Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Le Grand Remplacement - Steve Sailer

Nobody seems to know exactly how fast France, the cultural heartland of the West over the past millennium, is being demographically transformed. But I have found a way to estimate the percentage of babies being born in France who are of non-European ancestry.
And the results are astonishing.
Some young Americans who went to Paris last year told me they were stunned by how non-European the famous city has become. Like an increasing number of tourists, they found the inundation of Africans and Middle Easterners to be depressing.
As recently as a decade ago, though, most visitors reported back that the often riotous nonwhites were largely stuck in their suburban banlieues, leaving the incomparable central city as its traditional tourist attraction. Indeed, Paris inspired the mayors of Chicago over the past quarter of a century to Parisianize Chicago by pushing poor blacks out to the margins and replacing them with affluent white gentrifiers.
But recent eyewitness reports suggest that Paris, and much of France overall, is becoming more Third World. This is rather surprising since the French economy has been weak for years. Many African and Asian “refugees” safely in France tried for years to get from the “Jungle” they set up in Calais to higher-paying England. The French government has also been less ostentatiously welcoming than the German government was in 2015.
But it is hard to get any statistics to back up these eyeball estimates.
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