction. The realm of sexuality is simply one of radical natural diversity, with no apparent natural cause, end, order, or purpose.
The omission of reproduction from the discussion of the realm of sexuality and gender is not accidental. Reproduction is the very last fact that a progressive-friendly show would want to admit; it is the spanner in the works of the progressive vision of sexuality. The fact of reproduction reveals that not all sexualities and identities are ambivalent or equivalent in their significance on the biological level. Men are overwhelmingly gynephiles (persons attracted to women) who are at home in their own bodies and who have predictable forms of gender expression for a reason, and that reason is a biologically rooted one. Human beings have sex for a reason and that reason is a biologically rooted one. Indeed, sexuality, gender expression and identity, sex, and gender all exist for reason and that reason is a biologically rooted one. Certain forms of sex have a significance that other forms of sex don’t have for a reason and, once again, that reason is a biologically rooted one.
As a fact, reproduction is essential to unlocking the scientific basis for all of these realities. However, it is a fact that causes deep problems for popular gender and sexuality theories, as it reveals that the realm of sexuality and gender isn’t one of mere ambivalent diversity, but that, at least on the biological level, there are certain orientations and bodies that are ‘natural’ in ways that others are not.
Within the context of the gender and sexuality debates, the word ‘natural’ is highly contested, of course. A central aim of the Nye episode was the argument that gender and sexuality diversity is ‘natural’ and that these things occur on a spectrum. The term ‘natural’ here is being used in a particular sense, as a reference to those things that occur in nature. Yet, this is a fairly weak way of using the term. By the same measure, the number of human digits is on a spectrum from zero to over thirty. It is not more ‘natural’ to have five digits on each hand and foot, just more common.
LGBT activists have long argued against arguments from the natural order, insisting that the fact that something is biologically natural doesn’t settle the question of what is good socially, or what free individuals should be permitted to do. Yet the very telling thing is people implicitly acknowledge the moral force that nature has in the arena of sexuality when, even while opposing conservative appeals to nature, they invert the argument.
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More Hysterics on Campus - Steve Sailer

Lately, American higher education is notoriously prone to tantrums. Two more academic meltdowns last week raise connected questions:
First, are scholars allowed to suggest any explanation for racial disparities other than that White People Are Bad?
Second, if they can’t say anything heretical or interesting, do we really need white scholars anymore, or can they be replaced by Professors of Color?
The American Historical Review, perhaps the top academic journal in its field, got itself in all sorts of trouble for assigning the review of an academic book about the failure of school desegregation in Nashville to a historian who actually has thought long and hard about the subject of why busing hasn’t worked as hoped anywhere or anytime. Raymond Wolters has been a professor of history at the U. of Delaware for the past 52 years. But that means he can actually remember the past—a dangerous capability, as Orwell noted in 1984.
Meanwhile, Pomona College’s hiring of the crown princess of sociology, Alice Goffman, author of On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City, the celebrated 2014 denunciation of the mass incarceration of muscular, sexy black males, was slammed by 128 People of Color claiming affiliation with Pomona. Why? Because Goffman is not black:
This hire does not enhance a culture of inquiry and understanding on campus as we navigate a tumultuous time in our nation’s history; on the contrary, it boasts the framework [sic] that white women can theorize about and profit from Black lives while giving no room for Black academics to claim scholarship regarding their own lived experiences.
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The Irony of Jewish Moral Outrage and the Axis of Jewish Neurosis

It's all very ironic. 

Zionists make so much noise about Iran(and North Korea) having the Bomb. They say everything must be done to stop Iran getting nukes. An EVIL REGIME or ROGUE NATION like Iran doesn't deserve to have the Bomb. 

Well, the ironies...

1. Due to the continuing Occupation of West Bank(and building of new settlements with full approval of the US), much of the world sees Israel as the Rogue Nation. Israel has nukes, lots of them. And if any nation has been acting 'rogue' around the world, it is the US, usually at the behest of Zionists and globalists. It's amusing that the US should accuse Syria of torture and human rights violations. Yes, Syrian government has carried out torture, but the US did Abu Gharib. US also used extensive torture in the 'war on terror'. And Israeli torture of Palestinians has long been documented even though Israel insists the practice has been ended.

