Monday, March 27, 2017

The Russian Deflection - Jim Goad

From where I’m sitting—and if you want to get technical, it’s on a cushioned chair in front of a computer on a farm in Georgia—the only way that Russia could possibly have “undermined American democracy” during the last election would be if they’d hacked the voting booths. Regarding hard evidence of Russia doing this, I have seen nada, zilch, goose eggs, and a huge black gaping empty intergalactic rectal tunnel of nothingness.
Still, a poll in late December found that 52% of Democrats believed that Russia directly “tampered with the vote tallies.” Mind you, even Barack Obama said that didn’t happen.
You remember the Democrats, don’t you? They were the party who for decades would gaslight anyone concerned about Soviet communism as being some paranoid dupe of propaganda, sneering at them coastal-elite-style as some low-info true believer in the “Red Scare.” Mind you, this was when Russians actually were infiltrating US government and media. It’s also when they were slaughtering millions of their own citizens and injecting psychiatric medication into anyone whose brain even dared to burp up the mildest “reactionary” thought.
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