Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cowboy Kali Yuga: A Review of “Hell or High Water”

Neo-Westerns are the rough terrain that remain untamed and unclaimed by the heebs. Political Correctness does not sell here. Any feminist watching one would go into conniptions from their “toxic masculinity.” The men have guns and the women have curves. No one trusts the bank and everybody owes.
Hell or High Water is a tale of poor Southern White folks — Texans to be specific — suffering at the hands of usurious banksters who want to seize the land these people raised their kids on as the shylock’s pound of flesh. It’s not the protagonists that I’m referring to as “these people.” It’s the supporting cast. This is a film that excels at capturing the atmosphere of a place passing through the sieve of time. The quality of character that made the land, its sky above, and the people between so very great are being filtered out by modernity. The modern world is robbing Texas towns of their soul and the soil of its blood. In Hell or High Water we see the sovereign Lone Star demoted to one more vassal state in Weimerica.
I’ll tell it to you straight.: We’ve got us here a story you’ve all heard before. Two cow-pokes-turned-bank-robbers. Two Texas Rangers trying to out-think and out-maneuver them into the reach of the long arm of the law. That said, the story could take place over a century and a half ago. But this is a tale of the here and now in the dismal financial fallout of Obama’s America — and the desperation of much of White America.

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