2. Jews have often said that Apartheid South Africa was the worst nation in the world since end of WWII, but Jews overlook the inconvenient fact that its main ally was Israel(which currently enforces apartheid policies in West Bank). Also, Israel supplied South African with Atom Bomb Technology. Imagine that. Jews, who say rogue nation Iran must NOT have the Bomb, once looked the other way while Israel was funneling nuke secrets to South Africa. 

3. The most closely guarded secret in the early part of the Cold War was the Bomb. In the beginning, the US was the ONLY nuclear power. Stalin desperately sought the Bomb, and he finally got it through a pro-Soviet network with lots of radical Jews. Among the key players were Julius Rosenberg and Morton Sobell. So, Josef Stalin, one of the biggest killers and tyrants of the 20th century, got the Bomb thanks to certain key Jewish figures.

When the extent of radical Jewish involvement in Soviet espionage became undeniable, the Jews in the media and academia went into hyper-drive and put the anti-communists on the defensive by framing the Cold War in terms of 'Red Scare', 'right-wing fear-mongering', 'paranoid style of American politics', and etc. That way, the attention was diverted from the fact of REAL JEWISH INVOLVEMENT in espionage and passing of nuclear secrets to the USSR. Liberal and even Conservative Jews closed ranks with leftist Jews who had betrayed the US and aided/abetted a mass killer and tyrant(whose empire stretched over all of Eastern Europe) in the worst possible way.

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Populism, VIII: The unlikeliest populist by Victor Davis Hanson

Image result for Populism, VIII: The unlikeliest populist by Victor Davis Hanson
On Donald Trump and the mantle of a growing movement.

Leftists deride the “bad” populism of angry and misdirected grievances lodged clumsily against educated and enlightened “elites,” often by the unsophisticated and the undereducated. Bad populism is fueled by ethnic, religious, or racial chauvinism, and typified by a purportedly “dark” tradition from Huey Long and Father Coughlin to George Wallace and Ross Perot.
Such retrograde populism to the liberal mind is to be contrasted with a “good” progressive populism of early-twentieth-century and liberal Minnesota or Wisconsin—solidarity through unions, redistributionist taxes, cooperatives, granges, and credit unions to protect against banks and corporations—now kept alive by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Good leftwing populism rails against supposedly culpable elites—those of the corporate world and moneyed interests—but not well-heeled intellectuals, liberal politicians, and the philanthropic class of George Soros, Bill Gates, or Warren Buffett, who make amends for their financial situations by redistributing their millions to the right causes.
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Silence, Movie Review by James Bowman

Not many years since, it would have seemed impossible for an American director with a popular following and a career filled with golden opinions from practically the whole critical fraternity to offer up to an admiring public an apologia on behalf of Japanese torturers and murderers of Christians, both foreign and domestic, even if both torturers and tortured lived almost 400 years ago. I suppose we have to thank multi-culturalism which, among its many other blessings, has taught us that there is virtually no behavior by people racially or religiously different from white, middle-class Americans or Europeans that cannot be excused on the grounds of cultural differences.
For the centuries do not matter. Our own ancestors who were the contemporaries of the Japanese persecutors and who bought and sold slaves can be and are condemned in the roundest terms, their sins being visited upon their descendants even to the ultimate generation. Likewise, the Spanish Inquisition remains a reproach to the Church half a millennium on, whereas the Japanese, who hadn’t even the excuse for their cruelty of being colonized by the West, are off the hook — at least so far as Mr Martin Scorsese is concerned. His Inquisitor, as he calls him (Issei Ogata) comes across as rather a sympathetic and even amusing character as he stands up for Japanese resistance to the alien creed.
The film is called Silence, and it begins with what I suppose is meant to be silence’s visual equivalent: a dark screen. But crickets on the soundtrack break the silence. It soon becomes evident that the real silence he has in mind is the silence of God in response to the cries of anguish from the tortured followers of Jesus, said to be His Son. The odd thing is that Jesus is not silent in this film. At a crucial moment (spoiler alert!), when a Portuguese Jesuit priest named Sebastião Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield) is invited to put his foot on a holy image of Christ in order to save five Japanese Christians from a slow horrible death —hanging upside down in sacks and exsanguinated drop by drop — we are asked to believe that Father Rodrigues hears the voice of Jesus saying, "Go ahead. Step on me."

