Sunday, February 5, 2017

Slattery & Collett: The Fall of Western Man

Dr. Patrick Slattery talks to British Activist and Author Mark Collett about his new book, “The Fall of Western Man.”
If the rise of Western Civilization was the biggest single event in human history, then the fall of the people that made it happen should be the most talked about issue of our time. Despite an atmosphere of political correctness that makes discussion of this taboo, the decline of Western Man is well documented. However, it is not well understood. Even today, the societies of the Western world have never had greater military, economic, or technological strength. True, the Asian children of Eastern Civilization have adopted and mastered the intellectual fruits of the mind of Western Man. In some ways they have become rivals to Western Man, but in no way can they be construed as the enemies who are responsible for the downfall of Western Man.
Rather, Western Man is surrendering his society without a fight to alien populations who are hostile to Western Man and who possess neither the desire nor the capabilities of sustaining Western Civilization. That this is happening is beyond question. Why Western Man is allowing this to happen is the mystery.
Mark Collett peels back the onion of the Western psyche to expose what it is that has made him vulnerable to psychological manipulation by alien ideologies like feminism that undermine the traditional values that made Western societies healthy and strong in the first place. Once Western societies were debased of their traditional values and led into a culture of individualistic hedonism, the stage was set for the racial replacement of Western Man in the very societies he created. Without an understanding of what has made our downfall possible, there is no avoiding it.
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