Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Billboard in 83% Black Detroit Warns: "Black People are Being Pushed out of Detroit" via Gentrification

A lot is being made of "Detroit's rebirth."

No one, of course, ever asks why the city needs to be reborn and what natural disaster killedThe Paris of the West, because the answer is obviously black people (almost every person in America instantly retreats from uttering the cause of death from Detroit, gripped in self-imposed intellectual paralysis when confronted with obvious racial realities). 

To put bluntly, 100 years ago, Detroit was almost 100 percent white. Today, Detroit is less than seven percent white. Any conversation about why Detroit died must acknowledge the prior sentences veracity or else it will be descend into fiction and farce when trying to determine reasons for the collapse of the Arsenal of Democracy

Know this: Dan Gilbert, who relocated the headquarters of Quicken Loans to Detroit, employs a private security force to keep his employees safe and massive security measures of more than 500 cameras to protect not just private property but the lives of those who work for him. He has erected a police state to give white people a sense of security in a sea of insecurity, crime and misery created (and tolerated, since black crime keeps white people from living in the city) by blacks.

In the absence of civilization - Detroit is 83 percent black - extreme measures must be enacted for those white pioneers trying to carve out hope, stability and a future from the vast wilderness of a failed experiment in equality. 

All around the blight, decay and ruin of Detroit are reminders of the civilization white people long ago built and abandoned once black crime became intolerance and blacks demographically eclipsed whites and the population pressure exerted by this change made black political rule inevitable. 

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