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Letter to a proggy critic of THE SEARCHERS(by John Ford)

Are you so-called 'lefties' capable of saying anything other than 'racism, racism, racism' about THE SEARCHERS? 

And I find this passage hilarious: 

"He wishes to kill his own family for inter-ethnic coupling. When Ethan speaks the wretched words he does, it is vital to remember that Wayne was saying on screen what a whole generation of fathers were saying in private about the idea of their precious white daughters going to school and perhaps one day dating African teens. The film’s literal Indian War is a deep analogue for the culture war that was going on at the time.... y understanding that Wayne’s Ethan is as psychotic and sexually-confused as De Niro’s Travis Bickle, it is possible to see the earlier film on a psycho-analytic level that otherwise escapes today’s viewers."  

You describe yourself as 'queer'. I find it funny that a guy whose idea of 'sex' is fecal penetration with other men would be making a fuss about OTHER people's psycho-sexual hangups. 

Maybe you haven't heard but sexuality is DARK. It is animal. It is about territory, pride, possession. It is not something so nice like a tea party. It isn't lovey dovey at its core, though there is a side to that. 

The reason you don't get THE SEARCHERS is because your 'lefty' types see everything through the idiotic prism of 'racism'. Also race-ism is Truth  insofar as different races and racial differences exist

But first, to get a better grasp of THE SEARCHERS, suppose we take out the racial element. The emotional dynamics would be more or less the same though, of course, the factor of race makes it more intense. It's like this: If a black guy kills a black woman, the family members of the slain black woman will feel vengeful toward black killer. They might even feel murderous. But the rage will even be more charged IF the killer is white. Then, it will be seen as white on black crime. Why was US so angry when Pearl Harbor happened. FDR was livid with joy since the anger at the yellow 'Japs' would get all Americans, even isolationists, worked up and willing to join the war. 

So, race makes it more intense, but sexual dynamics are pretty dark and brooding even without it. Take THE ODYSSEY. The hero comes back and kills all the suitors. He also kills the female servants of the house who sexually serviced the suitors. Odysseus is about manly pride. He has to reinstate his power. He kills other Greeks, but the rage isn't different from that of Ethan Edwards. Though the element of race makes it more charged in THE SEARCHERS, Ethan's blood thirst is driven by healthy manly pride and rage. Maybe you, being a queer, lack an understanding of such manly pride. Maybe you are used to other men sticking their dongs into your butt. Maybe you like to play bitch to the stronger Negro. Maybe, maybe not. But real men are like Ethan, a true hero on the Greek scale. And it's not just about race, race, race. 

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A FEARFUL WHITE LEFTIST’S BLACK NATIONALISM. Chris Hayes goes all in on Black Nationalism with “A Colony in a Nation.” By Daniel Greenfield

