Sunday, February 5, 2017

White Family 'Plows' Through Anti-Trump Mob in St. Louis only to have Anti-Trump Mob Target them in Cyberspace

White family in St. Louis turned down the wrong street and came upon an anti-Trump mob. Protecting his family, they 'plowed' through the crowd and became enemies of the anti-Trump mob who then hunted down their identities...

We don't know when it's going to happen. 

We can only speculate. 

But what we do know is each day becoming night brings us another step closer to it happening. 

The anger. The intractable hatred from the openly anti-white left is on the verge of materializing into uncontrollable rage, only temporarily satiated with the blood of a 'Make America Great Again' hat wearing white person

Hear it over and over and over again that Donald Trump is a Nazi/White Supremacist/Klansman and read it over and over and over again that Donald Trump is a Nazi/White Supremacist/Klansman, well, if you're incapable of logic and reasoning you'll believe it. 

Facts are irrelevant when you've been made to feel visceral hatred. 

More so, anyone who supports Donald Trump is a Nazi/White Supremacist/Klansman and anyone who is apathetic in being vociferous and boisterous in denouncing Trump supporting Nazi/White Supremacist/Klansman is, by association, a Trump supporting Nazi/White Supremacist/Klansman.

This is where we are in February 2017, nearing closer and closer to a Fort Sumter-type moment, when the wrong Trump supporter is attacked by a crowd of agitators hunting a Trump supporter they've already classified as a Nazi/White Supremacist/Klansman. 

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