Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Large Fight Between 50+ Black Youth in Indianapolis Ends With Police Cars Attacked, Destroyed

Remember, the city was nearly 80 percent white in 1990, and today is roughly 57% percent white. 

The black population (roughly 28 percent of the city) is responsible for nearly all the violent crime in the city, and individual blacks collectively have helped break the homicide records in both 2015 and 2016.

Data from the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety shows that of 149 criminal homicides in 2016, the racial relationship between victim and suspect was: 
Black victim - Black assailant - 50Black victim - White assailant - 1Black victim - Unknown assailant - 69White victim - White assailant - 11White victim - Black assailant - 7White victim - Unknown assailant - 14
Based on this data, we can safely conclude many of the unknown assailants (suspects) in the murder of white people are blacks. Interracial homicides/murder in Indianapolis have a distinct racial makeup: black. 

Which brings us to a glimpse of the future, where black teens today have virtually no fear of the white establishment. They know the city is nearly theirs, with black crime driving away white people and creating a future where a black mayor and majority black city council can be 

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