Black Nationalism is hot.
Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, in which publishing’s answer to Kanye West contended that the white firefighters of 9/11 were “not human”, won a National Book Award.  Ibram X. Kendi's Stamped from the Beginning, which indicted a post-racial society as racist, won the next one.
But the dirty little secret is that the target audience for these Black Nationalist tracts is as lily white as the MSNBC lineup.
So it’s no wonder that a brother from the MSNBC hood and The Nation barrio decided to get on board with the revolution. Chris Hayes, who is the same shade as Shaun King, takes his own Rachel Dolezal shot at monetizing Ferguson and writing a Black Nationalist tract with A Colony in a Nation.
A Colony in a Nation boasts an appropriate black and white color scheme. If you’re not very bright and want to understand Hayes’ thesis, “Colony” has a black background and “Nation” has a white one.
America is a nation for white people and a colony for black people. We’re an Apartheid state.
Except it’s not Hayes’ thesis. It’s just another case of white lefties stealing ideas from black people and then marketing them. Chris Hayes just dived into his closet, reached into a moldy pile of back issues and dug out Internal Colonialism. Now Hayes is presenting that old moldy idea as a provocative new thesis.
But that’s the Black Nationalist revival in a nutshell. Black Lives Matter’s totem is seventies terrorist Assata Shakur. Ibram X. Kendi’s model in Stamped is Angela Davis. The Black Nationalist revival is a laughably Black-ish effort by the Kanye Wests of a rising African-American middle class to compensate for their privileged lives with the radical tantrums of Black-ish Nationalism by privileged racists.
Black-ish Nationalism by college students is both racist and silly. But Coates still makes a much more convincing racial revolutionary than MSNBC’s less masculine version of Rachel Maddow.
Chris Hayes writes about black people without knowing anything about them. He approaches the black people he talks to with the awed enthusiasm of an anthropologist discovering a lost tribe in the Borneo. Worse still he’s clearly writing for an audience to whom black lives are equally exotic and obscure.
It’s awkward, racist and ignorant. He insists that in the white “Nation” the ”citizens call the police to protect them” but in the black “Colony, subjects flee the police, who offer the opposite of protection.”
That silly pompous rant would embarrass any decently ignorant Bard College sophomore.
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Get Up, Stand Up All who cherish free expression, especially on campuses, must combat the growing zeal for censorship. By Heather Mac Donald

Where are the faculty? American college students are increasingly resorting to brute force, and sometimes criminal violence, to shut down ideas they don’t like. Yet when such travesties occur, the faculty are, with few exceptions, missing in action, though they have themselves been given the extraordinary privilege of tenure to protect their own liberty of thought and speech. It is time for them to take their heads out of the sand.
I was the target of such silencing tactics two days in a row last week, the more serious incident at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California, and a less virulent one at UCLA.
The Rose Institute for State and Local Government at Claremont McKenna had invited me to meet with students and to give a talk about my book, The War on Cops, on April 6. Several calls went out on Facebook to “shut down” this “notorious white supremacist fascist Heather Mac Donald.” A Facebook post from “we, students of color at the Claremont Colleges” announced grandiosely that “as a community, we CANNOT and WILL NOT allow fascism to have a platform. We stand against all forms of oppression and we refuse to have Mac Donald speak.” A Facebook event titled “Shut Down Anti-Black Fascist Heather Mac Donald” and hosted by “Shut Down Anti-Black Fascists” encouraged students to protest the event because Mac Donald “condemns [the] Black Lives Matter movement,” “supports racist police officers,” and “supports increasing fascist ‘law and order.’” (My supposed fascism consists in trying to give voice to the thousands of law-abiding minority residents of high-crime areas who support the police and are desperate for more law-enforcement protection.)
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Consensus and Crisis

In popular forms of government, politics tends to coalesce around a set of issues that are debated in the public and in front of the public. There’s a framework within which these topics are debated and the political factions represent the positions on those topics. This framework is the consensus. A range of answers has been deemed acceptable and anything the lies outside that range is considered fringe or heretical. This is the natural response to the challenges faced by democratic political systems.
In the West, the political parties tended to coalesce around economic schools, like communists, various flavors of socialism and flavors of market socialism. These were in the range of the political consensus. Libertarianism has always been fringe in Europe and in America, communism was always a fringe position. The result is the main points of contention in political fights were over economic policy. So much so that social policy and foreign policy have often been framed in economic terms.
Globalism, which the political elites have long saw as a way to sew up political divides, not just within countries, but between countries, has actually fractured the political consensus in the West. Once the factions within the elite settled on an agreed upon economic policy, they needed something else to decorate their respective flags in order to distinguish one faction from the other. After all, if everyone in the political class agrees on the main topics, there’s no need for parties. Politics becomes a beauty pageant.


Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, who many have speculated was behind stand down orders to police during recent riots in the city, is a member of the Facebook group of far left militant organization, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

BAMN was named by the FBI in 2005 as thought to be involved in domestic terrorist activities, and have boasted that they  were the “organizers of Berkeley’s shutdown of white neo-fascist Milo Yiannopoulos.” 
BAMN is perhaps best known, however, for a 2016 incident in which they showed up to a rally held by the white-nationalist Traditionalist Workers Party outside the California state capitol building in Sacramento. The militant group was confrontational with the white-nationalists within minutes of arrival, and ten people were stabbed and hospitalized in a bloody fight. Police have verified through videos taken by members of the group, news organizations, and bystanders, that BAMN initiated the violence.
Falarco was caught on camera at the event repeatedly punching a man in the stomach and throwing him to the ground.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Argentina: A Mirror of Your Future by Gustavo Semeria

How demographic change can destroy a country.
Argentina is a distant mirror that reflects what may be North America’s future. My country is a small-scale laboratory of the effects of migration: A suitable migration policy can transform a nation for the good; a wrong one spoils it.
Argentina became independent from Spain in 1816 just after Napoleos occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. After a period of struggle between caudillos, the country was unified with a constitution inspired, in part, by that of the United States. A generation of brilliant thinkers led by Juan Bautista Alberdi and Domingo Faustino Sarmiento saw European immigration as the key to modernity, and this was enshrined in Article 25: “The Federal Government will encourage European immigration; and may not restrict, limit nor tax in any way the entrance into Argentine territory of those foreigners, who have the purpose of working the land, improving industries, and introducing and teaching sciences and arts.”
To this end, President Nicolás Avellaneda (1837 – 1885) pressed for the Colonization and Immigration Law of 1876, which established immigrant recruiting agencies in the main cities of Europe. Qualified emigrants were offered third-class tickets on the steamships that ran from Genoa, Marseilles, and Naples to Buenos Aires. Newcomers were welcomed at the Hotel de Inmigrantes, and assigned jobs in the city or on farms in the interior. The architects of the “Great Immigration” made mistakes—little land was made available to newcomers, and many of them ended up in bad housing in the cities—but between 1880 and 1914 Argentina received more than six million Europeans, most of them from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Britain. In that very short period, Argentina went from being a colonial backwater to a First-World nation.
President Domingo Sarmiento (1811 – 1888), the seventh president of Argentina, was a personal friend of Ralph Waldo Emerson and of Horace Mann’s wife. Known as the Horace Mann of South America, he reduced illiteracy to a rate lower than in some European countries; by 1947, illiteracy in Argentina was only 13 percent. With Mrs. Mann’s help, Sarmiento imported the “65 Valliants,” a group of young women teachers from Boston who were willing to teach in the then far desert of South America. We Argentines will always be grateful to them for their pioneering efforts.
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Why We FIGHT: Deception, Theatre & LIES

Hogwash 101 - Steve Sailer

American academia markets itself as progressive if not downright radical. For example, here’s a self-description by an assistant professor of Critical Identity Studies at Beloit College:
She intervenes in popular visual media like reality television to interrogate how time moves and for whom to catalog desire and identification as taxonomy and type. Her preferred gender pronouns are she/her.
Since the downfall of the Gestapo, nobody has treasured the verb “interrogate” as much as postmodern academics.
The Hitlerian vocabulary of Studies professors suggests that although we hear so much about the dangers of the “alt-right,” we ought to learn more about the “ctrl-left.”
The counterpart to all this policing of others’ expressions for the crime of offending one’s amour propre is self-obsession. The deadpan Twitter account New Real Peer Review passes on screenshots of actual published academic articles. A particularly comic genre is “autoethnography,” in which “researchers” tell their readers (if any) how they feel about things, such as:
Kari Lerum
This is an autoethnography about the role of nail salons in relation to my own evolving feminist and femme consciousness. Through a story of desire, grief, isolation, and recuperation, I explore the ways that the development of my sexual and gender identities relies on women’s intimacy within and across lines of commodification, race, class, and sexuality. In so doing, I attempt to reconcile my desire for high femme signifiers with working-class, anti-racist, and anti-colonialist solidarity, to articulate what I term a FemmeNist consciousness.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hate crime hoax: Man poses as racist, mails threatening letters to community

