Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The African Threat to Civilization


Blacks are very dangerous, the biggest enemy of the white race and civilization. 

Why? Blacks are both destructive and seductive. They are both pitiable and pitiless. 

Because blacks are such dunderheads when it comes to creating and maintaining civilization, white folks look upon them with pity. "Oh, look at those pitiful Negroes." They seem so helpless, childlike, weak, and pitiable. They play on your heartstrings. They seem like po' desperate folks yelling, 'Hep me, hep me, pleeeze'. White folks look at the poverty in Africa and see helpless Negroes. White folks once watched movies like SOUNDER and saw helpless and hapless Negroes. And Negroes know this altruistic side of white folks. They know it exists even among white bigots who suddenly swell with compassion when they sees a Negro in need of HEP. Some Negroes exploit this side of whitey: 


White folks may be smarter than Negroes but they are more earnest than the slickity-slack Negroes, and that can make whites emotionally pretty dim and fall for all sorts of mental Negrobatics. This is why Northern European and East Asian types are the biggest suckers for PC in the West. They have decent IQ's but earnest emotions. This is why Italian-Americans are generally savvier. Smart or not, they don't trust nobody and don't believe in all the 'pledge of allegiance' crap. 


Anyway, because blacks are collectively useless at maintaining civilization, they live in squalor and poverty. And whites see them as a Weak and Powerless people. 
As a collective, blacks are among the weakest people on Earth. Put some blacks in some part of the world, and it will be stinkpot-ville and people will live in dire poverty, like in Haiti. It will be a pitiful nation in terms of economics and political power. 

But just because blacks are collectively helpless, whites tend to think blacks are also individually helpless. So, a European nation takes in all these HEPLESS and pitiable Negroes from weak poor nations. It figures blacks will be pitiable in Europe too and be grateful for the guidance of White Folks who show them good will. 
But on the individual level, the black man has immense power over the white man. He is more muscular, more aggressive, tougher, meaner, nastier, and thuggish. 

So, what looks like a collective bunch of weak Negroes from afar suddenly turns into powerful Negro thugs close up. But because whites have this frozen image of the Weak Helpless Negro(sanctified further by 'white guilt' that says blacks suffer cuz of white imperialism), they have difficulty processing the Negro close-up. If the Negro is a weak, pitiable, noble, and suffering creature in need of compassion and mercy, why would he be such a nasty gross thug up close? 


Read More: http://lycusendocrinius.blogspot.com/2017/03/the-african-threat-to-civilization.html

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