Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Week That Perished - Taki's Magazine

Because President Donald J. Trump is a realistic and intelligent man, he despises the press. Even though they started this war with him, yet they seem to lack both the honor and the insight to quit—or at least take a time-out to figure why their old tricks no longer work.
study of Big Three evening newscasts for the first thirty days of Trump’s 1,000-year presidency found that Trump occupied 54% of all airtime on evening news—with 88% of the coverage negative. This is noteworthy because the survey purposely screened out “identified partisans” and focused only on comments by reporters and average citizens. Thus, you have anchors posing as objective journalists but making bitchy comments about “presidential statements divorced from reality” and “President Trump’s false claims.”
We are a tad disappointed at this study’s results. Not until media coverage of Trump is 100% negative will he be living up to his glorious potential.
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