Monday, March 20, 2017

Black Gun Violence in Trenton Reaching Epidemic Levels, Forcing Blacks to Call for Martial Law

“We’re never going to bring business here,’’ acting Police Director Ernest Parrey Jr. said in an interview last week. “We’re never going to bring tourism here. We’re never going to bring the economic side of the house back here if we don’t address the public safety issue.”Those words were spoken in 2014, after out-of-control black violence in New Jersey's capital city threatened what was left of the economic viability of Trenton. 

Just last month, a white man was gunned down at 3:45 p.m. in Trenton. 53-year-old Michael Brancolino Jr. wasn't even the target of the shooting, but was killed when the gunman sprayed bullets at their intended target. 

Virtually every homicide in Trenton has a non-white suspect, with Michael Brancolino's death just another black-on-white murder no one will care about save his family and friends. Gun violence, courtesy of blacks, is trending up. Because nonfatal shootings were so frequent,Trenton's undermanned police department had actually stopped tracking them in 2012.

So it comes this... with the civilization white people built (ultimately abandoning) in Trenton crumbling under the weight of racial realities, blacks yearn for martial law to restore law and order completely alien to their race. [Man shot 9 times in Trenton, resident calls for Martial Law, The Trentonian, 3-19-17]:
A city woman climbed the steps to enter her home Sunday evening and noticed crime scene tape preventing motorists from driving through evidence and police lights flashing down the street. 
“I just came from church talking about stuff like this,” the woman said. “This violence needs to end.” 
A 27-year-old man suffered numerous gunshot wounds to his chest, arm and legs Sunday in the 800 block of Stuyvesant Avenue. The shooting happened around 5:45 p.m. outside a grocery store. 
Police sources say the man was shot nine times. The victim remains hospitalized in stable condition. 
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