Thursday, March 9, 2017

SPLC 2: The Search for More Money - Steve Sailer

It was a bad week for the Southern Poverty Law Center, America’s self-appointed witch-sniffers-in-chief. For decades, the SPLC, despite its comic history of money-grubbing and out-of-control vilification, has been treated by the mainstream media as the unquestionable authority about who the Bad Guys are.
Finally, however, doubts have been allowed to surface about an organization that is in reality America’s richest hate group (with financial assets of $302,800,000).
Since the American people elected Donald Trump, the SPLC has been doing what the SPLC does best—whipping up fear and loathing among both violence-prone young thugs and elderly, affluent, easily confused Jewish donors nervous that the Cossacks will soon be riding through the streets of Brookline.
But the SPLC stumbled into two embarrassments last week.
After months of promoting hysteria over anti-Semitic terror threats by supposed Trump supporters, the news that a black leftist journalist had been arrested for sending eight bomb threats to Jewish community centers was excused by the SPLC as “not necessarily anti-Semitism as such.”
Almost simultaneously, masked anti–First Amendment vigilantes assaulted social scientist Charles Murray and professor Allison Stanger (who had offered to question him).
Murray’s crime? Daring to try to give a speech at expensive Middlebury College in Vermont’s ski country. A student group justified the assault by claiming, “Professor Stanger’s hair was not intentionally pulled but was inadvertently caught…”
Obviously, Murray was exercising his White Male Privilege of being bald, so the Blackshirts had to send the female scholar to the hospital instead.
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