An African American man pled guilty to posing as a white supremacist and "mailing threatening communications" to other minority residents in Knoxville, according to authorities on Thursday.
Justin Lamar Coleman was charged with mailing six hostile letters describing violent and disturbing acts to local African Americans from last July through December.
Under the guise of Jeff McCown, a Knox County auto shop owner whom he had an altercation with years earlier, Coleman targeted the daughter of Daryl Arnold, a senior pastor at Overcoming Believers Church. The letter included threats of rape and murder, as well as violence against her father.
Authorities also found an unsent letter addressed to Pastor Arnold, according to U.S. District Court records.

Rebels Promised To Bomb Buses Evacuating Shi'ite Civilians

Why Handel’s “Messiah” Has Been Forgotten at Eastertime by Annie Holmquist


The other day, I heard an announcer on a local classical radio station gently chide his listeners, saying, “It’s almost Easter, and I haven’t had one request from our audience for selections from Handel’s Messiah!”
For those who think of the Messiah as a Christmas tradition, this announcer’s request seems a bit odd. But historically speaking, he’s right on track. The Messiah was originally intended for Passion Week—the time in which Christians remember the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ—and was first performed shortly after Easter in 1742. Indeed, a much larger portion of the Messiah text focuses on Christ’s death and resurrection than his birth.
In Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas, author Ace Collins further describes Messiah’s Easter connections:
By 1900, the Messiah was so closely linked to Easter that people began to expect to hear the oratorio each year. A performance of the Messiah was the surest way to fill up a church or a concert hall. In small English towns, as well as in large cities, the annual presentation of Handel’s work brought out throngs of people. It had become such a tradition that many could not imagine Easter without Handel’s Messiah.…
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Admittedly, it is not that often that a subpar Zionistic Hollywood movie inspires me to read a 400-page book co-written by two less than literally gifted small town journalists, but such is certainly the case with the largely forgotten shit flick Betrayed (1988) directed by Greek-French auteur Costa-Gavras (ZHanna K.) and penned by exceedingly ethno-masochistic and seemingly spiritually castrated Hungarian-American screenwriter Joe Eszterhas (Basic InstinctShowgirls). Indeed, a fairly typical example of Hollywood raping facts and molding them to fit their own post-Trotskyite Zio-ganda agenda, the film—a virtual Gone with the Wind of Zionist produced neo-Nazis flicks—is loosely based on the thrilling real-life story of white nationalist martyr Robert Jay Mathews and his underground European-American revolutionary group Brüder Schweigen (aka Silent Brotherhood aka The Order) and their rather insanely ambitious attempt to rage war against the U.S. government and reclaim the United States for Europids. After initially watching Costa-Gavras' debut Hollywood feature, I was appalled by the film’s absurd distortions and decided to read The Silent Brotherhood: Inside America's Racist Underground (1989) by veteran Denver reporters Kevin Flynn and Gary Gerhardt so that I could at least learn the basic facts in regard to the rise and fall of Mathews and the Brüder Schweigen.  While I expected Mathews and his motley Männerbünde to be moronic Hitler fetishists and demented dope-addled criminals, The Silent Brotherhood revealed a truly tragic story about somewhat misguided yet hardly ignorant men with patriotic spirits comparable to America's founding fathers.  Although involved in rather ambitious bank robberies, counterfeiting operations, and political assassinations over a period of about a year between 1983 and 1984, most of the men in the Brüder Schweigen lacked any sort of criminal record and its member included mailmen, war veterans, former high school basketball stars, farmers, deep sea divers, college scholars, etc. In short, the admittedly quite bad ass bros of Brüder Schweigen were not brain-dead skinheads with shitty homemade tattoos that listened to third rate punk music, but largely likeable and respectable men that truly believed in what they were doing and, in some case, ultimately accepted death over defeat and perennial incarceration to cowardly snitching.

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